Airports Near Kalispell, Montana

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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

In Northwest Montana lies Kalispell, the gateway to Glacier National Park.

Kalispell is the perfect destination for those who appreciate the great outdoors and local history. Explore the vast wilderness by hiking trails along peaks and rivers or stroll the downtown area with its restored buildings from the 1800s.

If you’re planning a trip to one of Montana’s favorite cities, check out the airports near Kalispell, Montana, and start your adventure!

Planning and Resources for Your Visit to Kalispell

  • Best time to visit: early June to late August is the best time to visit Kalispell, Montana. You can expect warmer weather during the day with chilly conditions at night. December through March is also a popular time to visit for ski season. Check out Black Tail Mountain Ski Area.
  • When to book hotels: as a rule of thumb, it’s best to start monitoring prices two months before your flight to see when prices dip. You will most likely find the best deals around the two-week mark before your trip. If you will be in town for a special event, like the Northwest Montana Fair in August, it’s best to book early. Check all available accommodations here.
  • Weather: The weather in Kalispell fluctuates drastically depending on the season. Winters are frigid with snowy conditions and considerable cloud cover. You can still experience some snow during spring and an increase in rain. Warmer weather will begin in June and last through the end of summer, and falls are chilly with occasional snow.
  • Popular attractions: Peruse the shops on Main Street, visit the Conrad Mansion Museum, hike the trails in Flathead National Forest, or sip craft beers at the many breweries.
  • Pick a guide: Montana is an outdoor lover’s dream, but some may not be familiar with safety precautions. Take advantage of the many trained professionals who can make your trip even better. Take guided tours through national parks or hire a boat service for fishing. Stay safe and have fun!

The 5 Airports Near Kalispell

The closest airport to Kalispell, Montana is the Glacier Park International Airport (FCA), it is located only 12 miles from the town of Whitefish and 30 Miles from the Western Entrance to Glacier National Park.

glacier park international

1. Glacier Park International Airport

As mentioned, Glacier Park International Airport is the closest airport to Kalispell, Montana, about a 20-minute drive. It’s a small international airport offering direct flights from cities across the US. Airport amenities are open every day from 4 AM until the last flight of the day.

Inside you will find clean, neat conditions with rental car agencies, gift shops, and a few food options, including alcoholic beverages.

Direct flights to Glacier Park International Airport include:

  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • Salt Lake City
  • Denver
  • Minneapolis
  • Chicago
  • NYC
  • Charlotte
  • Atlanta
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Phoenix
  • Las Vegas
  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • Oakland
  • San Francisco

This airport offers flights on well-known airlines, including United, Allegiant Air, Delta, Alaska Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, JetBlue, American Airlines, and Frontier.

Glacier Park International Airport is the best travel option for those close to the major cities with direct flights. Flying direct is the most convenient option, and the airport is only ten miles from downtown Kalispell.

You could be at your destination in less than 20 minutes if you ride with rideshare apps.

2. Missoula Montana Airport

missoula montana airport

Missoula Montana Airport is a 2-hour and 7-minute drive (111 miles) to Kalispell. This small airport offers non-stop flights to and from 14 different markets around the country.

The Missoula airport is under construction until 2022 and will convert to a more modern design and expansion. There may be mild disruptions from construction.

The airport offers plenty of amenities, including a restaurant with a full-service bar, a coffee/tea shop, a gift shop, and massage chairs. You will also find free Wi-Fi, charging stations, smart carts, and a mail drop for your convenience.

You can book flights with major airlines offering direct flights from cities across the US.

  • Alaska Airlines: Seattle, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco
  • Allegiant Air: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Oakland
  • American Airlines: Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, Los Angeles
  • Delta: Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Atlanta
  • Frontier: Denver
  • United: Denver, Chicago, San Francisco

The Missoula Montana Airport is the best option for those who plan on making stops from Missoula to Kalispell.

Take a scenic drive through Lolo National Forest and the Flathead Reservation while enjoying views of mountain peaks, lush forests, and blue lakes. You should book a rental car or buy a bus ticket to Kalispell as the drive is over two hours.

3. Helena Regional Airport

helena regional airport

The Helena Regional Airport is a 3-hour and 27-minute drive (196 miles) to Kalispell. This small airport hosts three airlines with a few direct flights. The view during take-off and landing provides awe-inspiring mountain views, be sure to open the window shade and take pictures.

The small terminal is quaint and comfortable with convenient amenities. You will find a few gift shops, a cafe, Wi-Fi, luggage carts, car rental agencies, and heated sidewalks during the winter months for safety.

Airlines offering direct flights to Helena Regional Airport:

  • Alaska Airlines: Seatle/Tacoma
  • Delta Airlines: Salt Lake City
  • United Airlines: Denver

Helena Regional Airport is a suitable option for those who plan to spend time in the capital city before heading to Kalispell. It’s an excellent drive from Helena with beautiful scenery through national forests.

Rent an RV, SUV, or sedan for the perfect family road trip!

4. Great Falls International Airport

great falls international
Image: flygtf

Great Falls International Airport is a 4-hour drive (226 miles) to Kalispell. Great Falls airport is small and offers direct flights to six major cities on four different airlines.

The interior is clean and well-designed with short lines; you could be at your gate in less than 15 minutes once you check your baggage.

You will find rental car agencies, a cafe, vending machines, a bar, and a gift shop. The shops close early, so you may be stuck eating out of vending machines if you have a late flight.

Direct flights from Great Falls International Airport include:

  • Denver
  • Las Vegas
  • Minneapolis
  • Phoenix
  • Salt Lake City

Book your flight through Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, Delta, and United Airlines.

The Great Falls Airport is an excellent option if you plan on seeing more of Montana. Rent a car or an RV close to the airport and start your adventure road tripping through the state.

Starting your trip from Great Falls, you can explore Lewis and Clark National Forest, Flathead National Forest, Blackfeet Reservation, and Flathead Reservation.

Stop through other cities and small towns to taste the local flavor and learn about the area’s history.

5. Spokane International Airport

spokane international

Spokane International Airport is a 4-hour and 6-minute drive to Kalispell. This airport is slightly bigger and is in Spokane, Washington.

You can find direct, non-stop flights from over 20 different US cities and book a flight with ten major airlines.

Enjoy convenient dining and shopping options at the terminal, such as Starbucks, Burger King, a sports bar, Quiznos, a taproom, gift shops, and travel marts.

The airport offers other passenger services like free Wi-Fi, baggage carts, nursing suites, water bottle refill stations, and service animal relief areas.

Direct flights to Spokane International Airport:

  • Seattle
  • Salt Lake City
  • Denver
  • Portland
  • Phoenix
  • Boise
  • Las Vegas
  • San Francisco
  • Minneapolis
  • Los Angeles
  • Oakland
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • San Diego
  • Sacramento
  • San Jose
  • Reno
  • Santa Ana

Schedule your flight through Aha!, Alaska, Allegiant, American, Avelo, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, Sun Country, and United.

Landing in Spokane is an excellent option for those road tripping through the Northwest or who plan to make stops in the area (business, visiting family) before heading to Kalispell.

The route from Spokane to Kalispell will take you through national forests and native reservations, a perfect opportunity for sightseeing and photos.

Your Onward Journey to Kalispell

  • Rent a car: Most airports have rental car agencies inside the terminal and offer great rates. They make it easy and convenient to book, pay, and pick up your car right from the airport. Pick a vehicle that meets your needs (sedan, SUV, truck, etc.) and hit the road of your own free will.
  • Rideshare: If you are flying into an airport close to Kalispell, you may wish to catch a quick ride to your destination. Use ride apps like Uber and Lyft to get quickly to your hotel. You could also use services like Turo, a peer-to-peer car rental that lets you book local owners’ cars.
  • Take a Greyhound: If your airport is further away, consider taking a greyhound bus to drop you off close to Kalispell. You can find bus rides from Missoula to Kalispell for less than $30, cheaper than catching an Uber or renting a car.
  • Find an RV rental: Do you have a long drive ahead of you? Are you looking for a fun family adventure? Try renting an RV! Do a quick search to see the closest RV rental places near your airport and book a recreational vehicle for an exciting road trip through Montana.

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