The Best Coffee In Billings, Montana

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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

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Travel Tips for Coffee Drinking In Billings Montana

  • The state of Montana has a 0% sales tax, leaving you with extra loot to blow on a couple of cups of brew.
  • Coffee shops start bright and early in Billings, with some serving the first cup at 6 am. On average, 7 am seems to be the standard start time for Baristas.
  • Montana is one of seven states where servers are guaranteed a minimum wage. However, baristas and waiters still rely on your tips. 15% is the standard gratuity if you are satisfied with the service. Otherwise, you can leave 10% of the total cheque.
  • There are many sit-down coffee joints in Billings that serve food. However, before visiting an establishment, double-check that they are not take away only. Unless you only intend to grab a hot beverage to go.
  • A wealth of coffee institutions cater to vegans and lactose intolerant individuals, offering alternative milk products. Check the website of the coffee shop before visiting to ensure you aren’t left disappointed.
  • Sit-down coffee shops serve an assortment of delectable bread, pastries, and hot meals.
  • Coffee shops close early in Billings, so you better place your last order before 4 pm. Otherwise, you will need to drink somewhere else.

The Best Coffee In Billings

1. Black Dog Coffee House • $-$$ • Map

black dog coffee house
Image: blackdogcoffeehouse

Black Dog Coffee House has spent the last 5 years serving the people of Billings and visitors to the town.

The outlet has built its business around three core pillars, exceptional java, good people, and dogs. It serves as a place to bring your furry best friend while you sip a hot beverage and let the caffeine get to work.

Black Dog serves your standard offerings of lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos. If you insist. Seating options are available and include powerpoints to run your laptop and mobile device.

Most of the food offerings revolve around pastries or sandwiches. If you desire a filling meal, your best option is a breakfast sandwich, a burrito, or a quiche. Alternatively, you can quash the hunger with a delectable muffin, caramel roll, or mini croissant.

There are two stores at your disposal for added convenience. The original house is on 24th West Street, while the newcomer sits on Poly drive.

2. Big Sky Coffee Roasters • $-$$ • Map

Big Sky Coffee Roasters is a family-owned and operated business located on Grand Avenue.

You will encounter a solid variety of beans from the finest coffee-growing regions on earth. From Ethiopia to Mexico and Rwanda to Colombia, they bring the world of coffee to Billings.

Hardcore caffeine junkies can enjoy a booster shot of espresso, while latte and cappuccino fans are well catered for as well. Vegans and those that milk despises can enjoy alternative options like coconut, almond, and soy milk.

If you have anyone in your party who is not a fan of hot caffeinated drinks Big Sky Coffee Roasters offers a range of Italian sodas.

Big Sky covers all bases and ensures there is something on the menu for everyone. No matter your dietary preference.

3. Legacy Coffee Roasters • $-$$ • Map

legacy coffee roasters
Image: legacycoffeeroasters

Legacy Coffee Roasters features two locations in Billings. One offering is on Grand Avenue, while the other store is in the downtown area.

The store offers a classy seating area with leather couches and chairs ideal for a meeting or to relax for a few minutes before you rush off to your next engagement.

These folks serve up traditional coffee offerings and mix it up with a cold brew. Unfortunately, dairy substitutes are tough to come by at Legacy.

This is a classic, classy place for the traditional coffee drinker to relax and savor the aroma of freshly ground beans while tasting the crema from an espresso.

4. Mazevo Coffee Roasters And Espresso Bar • $-$$ • Map

Mazevo Coffee Roasters boasts three locations around Billings. They have an additional one on Grant Road set to open in the coming months.

They whip up a range of caffeinated beverages, including Cinna Bark and Chai Lattes. Plus, they serve cold coffee-based drinks, including an espresso Frappe.

Then, for the traditionalist they offer espressos, cortados and cappuccinos. Hungry visitors have the luxury of sweet and salty treats from the bakery or light meals.

Tuck into a bacon, egg, and gouda croissant or a blueberry bagel. Those with a sweet tooth have cakes, cookies, and pastries to taste.

5. Ebon Coffee Collective • $-$$ • Map

ebon coffee collective
Image: eboncoffeecollective

The Ebon Coffee Collective pushes the boundaries to offer a fresh perspective on coffee shop culture.

Naturally, they serve you the standard joe, such as your espressos and lattes. Then they enter the realm of kombucha, apple cider, matcha, and iced teas.

The Hibiscus Lime Ice Tea is pleasant and refreshing. It pairs well with a strong cup of coffee. Food on the menu ranges from peanut butter and hemp heart on toast to a maple and butter waffle or a scone.

You can also take a souvenir home in the form of a bag of ground coffee.

If you are lactose intolerant or cannot consume milk, Ebon has you covered. They offer coconut, almond, and oat milk as an alternative to regular cream.

6. The Annex Coffee House And Bakery • $$-$$$ • Map

the annex coffee house and bakery
Image: theannexmt

Even if coffee is not high on your agenda, The Annex is worth a visit for their scrumptious country loaf.

The usual suspects are spotted on the menu, except for drip coffee and pour-over. Non-java drinkers can attempt a lemon-ginger soak and a beet or charcoal latte.

Besides offering unique beverages such as a beet latte, The Annex also stocks a variety of tea to sip on. This is not your typical coffee shot and caters to those with alternative dietary requirements.

On top of their different yet tasty offerings, The Annex Coffee House serves almond and oat milk.

7. City Brew Coffee • $$-$$$ • Map

City Brew Coffee is a Billings success story. The hometown hero now features ten stores across the City and serves a fair portion of neighborhoods in Billings.

Not only has City Brew boomed locally, but they have also grown beyond the town limits to neighboring Montana districts such as Bozeman and Butte.

In addition, City Brew stands well represented in Wyoming and North Dakota as well. City Brew is famed for its syrup flavored coffees that made Starbucks what they are today. Fortunately, they have not forgotten the rest of us who are content with a brawny double shot of espresso.

The coffee naysayers in your party will have to settle for a cup of iced or hot tea. Alternatively, there is the option for a sweet icy beverage such as the Huckleberry.

If the consumption of sweet beverages requires you to eat a salty dish, burritos, croissants, and sandwiches are on the menu.

8. Classy ‘N Sassy Coffee • $$-$$$ • Map

classy ‘n sassy coffee
Image: classynsassycoffee

Classy ‘N Sassy sources their coffee beans from the local Billings roaster, Revel Coffee. The business has grown to hold four outlets across the town. Plus, it has become a favorite for veterans and first responders. Both parties are eligible for $1 off their bill each time they stop by Classy ‘N Sassy.

A variety of sweetened coffee flavors are offered to those who do not appreciate the bitter goodness of beans.

However, classic options like espressos and lattes are visible on the menu. If there are any children in your group, they have kid-friendly beverages to keep the young ones satisfied and out of your hair.

Furthermore, hot breakfast offerings include burritos and a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit sandwich. Your other option is to bite into an almond croissant or cinnamon roll.

Best Coffee In Billings Final Thoughts

As one of the biggest and busiest cities in Montana, it is no surprise that people are spoiled for choice when seeking out the best coffee in billings. The variety in both brew and atmosphere certainly makes it hard to choose a definitive best place to grab the best brew.

When you visit Billings, make sure to set some time aside to check out the local coffee shops and take in the atmosphere and unique tastes the city has to offer.

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