Popular Tattoo Shops Billings, MT

Billings Tattoo Scene

When people think of Montana, their mind usually conjures up wide-open spaces and small-town vibes. For many destinations in this state, such preconceived images are accurate. But things are starkly …

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Top 5 Hot Springs Near Dillon, MT

If you’re craving adventure, relaxation, or just a change of scenery, Montana’s hot springs beckon. The charming town of Dillon is a gateway to some of the West’s most rejuvenating …

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Camping Near Dillon, MT (Best Places + Tips)

Camping Near Dillon

Forget Yellowstone’s packed campgrounds. If you’re itching for some wide-open Montana skies, the charming town of Dillon holds a treasure trove of camping spots that’ll make you feel like you’ve …

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What to Do in Big Sky Montana?

big sky documentary film festival

Imagine this: fresh mountain air so crisp you can almost smell the cold, a sky so wide-open you could lose yourself in it, and enough space to roam that you …

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What is a Dude Ranch?

An example of a dude ranch.

In the backdrop of Big Sky Country, nestled between majestic mountain ranges and lush grasslands, there exists a cultural icon a bit unlike any other: the dude ranch. If you’re …

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The 11 Best Waterfalls in Montana

montana waterfalls

As Montana is often referred to as the ‘Mountain State’, it comes as no surprise that it is home to its fair share of natural and impressive waterfalls. Montana’s waterfalls …

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Top 8 Montana Cliff Jumping Spots

Best Cliff Jumping Spots in Montana

One of my fondest memories as a kid was hiking to many of these remote Montana cliff jumping spots on a hot summer day! With that said, it’s important to note …

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Montana Road Map

A Montana Road Map

Discovering Montana is your one-stop guide for navigating the unparalleled beauty of Montana! Often referred to as “Big Sky Country,” Montana’s stunning landscapes are a treasure trove for adventurous souls, …

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Where is Yellowstone Filmed?

Where is Yellowstone filmed?  The show has been filmed primarily in Utah and Montana with recent seasons being produced mostly in Montana (yay!). For the few of you that aren’t …

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The Top 10 Hiking Trails in Montana

Avalanche Lake Hiking Trail in Montana

Are you looking for some of the most scenic hiking trails in the world?  Well, you’re in the right spot. Montana, often called “Big Sky Country,” is a paradise for …

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Iceberg Lake Trail

Iceberg Lake Trial in Montana

Iceberg Lake Trial is another popular hiking destination in Glacier National Park. The trail to Iceberg Lake is famous for its breathtaking scenery, which includes picturesque meadows, high cliffs, and …

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Avalanche Lake Hiking Trail

Avalanche Lake Hiking Trail is a popular hiking trial in Glacier National Park, located in the  Montana. The trail offers stunning natural beauty, including a dense forest, a rushing river, …

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Symphony Under the Stars, Helena

symphony under the stars

Symphony under the Stars in Helena is a free outdoor concert featuring the sounds of the Helena Symphony. The orchestra comes together to put on an outstanding performance on the …

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Beyond the Big Sky, Helena

beyond the big sky helena

The Montana Learning Center is the venue for this annual star-gazing event in Helena. The center’s state-of-the-art astronomical facility allows participants to view the wonders of the universe in the …

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Missoula Symphony in the Park

Missoula Symphony in the Park

Missoulians have traditionally set aside the second Sunday in August for close to two decades now. The main reason is the Symphony in the Park, the free concert at the …

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The Garden City River Rod Run, Missoula

the garden city river rod run

The annual Garden City River Rod Run is two fun-packed days of classic cars in Downtown Missoula. Typically a weekend event held around late June/early July, attendees can witness the …

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The Missoula Marathon

the missoula marathon

June in Missoula brings the opportunity to take part in a top event for a worthy local cause. The Missoula Marathon is one of the region’s biggest events and anyone …

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The Garden City Brewfest, Missoula

the garden city brewfest

The annual Garden City BrewFest hits Missoula in early May. The event is the largest of all Montana’s brewing events, with over 70 different craft beers to choose from along …

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The Kyi-Yo Pow Wow, Missoula

the kyi-yo pow wow

The Kyi-Yo Pow Wow is one of the oldest and most unifying student-organized tribal events across the nation. Typically hosted as a 2-day event towards the end of April, the …

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The YMCA Riverbank Run, Missoula

the ymca riverbank run

This YMCA Riverbank Run is an established, family-friendly event open to all ages and abilities. The run also serves as a fundraiser for the local YMCA, with proceeds from entrance …

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International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula

international wildlife film festival

The annual Missoula International Wildlife Film Festival stages its 46th event in 2023. This popular festival showcases wildlife-themed movies to packed houses at the town’s historic theater. Guests and speakers …

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Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Missoula

big sky documentary film festival

The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival has so far spanned two decades and is known as a key hub for non-fiction film-making in the U.S. Western regions. The event provides …

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The Western Montana Fair and Rodeo, Missoula

the western montana fair and rodeo

In Missoula, around the time of mid-August, the Western Montana Fair and Rodeo comes to town. This is the much-anticipated local event that brings with it the opportunity to enjoy …

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