Champagne Falls, Montana

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Last Updated: February 27th, 2023

Surrounded by the Northern Gallatin Mountain Range, the Champagne falls is a fantastic waterfall feature along Hyalite Creek in Custer Gallatin National Forest.

Located 24 miles south of Bozeman, Champagne Falls is only one waterfall in the Hyalite Basin, with ten other waterfall landmarks scattered along the Hyalite Creek and surrounding tributaries.

Arguably one of the most beautiful regions of the national forest, the Hyalite Basin offers plenty of camping, hiking, and fishing opportunities to the visitors of Champagne Falls, Montana.

Champagne Falls, Gallatin County Stats

champagne falls stats

  • Elevation: 7817 feet
  • Latitude:40787
  • Longitude: -110.95832
  • How to Get There: From Bozeman, visitors to the falls will drive south along Hyalite Canyon Road until they reach the Hyalite Creek Trailhead at the end of the street. From here, hikers follow the trail for 3.1 miles until they reach the falls.

Recreation Activities


Several hiking trails start from the Hyalite Creek Trailhead. Visitors to the falls will follow the path for 3.1 miles straight to the landmark and will be rewarded with additional views of Hyalite Basin and other natural attractions along the way.

For further adventures within the region, visitors can continue to explore the creek’s spanning tributaries along the Grotto Falls Trail, the Hyalite Lake Trail, or even venture along the Hyalite Peak Trail.

However, to fully explore this beautiful corner of Gallatin National Forest, visitors to the falls should plan to complete the long and rigorous hike along the 20.2-mile Hyalite to Swan Creek Trail.


The Hyalite Creek feeding the Champagne Falls provides visiting anglers with fantastic waters for casting their line.

Offering a diverse selection of native fish species, anglers can expect to catch populations of Arctic Grayling, Longnose Dace, Mountain Sucker, Rainbow Trout, Longnose Sucker, and so much more.

Following the creek past the Champagne Falls, anglers will arrive at the small Hyalite Lake, where they can try their hand at recreation fishing for the native Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout.

Protected as the official State Fish of Montana, any Cutthroat Trout caught in the waters must be released when caught.


Visitors to the Hyalite Basin have several campgrounds located nearby well-suited to accommodate overnight stays near Custer Gallatin National Park.

Located just north of the Hyalite Creek Trailhead, the Chisolm Campground and Hood Creek Campground are conveniently situated along the Hyalite Reservoir and offer easy access to all the surrounding hiking trails.

Horseback Riding

One of the best ways to explore the wonders of Custer Gallatin National Forest is from the comforts of riding horseback through the countryside. Luckily, plenty of local outfitters are well equipped to bring guests along their guided trail rides.

Located east of the falls, Cache Creek Outfitters offers one of the national preserve’s most accessible trail riding experiences. Their well-trained horses promise gentle rides while their experienced guides bring visitors to the park’s lesser-known hotspots.

Trail Routes

Champagne Falls Via the Hyalite Creek Trail

hyalite creek trail

Following Hyalite Canyon Road from Bozeman, visitors to the falls pass by the beautiful Hyalite Reservoir before arriving at the trailhead.

Featuring plenty of campgrounds and fun water sports, the reservoir is a fantastic place to spend the night before taking on the hike through Hyalite Basin.

About two miles south of the reservoir is where the hike to the Champagne Falls begins. From the Hyalite Creek Trailhead, hikers follow the trail for approximately 3.2 miles south.

Along the way, visitors will pass by the Grotto Falls, the Maid of the Mist Mountain, and have to make two creek crosses before arriving at their destination.

While the landmark is beautiful, the falls are also only a sample of the water features Hyalite creek has to offer. Continuing along the path for an additional two miles will lead guests to Hyalite Lake, passing by five other waterfalls along the way.

At this point, visitors can either head back to the trailhead and finish the hike as a 10.4 mile out and back trail, or they can continue along the path along the Swan Creek Trail for an additional 9.8 miles through Custer Gallatin National Forest.

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