The 10 Best Places to Eat in Bozeman, Montana

Mark Barnett
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

No matter what cuisine you’re looking for, Bozeman is certainly not short on options when it comes to finding a great place to eat. In this article, we’ve compiled our favorite places to eat. There should be something for everyone here.

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Travel Tips for Eating in Bozeman

  • Some restaurants include a mandatory service charge with the bill, but not all. Tipping is, however, at the discretion of the customer, and the service charge is not considered a tip.
  • It is also worth noting that under state laws, employers aren’t bound to share any of the service charges with the employee who served. At least not as extras, that is, but more as a part of the employee’s wages.
  • Having said that, many employers will have a tip pool that is equally shared, although the service charges are unlikely to be seen as add-ons to the server’s wages.
  • Tipping is fairly customary in Bozeman, and that’s not just in restaurants. Taxi drivers, waiters, and bar staff, to name but a few, all usually get tipped according to local culture.
  • The majority of people offering tips in restaurants do so according to the tune of 10-20% although it largely depends on the level of service given.

The 10 Best Restaurants in Bozeman

1. Nova Cafe • Main Street • $$


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Main Street is one of Bozeman’s food ‘hotspots’, and is exactly where you’ll find the Nova Cafe. This place is a great option for a delicious and highly satisfying breakfast, brunch, or lunch in Bozeman. One of the selling points of the Nova Café on top of the fact that the food is top-notch is the fact that it uses all locally sourced ingredients.

This means local farming and organic production practices are supported, and this is evident in the dishes at Nova Café. They are made by hand from prime local produce such as grass-fed beef and freshly-baked bread made with Montana-grown grains. There’s also organic cheese and locally roasted coffee beans.

As far as the fare goes we are talking mouth-watering goodies like the café’s own salmon cake Benedict, and there are the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, green onions, and cream cheese. Mmm. It’s not all beef and salmon though, and there are other thoughtful options on the menu such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

2. Feast Raw Bar & Bistro • West Kagy Blvd • $$-$$$

feast raw bar & bistro
Image: Feast Raw Bar & Bistro

Feast Raw Bar & Bistro has a distinctly sophisticated edge to it. It offers a bistro-style setting that comprises a stylish, fine dining experience with a relaxed ambiance and backdrop.

This is a fusion-style bistro and raw bar with specialty seafood. The ingredients are again locally sourced meats and other produce as much as possible. With the fusion theme, the restaurant pushes some interesting dishes, although not over-prepared, including Bison Carpaccio, Elk Chops, Grilled Prawns, and even a touch of oriental flavor courtesy of Pad Thai with duck.

If you are looking for some liquid refreshment to complement the fine cuisine, a wide range of wines are available from the Bistro’s full-service bar, along with some of the finest local craft and draft beers. To top that, there is a range of classic cocktails.

3. Ted’s Montana Grill • Main Street • $$

ted’s montana grill
Image: Tim Evanson

If you are looking for some fine fare a bit closer to something that comes from a good old-fashioned American grill, then maybe you should stop off at Ted Turner’s as he can help you out.

Ted’s Montana Grill in Bozeman is the place to go if you fancy digging into a grill Bozeman-style. Here you can order bison brisket or short ribs, and there is a wide range of impressive burgers on the menu. If bison is not your thing though, there’s a selection of poultry, seafood, and beef dishes on offer. Ted’s also apparently does a mean huckleberry margarita!

4. Plonk Bozeman • Main Street • $$$

plonk bozeman
Image: Spinstah

One of the town’s most renowned and popular downtown dining experiences is Plonk Bozeman. The name is something of a giveaway and comes from the colloquial British term for fairly run-of-the-mill or even cheap wine. Plonk is, however, renowned for its pedigree and range of fine wines, which come by the glass or bottle.

The atmosphere and environment do these wines fair justice, and the artfully-restored tin ceiling dating back more than a century does much to add to that. Further clues to the caliber of the place come from the inspiring local artwork that hangs tastefully on the walls. The décor is trendy, comprising chic red couches which help to create something of a high-end vibe to the place.

Plonk also uses local, farm-to-table produce prepared with ingredients sourced as close to home as possible, although the menus are a bit more globally inspired. Much of the menu is seasonal and is presented either as a selection of small dishes or a complete, seven-course meal.

The premises even have a private cellar for such affairs. Unsurprisingly, an impressive range of fine wines is available from the bar, as are locally-brewed draught and craft beers. Plonk is open every day of the week for both lunch and dinner.

5. The Squire House • Mendenhall Street • $$-$$$

the squire house
Image: The Squire House

The Squire House is an American-style restaurant and bar with a touch of deluxe dining to it. It is part of the same building that the Bozeman’s downtown Element Hotel is housed in, and it’s an ideal spot for lunch or dinner based around contemporary dishes.

Don’t be fooled by the name into thinking this place is all about formality. In fact, it’s just the opposite, and the restaurant has an open and relaxed vibe to it. The Squire House offers seasonal menus which include cuisine prepared once again with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The eatery’s signature dishes come by way of such delights as Elk Bolognese with pappardelle, Atlantic salmon and zucchini, and seared duck breast confit.

If you are looking for something refreshing to wash any of that down with, you’ll find a grand variety of wines and beers, most of which are produced locally from the many craft breweries in Bozeman. The Squire House is open daily for both lunch and dinner.

6. Blacksmith Italian • West Kagy Blvd • $$-$$$

If you fancy a touch of the Mediterranean while on your travels in Bozeman then look no further than the Blacksmith Italian. This is a locally-owned establishment with a family vibe to it like all good Italian eateries. Here you’ll find an authentic Italian dining experience in an ambient and relaxed environment.

Multiple-course meals are served at Blacksmith, as are seasonal menus featuring all the classic touches of the best Italian cuisine. The trained chefs source and include local ingredients in the dishes as much as is possible, and the specialty dishes are based around homemade pasta and traditional wood-fired pizza, accompanied by fresh and diverse salads. Expect such delights as Ravioli Bolognese, Lobster Risotto Florentine, and Steamed Mussels on the specials menu.

For the warmer months, there’s a nice outdoor patio with seating, although there is actually a fire pit as well if you fancy alfresco dining in the cooler months. Like any self-respecting Italian eatery, the Blacksmith provides a broad selection of the best Italian wines as well as locally-brewed craft beers, draught beers, and the odd classic cocktail. Blacksmith Italian opens daily for dinner.

7. Main Street Overeasy • Main Street • $$

main street overeasy
Image: Main Street Overeasy

The name says it all – breakfast – and if this is one of your favorite meals of the day, then head on up to Main Street Overeasy.

You’ll find all the classic breakfast options in this joint, from various types of eggs pancakes. But if you really fancy getting into the Bozeman spirit you might consider the bison sausage patty.

Big breakfasts, small breakfasts, and breakfast burritos are all part of the menu at Main Street Overeasy, not forgetting the vegetarian omelet option as well as gluten-free pancakes for anyone with such leanings or dietary requirements. Either way, you’ll definitely find all the fuel you need for a day of exploring Bozeman from this breakfast specialist.

8. Revelry • North Tracy • $$-$$$

Revelry is all about new American cuisine and specializes in its own take on burgers, steaks, and fish, as well as sandwiches and salad options with homemade marinades.

This place opens for both lunch and dinner and offers all kinds of delightful touches – with many home-made options like the cheese tortellini pasta. Whether you fancy a light lunch or a slightly more substantial option like the loaded, creamy and cheesy potatoes, you’ll find plenty of options here.

There is also a fine selection of locally-brewed craft and draught beers alongside wines and even cider. These refreshments can be enjoyed on the outdoor patio seating area which has both covered and uncovered sections.

9. The Pickle Barrel • West College Street • $$

the pickle barrel
Image: rscottjones

If you just fancy something along the lines of a sandwich then you’ll be more than happy that you dropped into the Pickle Barrel.

Whether you are a steak sandwich aficionado or prefer high-stacked cold subs you’ll find a delightful range of filling sandwiches and sandwich fillings in this place. All the deli meats you can shake a stick at plus cheese, salads, and veggies are on offer in laborer-sized portions. Fuel up on brunch or lunch and then head off for a day of exploring Bozeman.

10. Sweet Peaks • West Main Street • $$

sweet peaks
Image: ulalume

No post about food in Bozeman, or even in Montana for that matter would be complete without at least some reference towards ice cream. And as this particular shop just happens to be in one of the main foodie areas in Bozeman – Main Street – it could be an ideal dessert option after visiting one of the other eateries on our list in the same area.

Sweet Peaks is a local Bozeman ice-cream parlor with a distinctly Montana approach. For starters, the cream that they use is produced locally, as are the other ingredients that make up the flavors. At Sweet Peaks, you’ll find Rocky Mountain-inspired flavors made from uniquely local ingredients like huckleberries.

Another option to a couple of scoops of the huckleberry ice cream is the Mountain Mint, made with mint extract from a local farm, and Bear Scat made chocolate chips and dried blueberries. Mmm!  Stop off at Sweet Peaks could be just the ticket after a few hours of hiking in and around Bozeman.

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