The Best 10 Coffee Shops in Belgrade, Montana

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Right on the edge of a small town and bigger city, Belgrade, Montana offers opportunities without losing its small mountain town Montana charm.

Close to Bozeman, Custer Gallatin National Forest, and countless outdoor adventures, Belgrade has countless restaurants and coffee shops to keep your attention piqued. Flavors abound here!

Originally named after the capital of Serbia in 1883, Belgrade began as a railroad town – but it’s continuing to expand as a hub for Big Sky Country adventurers.

Whether you’re hanging out with nearby alpacas, celebrating the Belgrade Fall Festival, or attending an athletic event (Go Panthers!), we’ve got the best coffee shops in Belgrade to keep you going like the Energizer Bunny. Mmm, coffee. Let’s get started!

The Top 10 Coffee Shops in Belgrade, Montana

  1. Cafe M
  2. Cafe Havana
  3. The Buzz Coffee Bar
  4. SheBrews Coffee & Espresso
  5. Wildflower Coffee Co
  6. Rocky Mountain Roasting
  7. Cuppa Joe On The Go
  8. Big Shooter’s Espresso
  9. Jump Start Espresso
  10. Duke’s Cafe and Bakery

1. Cafe M


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Just imagine it: a warm, freshly baked cinnamon bun with delectable cream cheese frosting, and a frothy, just roasted nitro coffee. Or, how about a breakfast burrito with lime-cilantro sauce to go with your toasty hazelnut latte?

Cafe M is serious about their coffee, and they’re serious about their baked goods and pastries. In fact, while you’re still fast asleep, Cafe M’s bakers are busy making sure you’re ready to crush those Monday blues.

Quality is key here: this Main Street location only serves locally roasted coffee – including their own blends, Ethiopian, decaf, you name it. And they’ll happily dish out fragrant green tea lattes, potent black teas, and a wide variety of herbals (We suggest the zingy and calming African Sunset tea blend!).

Looking for gluten-free options? Cafe M has plenty, as well as dairy-free milk alternatives for your tea and coffee.

Sit at one of their many tables to chat with friends, get work done, or relax with your favorite book. Cozy vibes abound! Now, back to that hazelnut latte…

You’ll Love It Here If: you value friendly service and a large brew selection; green tea is kind of your jam; you’re centrally located and craving a Cortado with a lemon ginger scone. (Is that just us?)

Location: 409 W Main St

2. Cafe Havana


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With a relaxed atmosphere, fresh, bold flavors, local coffee beans and produce – Cafe Havana absolutely sizzles with warmth.

Our favorite drink on their menu? Easy – the Cafe Havana: a bold blend of espresso, cream, and sugar – Cuban style. But, we’re also huge fans of their Mexican Mocha for a smoky, earthy Latin American-infused kick.

This is no typical Montana coffee shop – sí, the colors are as vibrant as the coffee and tea, and it’s the only place to get arepas in town. (If you know you know!) They’ll also blow your mind with their vibrant green smoothie, breakfast tacos, and creamy caramel drinks.

Simply put: this is one of the best spots in town. It’s a little pricier than other Belgrade coffee shops, but it’s well worth it for the unique experience.

Whether you’re on the way to hang out with some alpacas at Sentinel Ranch Alpacas or exploring Belgrade’s Lewis and Clark Park, Cafe Havana is an easy yes. Open Tuesday through Saturday!

You’ll Love It Here If: you’re open to trying new bold Latin flavors that aren’t your typical Montana fare; you like high-quality coffee drinks that definitely don’t skimp on flavor or buzz.

Location: 86 N Broadway

3. The Buzz Coffee Bar

Warm and inviting, the folks at The Buzz Coffee Bar hope to impact the community every day through high-quality coffee, matcha, loose leaf teas, and delicious handmade goods. They like to call themselves “coffee for the people” – and we have to agree!

Color us big fans of their Mistake bars with a bold Cappuccino (yum!), but other customers rave about the genuinely happy baristas, its peaceful and quiet atmosphere, and the spot’s ability to somehow be both spacious and cozy. Don’t forget to look out for local artwork on the walls, either!

Need a bit more than a latte can handle? Buzz Coffee Bar also has refreshing Red Bull Spritzers and iced drinks, as well as some delicious breakfast and lunch menu items.

The murmur on the street is that this is THE best coffee shop in the area, but you’ll have to check it out for yourself to find out…

You’ll Love It Here If: you need a space to zone out with the latest graphic novel; you’re studying for an exam; you want to come somewhere that feels like home the second you walk in.

Location: 81 8th St, Suite 1

4. SheBrews Coffee & Espresso

Open every day of the week (hallelujah!), SheBrews is more than just a great name.

We’ll admit that they look like an unassuming shack off of Jackrabbit Lane, but they’ve actually got a lot going for them: strong java, milk alternatives (hey, oat milk!), and a small selection of food on the go.

Around since 2017, locals and travelers constantly rave about SheBrew’s friendly owner, easy highway access, and infectious community spirit.

They open at 5 am on weekdays and 6 am on weekends, giving you more than enough time to hit your liquid energy quota for the day!

Just be mindful that they close at 3 pm so they can prepare for another day of brewing your delicious coffee.

You’ll Love It Here If: you’re on a road trip and need a convenient and consistently good spot to fill your caffeine infusion needs; you’re on the way to work; you love Dirty Chais.

Location: 6505 Jackrabbit Ln

5. Wildflower Coffee Co

First things first: if you’re lucky enough to visit the Wildflower Coffee Co hut, we strongly recommend their Bee Sting: 2 shots of espresso, local raw Montana honey, and a little cream. So. Good.

Their selection is so extensive that you wouldn’t even know Wildflower is a drive-thru coffee spot. Think: alternative milks, collagen, MCT oil!

You didn’t hear it from us, but they also sell their Wildflower House Blend so you can enjoy their coffee beans in the comfort of your home. Score!

We recommend them as a pit stop on the way to Bozeman’s Museum of the Rockies or any number of the hiking trails in the nearby forests.

Bonus: they’re incredibly pet friendly and will probably have a dog treat on hand. How can you say no to that!?

You’ll Love It Here If: you’re an adventurer at heart; tiny white coffee shops make your heart dance; you belong among the wildflowers.

Location: 2135 Alaska South Road

6. Rocky Mountain Roasting

rocky mountain roasting
Image: rockymountainroasting

Bold, rich, smooth coffee – yum. Rocky Mountain Roasting has been around since 1992 in the Bozeman and Belgrade area, but their small premium coffee spot in Belgrade is tailor-made for coffee lovers.

They depend on the one-way valve system to extend their coffee’s freshness – and if that means nothing to you, just know they provide some of the freshest beans in town. They view coffee roasting as an art, and it shows.

Bring home numerous gourmet roasts: Sumatra, Kenya, Big Sky Blend, Yellowstone Blend, the list goes on and on.

Open on weekdays and not weekends, so keep that in mind, fellow weekend warriors!

You’ll Love It Here If: you demand excellence and precision in your morning pick me up.

Location: 314 Andrea Dr

7. Cuppa Joe On The Go

A local drive-thru with indoor seating!? It’s true – Cuppa Joe on the Go is unique – and they prefer it that way.

If you’re looking for specialty drinks, this small, independent coffee hut has got them, but they’ve also got the classics down – their Americano is worth the drive.

As their name suggests, Cuppa Joe is ideal for those on the way to work or just passing through town on the way to Sacagawea Peak.

We recommend their Breve with a croissant sandwich, for the record. All we’re saying is it’s a good thing they’re open every day of the week! There may be a Starbucks across the street, but we’ll choose the local option every time.

You’ll Love It Here If: you need to be Speedy Gonzalez and get the most out of your morning; you’re hungry and thirsty for the basics done right.

Location: 5723 Thorpe Rd

8. Big Shooter’s Espresso

big shooter’s espresso

If you’ve been on the road for weeks and subjected to bitter gas station coffee (cue side-eye), let this coffee hut be your manna. And trust us – it’s that good!

Need a suggestion? Try one of their mochas, or an iced caramel macchiato. Even with a nearby Starbucks, this small, stand-alone spot beats Starbucks tastes and prices every time.

And beware: Big Shooter’s Espresso can get busy during the morning rush, so you may want to open your tired eyes and head over early. But either way, their friendly baristas will be ready to serve you with a smile.

You’ll Love It Here If: you’re over bitter, watered-down coffee; you’re already in the Town & Country parking lot; you want to support local.

Location: 205 W Madison Ave

9. Jump Start Espresso

jump start espresso

We know what you’re thinking: another coffee hut!? Yes, Belgrade loves its coffee huts and small businesses!

Established in 1994, this spot offers Americanos, lattes, Breves, and countless syrup flavors – both sugar-based and sugar-free.

If you’re not into coffee, they also offer delicious teas and Italian Sodas, including a London Fog that particularly has customers raving.

Most importantly, rather than just being a stop along the way, the baristas at Jump Start Espresso work hard to brighten your day with their hospitality and professionalism.

Open Monday-Friday from 6 am to 5 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 7 am to 2 pm.

You’ll Love It Here If: you’re looking for a place that has almost 50 syrup flavors for your latte or Italian Soda; you just can’t get enough of cute local coffee huts.

Location: 501 W Main St

10. Duke’s Cafe and Bakery

While it’s not only a coffee shop, Duke’s deserves a spot on this list for serving some of the best coffee and tea in town. Located just two blocks off of Main St, Duke’s is proud to serve the Belgrade community – sustainably.

We recommend their Red Eye if you’re coming in after a night at Madison River Brewing, or a Cold Brew if you really need to rev up for your day.

Looking for a coffee alternative? Duke’s makes the only Golden Milk Latte in town, a warming concoction that’s great for inflammation.

Or, enjoy one of their vibrant, frothy Matcha Lattes – yum. They honestly have a fantastic tea selection (yerba mate!), as well as apple cider, steamers, and hot cocoa.

Since you’re already there, we highly recommend their breakfast sandwich and cinnamon rolls – or one of their delicious gluten-free options. Enjoy!

You’ll Love It Here If: you’re looking for a heartier breakfast to go along with your Golden Milk Latte or Americano.

Location: 220 S Broadway

Best Coffee Shops in Belgrade – Final Thoughts

Wow, so many options! So many coffee huts! How does one even choose!?

Are you going to go with a Matcha Latte at Duke’s, or a spicy Mexican Mocha at Cafe Havana? Or, you could always support one of Belgrade’s many adorable coffee huts. (We have a soft spot for Wildflower, ourselves!)

Belgrade is only continuing to expand in size, and we like where it’s headed. But we hope it never loses its small-town vibe, small-town coffee shops, and small-town heart.

Here’s to freshly steamed milk and a strong espresso! Viva la Belgrade!

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