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Last Updated: February 15th, 2023

The annual KidsFest is a summer tradition in the local Missoula community. The festival takes place in July at the city’s Caras Park and is a long-established event held dear by locals.

Everyone is welcome on this fun-packed day where various local organizations pitch in to ensure a fun, active, and engaging afternoon for the youthful attendees.

This is a free event hosted by Missoula Parks and Recreation that includes a free lunch, and there’s always live entertainment and plenty of activity. Even better, all proceeds generated from the event go directly toward the Missoula Parks and Recreation youth scholarship fund.

Guide to KidsFest in Missoula

event first established

When was the Event First Established?

This is an annual family event that has been organized by Missoula Parks and Recreation for close to 3 decades now, in fact since 1994.

Although the event is designed for kids, adults also enjoy the educational benefits. The organizers believe this is a great way to find out about what Missoula has to offer children.

What Kind of Activities and Events is Featured?

activities and events are featured

The event packs a fair amount of activity into the allotted time and features anything from carnival games and raffle prizes to arts and crafts activities.

You might find a bicycle rodeo, various interactive booths, craft displays, face painting activities, obstacle courses and other types of races, free food, classroom scenarios, exotic animals, live music and other entertainment, and plenty more!

Anyone who rides the Carousel during KidsFest (young or old) will find the proceeds going towards youth recreation grants.

The Venue for the Event

venue for the event

The town’s Caras Park with its historic and beloved carousel is the location for this annual occurrence.


  • Address: Caras Park, 123 Carousel Drive, Missoula.
  • Phone: (406) 543-4238
  • Date: 10.30 am-3.30 pm

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