Canyon Falls, Montana

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Last Updated: February 27th, 2023

Surrounded on three sides by Downing Mountain, Canyon Peak, and Romney Ridge, Canyon Falls are a beautiful waterfall found a few miles west of Hamilton, near the Montana-Idaho state border.

Nestled in the Bitterroot Range, the region around Canyon Falls, Montana, offers spectacular hiking, camping, and fishing opportunities throughout its mountainous landscapes.

Canyon Falls, Ravalli County Stats

canyon falls stats

  • Elevation: 7136 feet
  • Latitude: 46.24502
  • Longitude: -114.32182
  • How to Get There: Starting from the Blodgett Overlook Trailhead, hikers follow Canyon Creek for 3.8-miles until they reach the falls.

Recreation Activities


The only way to reach Canyon Falls is by traveling on foot. The quickest route to the landmark is along the 7.6-mile Canyon Fall Trail, which runs from the Blodgett Overlook Trailhead at the end of Canyon Creek Rd directly to the landmark.

However, even this shortest route is considered a challenging hike and features an elevation gain of about 1,949 feet.

Of course, additional longer trails run through the surrounding mountains, including paths leading to the nearby High Lake Falls and Blodgett Creek Falls.


Thanks to its remote and difficult-to-reach location, fishing opportunities by Canyon Falls are limited. However, as a water feature of Canyon Lake, visitors to the landmark are welcome to fish in the larger body of water.

In the lake, wranglers will only find one species of fish the West slope Cutthroat Trout. As the official State Fish of Montana, those engaging in fishing must release the species upon catch.

Still, the location offers a tranquil recreational fishing spot as wranglers explore the culturally significant species.


Blodgett Campground is the nearest front country campground, offering fully serviced sites. Located next to the Blodgett Trailhead, the campground features five sites serviced with picnic tables, fire rings, and vault toilets.

Camping within the property’s facilities serves as a fantastic base for exploring Canyon Falls and the surrounding mountains.

Trail Routes

Canyon Falls Trail

canyon falls trail

Starting from the Blodgett Overlook Trailhead, the Canyon Falls Trail is a popular hiking path that experiences heavy traffic, particularly on the weekends.

The 7.6-mile out and back trail begins by guiding visitors through a heavy ponderosa pine forest, where they can marvel at the pure majesty of the official State Tree of Montana.

The hike features a steady elevation gain of approximately 1949 feet and follows Canyon Creek as it cuts through the mountainous landscape towards Canyon Lake.

Upon reaching the falls, hikers can decide whether to head back to the trailhead and end their hike there or continue along the path for another 1.5 miles to Canyon Lake.

While no additional trails lead from the lake, the valley the water feature occupies is gorgeous and worth the extra hike to reach.

Blodgett Canyon to Blodgett Creek Waterfall

blodgett canyon
Image: G. Thomas

When visiting the region, guests should also plan to hike the Blodgett Canyon Trail, at least to the Blodgett Creek Falls.

Starting from the Blodgett Trailhead, the path along Blodgett Creek runs parallel to the Canyon Falls Trail to its south.

Cutting through Blodgett Canyon, the route is a 9-mile out and back hike surrounded by Downing Mountain, Canyon Peak, and Mill Point and features some of the most awe-inspiring views of the Bitterroot Mountains.

Like the Canyon Falls Trail, the path through Blodgett Canyon is considered a challenging hike. It features an elevation gain of approximately 980 feet, with its highest point at the very middle of the walk.

For those that want to combine the Blodgett Creek Fall hike with the Canyon Falls Hike, the Blodgett Overlook Trail connects the two trailheads to offer access to both routes.

However, since this route would cover a total of 16.6 miles, it is suggested that hikers break the course up and spend a night camping at the Blodgett Campgrounds.

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