The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Bozeman, Montana

Mark Barnett
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

Like any Montana town worth its salt, Bozeman is big on coffee.  You won’t be too hard stretched to find a drive-thru of a morning, but the real adventure for any coffee-lover is checking out different coffee shops in search of the perfect brew.

Well, there are plenty of options in Bozeman. If Starbucks doesn’t do it for you you’ll find plenty of quality local coffee shops to put that particular franchise to shame. Coffee serves as the nexus point for various activities like socializing and conversation, a quiet, thoughtful hour with a good book, or even a spot of window-gazing.

And Bozeman is fortunate in that it has a plethora of exceptional roasting houses. From the selection of locally and ethically sourced beans to the careful roasting processes involved in bringing that perfect cup to your table, you’ll find these coffee specialists turn out a decent cup or two.

10 of the Best Coffee Shops in Bozeman

  1. Cold Smoke Coffee
  2. City Brew
  3. Bumble Bean Expresso Barn
  4. Wild Joe’s Coffee
  5. Zocalo Coffee House
  6. The Daily Coffee Bar
  7. Rockford Coffee Roasters
  8. Treeline Coffee Roasters
  9. International Coffee Traders
  10. Ghost Town Coffee Roasters

 1. Cold Smoke Coffee House

cold smoke coffee house

Cold Smoke actually has two different locations, one in Stoneridge Square and the other on Willow Park Drive, and this is an ideal place to go if you are in a group. The reason for this is that they have enough seating for somewhere in the region of 200 people, so there is no lack of room.

So this is not so much a homely little coffee shop as a socializing or meeting venue. Indeed they even have private meeting rooms available for free.  Here you’ll find a lively environment with speedy Wi-Fi and excellent coffee.

It’s no surprise that this place has earned the ‘Best Coffee House in Bozeman’ moniker on at least 4 occasions. The coffee beans involved in the brewing process are selected according to freshness and season, which means they are used on a rotational basis. And the roasters and baristas at Cold Smoke know how to do that perfectly as they are all professionally trained and certified.

The coffee house also has good intentions as one of its driving forces and is to give something back to both international and local environments, and they are involved in projects to secure clean water for various people in the Nicaragua region.

If you like your coffee in a vibrant and social environment with friendly and knowledgeable baristas and a few decent pastries as well, then Cold Smoke Coffeehouse is well worth a visit. Opening hours are 6.30am-9.00pm.

What to Try – Try the Cold Smoke Maple Bomb Latte. Then there’s an iced coffee and a Blueberry Muffin combo, or the seasonal Snowman 8-Ounce Cappuccino.

2. City Brew

city brew

With 3 locations in Bozeman, you won’t struggle to find a decent Brew in this Bozeman coffee house. The City Brew Coffee brand has been roasting and brewing high-quality coffee for more than 2 decades, and the contemporary-style coffee shops offer a range of impressive bakery items along with the coffee  (Pretzel Ham & Cheese with Gouda, anyone?).

The top beans sourced from around the globe are used to create the brand’s own distinctive flavors and aromas, served up in a comfortable environment by trained baristas.

Opening hours are normally between 6 am and 3 pm

What to Try – Check out the Huckleberry Frappe or a full-bodied 8oz Double-Shot Americano

3. The Bumble Bean Expresso Barn

bumble bean expresso

The Bumble Bean is a quaint and unique-looking little coffee house over on Bozeman’s East Griffin Drive that actually does resemble a barn to some degree.

You are not even close to a high-street franchise with this place. Instead, you’ll get a homely, friendly vibe along with great coffee and delightful food. Sample a smooth and flavorful expresso served up by a skilled and friendly Barista, or indulge in some of the fresh and filling homemade snacks that are ideal for breakfast or lunch.

What to Try – White Mocha, Breakfast Burritos

4. Wild Joe’s Coffee

wild joe's coffee

Wild Joe’s is a Bozeman staple for both locals and visitors to the Montana town. There is plenty of space in which to enjoy the specially-prepared and diverse range of quality coffee. And to add to the vibrant atmosphere of the place there is even live music to enjoy at weekends, along with a monthly art installation in support of the local art scene.

You’ll find a selection of delectable pastries, breakfast burritos, soups, and other morning or lunch snacks to complement your cup of Joe, and there’s even ice cream!  If you are not in the mood for coffee there’s tea, hot chocolate, smoothies, and even a range of non-dairy milk to make your favorite vegan frappe with. Regular opening hours are 6.30 am – 6.00 pm.

What to Try – How does a creamy and non-acidic Cold Brew with Peanut Butter Cookies sound? Or maybe a smooth and slightly citrus-tinged Chocolate Lab Medium Roast Blend?

5. Zocalo Coffee House

Zocalo is another standard in Bozeman, and you can find this coffee house in the center of downtown Bozeman. It’s not actually just a coffee shop, though. In fact, in direct contrast to the uplifting buzz of caffeine that coffee-lovers crave, Zocalo’s also turns out to be a tap bar.

So it could be the place to start off in the morning and then maybe drop back later to cool off and refresh with another kind of local brew. You’ll find a vibrant, social kind of vibe to this place although its brick walls give it a kind of welcoming and cozy feel. Zocalo’s also has an upstairs as well as an outdoor seating area.

What to Try – Honey Cubano Latte, or maybe a Crème Brulee latte…?

6. The Daily Coffee Bar

the daily coffee bar

This is another one of those Bozeman coffee shops that has stood the test of time over its almost 3 decades of operation, making it the oldest in the vicinity. You can find the Daily Coffee Bar on the corner of College and 11th, although they do have a second, more recently-opened location off Oak Street near Rouse.

Tried & tested coffee quality and consistency is the order of the day here, and the same goes for the fresh pastries and other baked goods that are produced with local, organic ingredients.  The organic coffee beans used in the roasting process at the Daily Coffee Bar are also sourced ethically for their quality and contribution to sustainable and responsible practices.

What to Try – How about a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cold Brew?

7. Rockford Coffee Roasters

rockford coffee roasters

Rochford Coffee Roasters is a great place to enjoy your morning coffee from. The coffee house is in a pleasant location on Bozeman’s Main Street, and is all about great, home-roasted coffee made from carefully sourced beans.

This is artisan coffee and fresh, home-baked goods at its best, made by folks who love what they do. Lunch items include such delights as fresh-baked pastries, bagels and grilled panini’s to complement the rich coffee brews.

Rockford Coffee is a brand in its own right and is actually found in many other establishments around Bozeman. Definitely worth checking out, and normal hours of operation are between 7.00am and 5 pm

What to Try – Try an Espresso Macchiato and a Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich to get your day going in the right direction.

8. Treeline Coffee Roasters

treeline coffee roasters

This coffee house is a new incarnation of a previous brand known as Little Red Wagon. They know the ropes when it comes to coffee, and the company now boasts its own roasting room over on North Wallace. They open every day at 6.30 am serving quality coffee and home-baked food, and they also have a second location on Main Street.

The treeline coffee houses are bright, clean, modern, and slightly minimalist in their approach to the backdrop. The company produces various unique and aromatic creations from seasonal coffees, and they also sell their coffee through a few of the town’s local grocery stores.

What to Try – Nitro Ice-Brew or Turmeric Coffee for something unique

9. International Coffee Traders

international coffee traders

Bozeman is a college town if you weren’t aware of the fact, and just close to the campus you’ll encounter ICT. Like any decent coffee house, this one happens to be a popular hangout for students who need to gather their notes together.

ICT does its own on-site roasting on-site using a process of micro-roasting to bring out distinct and unique flavors, producing small batches of seasonal coffees. As is seemingly the custom for any roaster worth its salt, the roasting and production in this place are done using only the highest quality, organic coffee beans, often sourced from unique parts of the globe.

So it stands to reason that the homemade pastries in this joint are also worthy of much praise, as are the breakfast and other assorted sandwiches. (This includes ice-cream sandwiches made from home-baked cookies which are particularly popular in summer)

There’s a bit of a trendy, understated, industrial-type vibe to the shop, which adds to the ‘home-made’ or D-I-Y atmosphere of this roasting house-cum-coffee-shop itself cool.

What to Try – Espressos made with ICT’s Triple Jack blend, or a unique, single-origin drip coffee.

10. Ghost Town Coffee Roasters

ghost town coffee roasters

You can find Ghost Town Coffee Roasters on Bozeman’s Bridger Canyon Drive, which makes it an ideal stop-off point for anyone who is heading off for a spot of hiking or mountain biking.

The equitably traded coffee The Ghost Town brand produces its own specialty coffee and operates a friendly, homely coffee shop environment with pleasant decor. The normal hours of operation are 7 am – 5 pm.

What to Try – The specialist, expresso-fuelled ‘Bee Sting’ for the caffeine; Tortillas, Breakfast Burritos, and Banana Bread for solid fuel.

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