Outlook, Montana

Outlook, Montana is a small community located in the northeast part of the state. It is just nine miles from the Canadian border and approximately 25 miles from North Dakota.

Outlook was established as a stop along the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad in 1909. The community that was built around Outlook was incorporated in 1913.

Since that time the town has served the agricultural community that surrounds the town. Outlook is home to a small post office that serves not only Outlook but the Hamlet of Raymond and residents in the surrounding countryside.

Let’s take a closer look at the small town of Outlook, Montana along with events in the area.

A Guide to Outlook, Montana

The railroad no longer passes through Outlook, and this caused a decline in the town’s population. The town’s population was further decreased when a portion of the town was destroyed in a 1999 wildfire. Today, Outlook is home to approximately 50 residents

medicine lake national wildlife refuge
Image: USFWS Mountain-Prairie

Main Attractions in Outlook, Montana

Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge

The Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge encompasses a large portion of eastern Montana, south of Outlook. This is the nearest recreational opportunity for visitors to the area.

The Refuge is a protected area where a large number of migratory waterfowl come to rest during their annual journeys. Depending on the time of year that you visit, you can catch glimpses of species such as cranes, pelicans, heron, nighthawk, egret, and a number of duck and geese species.

The refuge does offer opportunities for hiking, fishing, and hunting. The lake is accessible to non-motorized boats, making this an ideal place to not only fish but is a nice calm area to enjoy canoeing and kayaking.

Recreation Activities in Outlook, Montana



The northern plains of Montana are an ideal place for hunting. Hunters to the area have the chance to enjoy deer, antelope, and upland bird hunting in the area around Outlook.

Much of the land surrounding Outlook is privately owned, but outfitting companies in the larger communities of Plentywood, Scobey, and Glasgow often have resources that allow them to hunt on private lands.

Hunting is also allowed in the Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge, south of Outlook. This protected area does allow limited hunting of upland game birds, but hunting of waterfowl in this protected area is not allowed.

Anyone wanting to hunt in Montana needs to have a valid hunting license and game tag. These, along with current state hunting regulations can be found on the Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks website.


There are plenty of small lakes and streams in the area of Outlook that provides opportunities for fishing. These smaller creeks are not likely to have the diversity of species that you’ll find in larger water bodies, but it is a fun day out nonetheless.

Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge is a popular spot for fishing. Medicine Lake is particularly well known for its population of Northern Pike. This game species is popular, particularly for ice fishing. Medicine Lake is accessible for ice fishing in the winter.

All individuals that want to fish while visiting Montana must possess current Montana fishing licenses. Fishing licenses can be purchased on the fishing page of the Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks website.



Outlook is a small but interesting town, making it an ideal spot to stop and stretch your legs. The town is small enough that you can easily wander the streets and enjoy the small community. There are other small communities in the area that is also easily walkable.

If you are looking for a more natural spot to enjoy a hike, Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge has a nice 1-mile interpretive trail that wanders through a portion of the refuge.

This easy hike is perfect for families and offers the opportunity to learn about the many bird species that pass through the refuge on an annual basis.

Accommodations in Outlook, Montana

With only 50 people in town and a population that is declining, you’ll not find lodging in Outlook. However, there are a few places to stay in nearby Plentywood, MT.

Special Events

Since Neihart is so small there aren’t any community events that you’ll enjoy when passing through. Most of the community will travel to larger communities to enjoy events, fairs, farmers’ markets, and other community opportunities.

Activities Near Outlook, Montana

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