The Best Horseback Riding in Bozeman, Montana

Kurt Norris
Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

Located in the Rocky Mountains of southwest Montana, Bozeman is a cultural hub and hot spot for visitors exploring the region’s natural wonders.

And while the community offers several opportunities to reconnect with the environment, no experience in the city quite compares to the cultural immersion of a traditional horseback ride through the surrounding countryside.

Whether galloping through the nearby Yellowstone National Park or engaging a guided riding trail through the Rocky Mountains, these are the six best services that offer horseback riding in Bozeman, MT.

The 6 Best Services for Horseback Riding in Bozeman, MT

  1. Sunrise Pack Station
  2. Medicine Lake Outfitters
  3. Lucky Rose
  4. Jake’s Horses
  5. Rockin HK Outfitters
  6. Canyon Adventures

sunrise pack station

1. Sunrise Pack Station

Operating out of Bozeman’s northern outskirts, the Sunrise Pack Station specializes in horseback riding adventures through Yellowstone National Park’s backcountry.

The Sunrise Pack Station offers four unique multi-day pack trips ranging from 3 days to a week. Alternatively, visitors can arrange shorter excursions, including a half-day ride, a full-day ride, and a riding/fishing day trip.

All of Sunrise Pack Station’s trip groups are accompanied by an informative guide. Along the way, visitors will observe the various flora and fauna throughout the park, the natural and cultural history of the region, and the various problems the park experiences to maintain its operations.

While Yellowstone National Park only permits backcountry horseback rides between July 1st and the first major snowfall, Sunrise Pack Station remains in operation year-round. Throughout the winter, it offers a variety of hay rides and snow carriage tours around Bozeman.

2. Medicine Lake Outfitters

Located 15 miles northwest of downtown Bozeman, the Medicine Lake Outfitters specializes in guided horseback rides through 200 acres of the pristine countryside along the Gallatin River.

The two-hour tour guides guests through a Cottonwood Forrest that features beautiful vista views of the Bridger Range, Hyalites, and Spanish Peaks. Along the way, riders pass by wildlife-rich habitats. They can frequently spot populations of Whitetail deer, coyote, fox, and beavers

Keen birdwatchers with their eye on the sky will often catch glimpses of native and migratory species, including bald eagles, redtail hawks, sandhill cranes, and numerous kinds of waterfowl.

Riding groups typically comprise four to six people, with a minimum age limit of 12. However, riders of all experience levels are welcome.

The Medicine Lake Outfitters match riders to a horse depending on their skill level. Horseback riding instructions are available if necessary.

3. Lucky Rose

lucky rose

10 miles from downtown Bozeman, in the pristine countryside of Gallatin County near Belgrade, the Lucky Rose is home to fantastic horseback riding services that include riding lessons in multiple disciplines, trail rides, and wagon carriage rides.

The Lucky Rose’s trail rides guide visitors through the picturesque valley, where they can enjoy awe-inspiring mountain views from the comforts of horseback. The Lucky Rose’s trail rides are all customizable and can be as long or short as each group desires.

Guided trail rides are $150 per rider for the first hour and an additional $50 per rider for every extra hour after. Trail rides typically start at 10 am, but visitors should book available dates before visiting.

4. Jake’s Horses

jake's horses

Offering year-round adventures about 45 miles south of Bozeman near Yellowstone National Park, Jake’s Horses Corrals boasts several services and outdoor excursions that include trail rides, pack trips, fishing trips, and big game hunting.

Jake’s Horses offers trail rides lasting one hour to over a week and are available all year long, including during the snowy winter months. However, if planning your trip in the winter, be sure to pack warm. Ski clothes, warm boots, hats, and gloves are all required when scheduling a winter ride.

Yellowstone National Park permits horseback rides into its backcountry from July 1s to the first major snowfall of the year. During this time, Jake’s Horses offers multi-day tent camping trips into the park. Jake’s services include horses, tents, guides, a cook, and three delicious daily meals for these rides.

For even more excitement, riders can pair their horse ride with Jake’s Horses with a guided fishing trip to all of the region’s best waterholes or even a big game hunting trip.

5. Rockin HK Outfitters

rockin hk outfitters

Another fantastic outfitter offering guided horseback rides into Yellowstone National Park, the Rockin HK Outfitters is approximately 48 miles from Bozeman. It offers a series of day-and-pack trips well-suited for riders of all experience levels.

The most extensive guided horseback ride through Yellowstone National Park, the Rockin HK Outfitter’s Thorofare Trip directs visitors through 100 miles of the pristine countryside. Throughout the route, riders will spot native wildlife species that include the largest population of grizzly bears, herds of elk, and wolves.

Along the way, visitors will stop at some of the park’s best fishing sites, hunting hot spots, and fantastic lookout points where they can practice some of the most breathtaking landscape photography.

6. Canyon Adventures

canyon adventures
Image: canyonadventuresmontana

Located in nearby Big Sky, about 42 miles south of Bozeman, Canyon Adventures offers various outdoor activities, including some of the best day trip horseback rides in Gallatin and Madison Counties.

Canyon Adventures offers its one-hour tour in May and June for beginners looking to get their feet wet in the art of horseback riding. The ride takes visitors along the hills and features a river crossing while panoramic views line the horizon.

Canyon Adventure’s two-hour tour is the outfitters most popular and guides guests through the Rocky Mountains foothills. Cutting through Gallatin Canyon, this tour brings guests through the river crossing, up hills, and through all of Gallatin County’s beautiful landmarks.

The outfitter final riding trail is reserved for more experienced hikers looking to experience everything the region offers. This ultimate trail brings guests further into the hill after three hours on horseback. It provides some of the best views of the surrounding countryside.

Canyon Adventures’ horseback rides start May 20th for as long as the weather permits. Guided ride dates should be reserved before visiting.

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