Verge Theater, Montana

Welcome to Verge Theater, one of Montana’s premier community theater groups, located in Bozeman, Montana.

The community theater group and educational production company have been in Bozeman for many years, encouraging creative productions, “edgy” works, and unique performances audiences have come to love.

The Verge Theater company seeks to produce unusual works of modern productions that challenge the audience with questions related to current day events and the world in which we live now. Supporters have noted the shows are written “on the edge” and “nourish the spirit.”

The shows are funky, creative, and brave, and fueled by the creative energy of volunteers from around the community.

Performers, stagehands, builders, directors, educators, and even the ushers are volunteers and locals who want to see their city grow creatively, socially, and culturally by asking the hard questions through quality work. Their outreach programs reach students and adults alike, as well as those experiencing incarceration.

The Verge is also home to the Improverts, a collective of improv artists performing fun, engaging improvised works. The improv team has been performing together for more than four years, and features “everyday” people who’ve graduated from their five-course improv curriculum at the Verge.

Verge Theater History

verge theater history

The Verge Theater originally began as the Equinox Theatre in 1994. The company changed its name in 2011 to reflect transitions in the company from a company-based group to a black box community theater.

From the beginning, Equinox/Verge has been an educational, theater-making company providing the community with classes in many areas, including improv and acting, theater production, writing, and more.

The company still provides educational programming in public schools throughout Gallatin Valley, as well as regular performances throughout the community.

Pre-COVID, the group was housed in a strip mall venue, but now they’re looking for a safer, happier environment for healthy performances in a post-virus world. They are roving the community at various venues as they continue the search for their new home.

Verge Theater Details

verge theater details

The Verge Theater is currently in transition from its former home on the 7th and is using venue spaces around the community to present its productions while they find their new permanent home.

To find out where shows are playing in Bozeman, check their Facebook page or website, or contact the theater company staff.

Shows & Events

shows and events

Verge Theater has been around Bozeman for more than 22 years, celebrating theater, music, and the arts through performances, educational experiences, and more.

Some of the past shows they’ve offered include Pass the Mic: We Are HER, This We Believe: A Performed Manifesto, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, Into the Woods, Heathers the Musical, Revolutionists, Constellations, Big Scary Animals, and The Flick.

Verge Theater is an active venue and performance company with lots happening all the time. Upcoming shows include Assassins and Angels in America at their guest venues in the Bozeman area.

Their website currently doesn’t have the upcoming season listed, but their Facebook page is active and well, with audition notices, show notes, new sponsor posts, and much more. To see what’s happening while you’re in town, definitely hit up the page for the latest news.

The Verge produces nine or more shows per year, along with a children’s matinee series on Saturdays. The company also offers a range of classes for adults, teens, and children.

The Improverts also produce regular performances throughout the year. Check their schedule on the website and Facebook for upcoming shows. Also, check out their official YouTube channel to get an idea of the antics that go on at the Verge Theater!

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