Froid, Montana

Froid town sits in Northeastern Montana in Roosevelt County, near the North Dakota border and Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

Froid is a French word for “cold,” a perfect description of the region’s winter weather. According to the 2020 census, the town’s population was 195. The dominant ethnic groups are the White (Non-Hispanic), White (Hispanic), and American Indian & Alaska Natives.

The town was incorporated in 1910 and was the home of James, Alice Baker, and John W. Schnitzler. James and Alice Baker erected a building that featured a meat house, dry goods store, and livery stable. The Johnsons’ family, descendants of James and Alice Baker, currently resides in Froid, Montana.

John W. Schnitzler was an aviator and agriculturalist with thousands of acres of wheat fields. He also established an airport in Froid, MT.

Froid is mainly an agricultural area with several small to large businesses. The main agricultural products include beef, wheat, alfalfa, and barley.

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Main Attractions

Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge

medicine lake national wildlife refuge
Image: Chris M Morris

Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge lies between the Canadian border and the Missouri River on the rolling plains of northeastern Montana.

The refuge is an ideal stopover and breeding spot for various migratory birds. Most visitors flock here to watch the annual migration of birds.

Over 125 bird species nest on this refuge. Some include great blue herons, grebes, sandhill cranes, and white pelicans. The site is also home to mule deer, black bears, moose, bobcat, wolverine, caribou, and pronghorn.

Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site

fort union trading post national historic site
Image: Jasperdo

Fort Union Trading Historic Site is a popular destination for history buffs interested in the history of fur trading on the Missouri River.

Between 1828 and 1867, this site was an important fur trade post. Tribes such as the Assiniboine, Blackfeet, Crow, Ojibway, Hidatsa, and Cree exchanged goods such as buffalo robes, guns, blankets, beads, knives, and cloth.

Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center

Visitors interested in the Missouri and Yellowstone River confluence story should head to the Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center.

The interpretive center is situated a few miles east of Fort Buford and near Williston, North Dakota. Visitors can view exhibits on the area’s history/geology and enjoy fantastic views of the Yellowstone and Missouri River.

Painted Woods Sporting Range

Painted Woods Sporting Range is a family-friendly outdoor shooting range. It boasts natural beauty, thanks to rolling hills, spring-fed creeks, and steep cut banks.

There’s also a 5-stand clay field, sporting clay course, archery targets, and gun ranges.

Recreation Activities

Birdwatching and Wildlife Viewing

Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge is ideal for birdwatching and wildlife viewing. The refuge is home to thousands of migrating waterfowl in summer. Visitors can also spot ducks, great blue herons, sandhill cranes, and white pelicans.

Apart from birds, the refuge is home to bobcats, white-tailed deer, black-tailed prairie dogs, and bighorn sheep.

Fishing and Hunting

Anglers visiting Froid, Montana, can head to Medicine Lake to catch rainbow, brown, and lake trout. Anglers must obtain a valid fishing license and follow the rules related to the type, size, and quantity of fish.

For hunters, Medicine Lake attracts waterfowl and some big game. A valid hunting license is necessary.


Hiking enthusiasts who wish to explore Froid, MT, on foot can head to the Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge. The US Fish and Wildlife Service curated a refuge map to allow visitors to navigate the hiking trails.


Anglers, hunters, and hikers can camp in Rosewill RV Park, Snowden Bridge, Sheridan County Fairground, and Blacktail Dam.


Here’s a list of the best hotels and lodgings around Froid, Montana:

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