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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Once a small eastern farming town on the banks of one of the largest natural bodies of water, Bigfork, Montana has grown thanks to its location at the base of Flathead Lake.

As the town grew so did the food industry, and today Bigfork is known to offer a rich culture of food and drink.  In this article, we will look at where you can find the best coffee in Bigfork whatever your tastes are!

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Travel Tips for Coffee Drinking In Bigfork Montana

  • The state of Montana has a 0% sales tax, leaving you with extra loot to let loose on activities around Bigfork.
  • Based on the variety of outdoor activities in Bigfork, Coffee starts brewing at the crack of dawn. Some houses open at 5:30am, but on average, 6:30 to 7am is when proceedings kick off.
  • Montana is one of seven states where servers are guaranteed a minimum wage. However, baristas and waiters still rely on your tips. 15% is the standard gratuity if you are satisfied with the service. Otherwise, you can leave 10% of the total cheque.
  • There are very few specialist coffee houses in Bigfork. Cafes and restaurants are the standard locations to pick up a cup of buzz. That means you can order a hot breakfast while you are at it.
  • Only a handful of establishments offer alternative milk products, such as soy, oat, or almond.
  • Most coffee outlets close before 5pm in Bigfork. If you like an afternoon cup of Joe, you best get your order in before 5pm. Some establishments close at around 2:30 or 3pm.

The Best Coffee In Bigfork

1. Fieldheads Coffee Roasting •Bigfork • $$-$$$ • Map

fieldheads coffee roasting
Image: fieldheadscoffee

The top spot for a cup of Joe in Bigfork, Montana, is Fieldheads Coffee Roasting. They are located downtown and concoct fine espresso beverages. The caffeine boost is welcomed before moving on to explore the surrounding beauty.

They opened their doors in 1996 as an internet cafe and progressed to producing the best beans in Bigfork. It is advisable to grab a bag of beans on your way out and appreciate their craft in your own time. 

Fieldheads is set up to serve coffee to go, or you can set up your laptop for a day of work next to Flathead Lake. If anyone in your group has not developed a palate for bitter beans, there is a range of blended teas to enjoy.

This is not the place for a hearty breakfast. However, they offer an array of baked goodies to break your fast.

Fieldheads is the place for the coffee snob who appreciates the natural flavor of the beverage. Unfortunitly, they do not appear to offer milk alternatives.

2. Florence Coffee Co • Bigfork • $-$$ • Map

florence coffee co
Image: florencecoffeeco

Florence Coffee is a proud Montana company with outlets across the state.

Their stand-in Bigfork is situated on Highway 35. This is a drive-through location for a quick pick up and exit, ideal if you are en route to do some sightseeing around the area.

Another positive of the Florence Coffee Co is that they start brewing their java at 5:30am. That is ideal for early birds looking to get their fix and kick on with their day.

Aside from the typical espresso-style coffees, they offer chai, matcha, and other tea-based drinks. Plus, hot cocoa and smoothies are also thrown into the mix.

Not only do they open at the crack of dawn, but they also close later than their average competitor. You are not journeying to Florence for a sit-down and a chill. The idea is simple, place your order, grab your drink, and trek on.

If you can’t stomach the taste of delicious tart café, they have a wealth of flavors you can mix in to sweeten it up. Florence Coffee Co offers something for everyone and is a suitable option for early risers and those in a hurry to explore the area.

3. Buzz And Bagels • Bigfork • $-$$ • Map

buzz and bagels
Image: buzzandbagels

Buzz and Bagels make it onto this list for the quality of their brew. But the fact that they whip up mouth-watering bagels aids their cause.

You can find the log cabin structure at the intersection of Highway 35 and 83. Besides being located next to a saloon, the property offers gorgeous mountain views, a tasty cup of buzz, and a selection of bagels.

They also list various tea options, smoothies, and refreshing drinks, catering to non-coffee consumers. If you are a vegan or allergic to cow juice, they stock an alternative milk option. 

A range of tasty cream cheese variations is offered to spread across your bagel, including huckleberry, sundried tomato and feta, and pesto. My personal recommendation to omnivores is the Asiago. It is top-notch.

Besides the intersection location, Buzz and Bagels feature outdoor seating to enjoy the fresh NorthWest Montana air.

4. Max’s Market Espresso Bar • Bigfork • $$-$$$ • Map

max’s market espresso bar
Image: maxsmarketmt

The Espresso Bar at Max’s Market provides coffee fiends with a boost when visiting the precinct.

Max’s is a family-owned and operated organic Market where you can find locally sourced produce. Products stocked range from apothecary goods to beer, wine, fruit, and vegetables. Basically, all the good stuff.

The Market is known to host live music events and is an ideal location to socialize and enjoy tasty food and liquids.

Back to the coffee. The Espresso Bar on-site sources its beans from the Black Coffee Roasting Company in Missoula. They stir up traditional offerings, sure to keep traditionalists satisfied.

Max’s is closed on Monday and Tuesday and only opens at 10am from Wednesday to Sunday. If you are an early bird, this may not aid your cause when you are desperate for a cuppa at 6am. Jokes aside, it is a vibrant spot to grab a mid-morning coffee and hang out.

5. Pocketstone Cafe •Bigfork• $-$$ • Map

pocketstone cafe
Image: pocketstonecafe

“We’re gonna rock down to Electric Avenue,” and then we will stop at Pockestone. I am sure Eddy Grant was not referring to the street in Bigfork, but he should have been.

Pocketstone Cafe is a no-fuss setup renowned for eggs and pancakes. However, they assemble satisfactory espresso-based beverages.

It is the epitome of a mom-and-pop restaurant that prides itself on quality service and food and drinks. Pocketstone opens its doors at 7:30am and boots the last customer out at 2:30p.m.

This is not the place to grab a quick coffee and move on. You have to make the most of their breakfast offerings and enjoy the small-town hospitality.

6. Echo Lake Cafe• Bigfork • $-$$ • Map

echo lake cafe
Image: echolakecafe

Echo Lake Cafe is housed in an epic log cabin structure with benches and chairs that give it the feel of a diner.

They have combined mountain architecture with the spirit of small-town America and kept this establishment running since 1960. But enough about the design, the team brews a tasty cup of java, even though there are minimal offerings.

Cappuccino, mocha, latte, and americanos are your only options on the coffee front. Unlike many outlets in Bigfork, these ladies and gentlemen offer alternatives to cow liquid.

On a side note, I applaud the selection of alcoholic beverages on their menu, considering that they open at 6:30 am and close at 2:30 pm.

If you are not feeling a cup of buzz, you can opt for a mimosa, bloody mary, beer, or wine. There is only one thing that can boost your day better than caffeine, hooch.

7. Grateful Bread Cafe And Bistro • Bigfork • $$-$$$ • Map

Grateful Bread Cafe and Bistro is located on Montana Highway 35 and is renowned more for its dining options than beverages. However, they offer standard espresso-style buzz to wash down a filling offering of eggs and pancakes.

The reality is you visit Grateful Bread for a warm breakfast or lunch and receive a simple yet effective decoction.

8. Lakeside  Coffee Company• Lakeside • $$-$$$ • Map

If you are in the mood for a scenic drive and succulent caffeine, the 20-minute journey to Lakeside is worth it. It would have ranked higher on this list if it was located in Bigfork, but it is still worth mentioning. 

Americano, latte, or cappuccino anybody? Lakeside Coffee Company offers the classics and more. They even cater to vegans and lactose intolerant visitors by offering alternative milk options. In addition, Lakeside serves baked goodies, with gluten-free options for those grains discriminates against.

These folks are a serious coffee outfit and are worth paying a visit. You will enjoy a tasty beverage and the awe-inspiring trip in and out of Bigfork.

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