Havre North, Montana

Near Highway 2 in North Central Montana sits a former rural agricultural community, Havre North.

Havre North is a charming town, with a seven hundred or so population scattered on the reservations. It’s fairly an inclusive town with some fantastic views of the plains and is only a short drive to the mountains.

Havre North is the kind of town you can drive through and barely miss to notice its endearing buildings and several attractions. Several neat streets, a couple of hundred yards long, with beautiful side alleys.

At one end stands a couple of bars and restaurants, and at the other, a railroad service center for the Great Northern Railway. A few miles away from town, there are mountains and separate roads with fishing access and hiking trails.

This area, synonymous with several mountains and plains, offers nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts a year-round retreat.

The Top 3 Hotels in Havre North

Main Attractions in Havre North, Montana

Havre has a tiny-town feel but is laden with several attractions.

Havre Beneath The Streets

havre beneath the streets
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Along the streets beneath Havre is a Chinese laundry center, a restaurant specifically meant for locals, and a bordello. Havre Beneath The Streets is home to the ancient history of the people and town of Havre.

Most visits happen throughout the week during the summer months, from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Bears Paw Mountains

bears paw mountains

While you may not come across any must-see attractions near The Bears Paw Mountains, you can be sure to find an excellent place with beautiful segments of mountains that have remained the same for many years.

The mountains are located about 10 miles south of Havre and conveniently provide opportunities for people with an insatiable appetite for wild adventures.

The highest point here is the Baldy Mountain, which stands at 6.916 feet above sea level.

The Railroad District

Before the railroad made its way into this tiny town, nothing much could be said about Havre North town. Besides a handful of agricultural products, Havre was merely a dying rural town without much to show.

The introduction of the railroad in late 1880 was revolutionary. The town rose from a sleeping village to a booming rail travel and commerce hub.

The railroad contributed a more significant percentage to the economy’s growth, and many people moved to the town of Havre to capitalize on the booming business environment.

Recreation Activities in Havre North, Montana

If you find strolling along the corridors of The Beneath The Streets boring, you can try several recreational activities within the mountain area.

Visit the Beaver Creek Park

Established in 1916, Beaver Creek Park is a large lush park that sits at the base of the Bears Paw Mountains.

Beaver Creek Park offers a wide range of recreational activities that include camping, hiking, and picnicking. The gates to the park remain open all year round, and you only need to buy a ticket to gain access.

Fish at the Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is about a 2.2-mile drive from Havre town. The fishing expedition involves casting for various fish species.

Skiing Adventure

If all you are looking for is just an ordinary ski area, you will find many of them in and around Havre town. However, if you want to have an unforgettable adventure, a ski area like Bear Paw Ski Bowl should top your travel plan list.

Accommodation in Havre North

Havre North has everything for your category, whether you are traveling on a budget or ready to spend a fortune on exquisite accommodations.

Special Events in Havre North, Montana

Below are special events that occur in Havre North.

Activities Near Havre North



  • Havre City Park & Recreation
  • Kris Bakke Memorial Park
  • Havre Skatepark


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