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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

This Northwest Montana city is the gateway to stunning national parks, clear lakes, and historic buildings. There are many reasons to visit Kalispell, but it’s also a popular spot for road trippers.

Whether you need to stop for an energy boost after being on the road or you plan to stay awhile to take in the sights, check out this list of where you can find the best coffee in Kalispell, Montana.

Recommended Pastry Shops in Kalispell, Montana


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Check out these local pastry shops serving donuts, danishes, cinnamon rolls, and more!

Nearby Breakfast Restaurants in Kalispell, Montana

nearby breakfast restaurant

Need a big breakfast to fuel your exciting day of Montana sightseeing? Try one of these favorite local breakfast spots to satisfy pancake cravings.

The 14 Best Coffee Shops in Kalispell, Montana

Pour over this comprehensive list of the best coffee in Kalispell.

1. Colter Coffee・424 S Main St・$


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Are you looking for a cozy coffee shop to warm you up on a chilly day? Try Colter Coffee.

They have hot coffee and delicious pastries. The interior is inviting, with many spots to sit and work on your laptop or have a conversation.

You can even have a business meeting in the basement, where they have comfortable couches and warm lighting.

Colter Coffee roasts its beans and specializes in making sweet coffee drinks. Grab a croissant; they are flaky and buttery!

Order the white chocolate mocha or chai tea latte; both are enjoyable.

2. Montana Coffee Traders・111 S Main St・$$


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Montana Coffee Traders is a specialty coffee roaster out of Whitefish, Montana, and has a few cafes dispersed around Montana.

The Kalispell location is a local favorite due to its chill environment, friendly staff, and expertly made coffee. They have window seats with outlets nearby, so you can quickly get some work done in this laid-back cafe.

This Kalispell cafe is an excellent place to come when you are hungry and need a large portion of biscuits and gravy or a breakfast burrito the size of your head.

Pair it with a brown sugar vanilla latte in the winter or a matcha frappe in the summer.

3. Copper Mountain Coffee・638 W Center St・$


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Copper Mountain provides fast and friendly service to get to where you need to go on time.

This tiny espresso bar offers walk-in or drive-thru ordering with a few spots to sit inside. You can find more Copper Mountain Coffee drive-thrus around Northwestern Montana.

If you’re looking for something warm, try the white coffee; try one of the flavored Moonshine iced drinks if you prefer something cold.

They also have pastries and snacks you can grab!

4. The Knead Cafe・21 5th St E・$$

the knead cafe

This cafe is known for its mouthwatering food, but it’s a hidden gem for coffee.

Served in giant glass mugs, Knead coffee is complete with flower art. Come for some of the best breakfast in Kalispell; stay for the fantastic caffeine.

The atmosphere is inviting and comfortable, and the service is friendly. Order the breakfast quiche or sweet cheese crepes.

Try the golden coffee; you will be glad you did!

5. City Brew Coffee・1405 US HWY 2 E・$$


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City Brew Coffee is a Montana-based chain serving expertly brewed coffee since 1998 and has now expanded to other Western states.

The Kalispell location offers friendly service in an inviting space with ample seating. The atmosphere is calm, perfect for studying or reading a book.

Try a cold brew and the three-cheese egg bites. Grab a fun mug on your way out!

6. Sable Coffee・625 Treeline Rd・$


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This sit-down and drive-thru coffee shop serves Alderwood roasted espresso drinks, smoothies, tea, and pastries.

With a laundry mat and a car wash next door, Sable is the perfect place to sit with a cup of coffee and a danish while you wait.

The interior is clean and modern, with stylish chairs and decor. You can find pastries from Ceres Bakery stocked behind the glass; try the huckleberry roll!

Order a blended drink or coffee with lavender to go with it.

7. Florence Coffee Company・2267 US HWY 93 S・$


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Florence Coffee Co. is a drive-thru espresso bar with different locations around Southwestern Montana.

Don’t let the long lines deter you; the service is fast and friendly! Plus, their proceeds help support local organizations.

Drive-thru and try their triple iced mocha or hot chocolate for an affordable price.

8. Cowgirl Coffee・3796 US HWY 2 E・$


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This coffee kiosk is a quick pit stop on your long drive. Come through the drive-thru and be greeted with friendly service and delicious coffee drinks. You will find other beverages like smoothies, shakes, energy drinks, and tea.

 Cowgirl coffee also makes homemade breakfast burritos. Order one of their smoothie bowls topped with almonds, chia seeds, and coconut.

Be sure to grab a souvenir coffee mug!

9. Camo Coffee・27 W Reserve Dr・$


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Camo Coffee is a kiosk closer to town, and they offer all your favorite coffee products and more.

Run through the drive-thru before you go to work, or stop for a mid-afternoon pick me up. You will get excellent service every time.

They have delicious burritos, teas, smoothies, and energy drinks. Try the white chocolate iced latte or the blue raspberry watermelon energy fusion!

10. Bullwinkle’s Espresso・100 Rocky Cliff Dr・$

bullwinkle’s espresso

Bullwinkle’s is a small, locally-owned coffee drive-thru with an extended menu.

The owners are friendly, personable, and adamant about serving you a drink that fits your tastes. The kiosk is a little way out of town, so it’s the perfect spot to stop for an energizer while you’re in the car.

Try out this family-owned coffee stand, whether you’re on a road trip or driving to the next town over.

Order the Lotus or the keto coffee!

11. Coffee Time・886 W Reserve Dr・$

Coffee Time is a favorite spot for locals to get their morning coffee drinks through the fast drive-thru. Although you may see several cars lined up at any time, you will still receive quick and attentive service.

Order a fun frappe like white chocolate with peanut butter or a simple Americano with a splash of cream.

Either sweet or straightforward, Coffee Time knows how to brew good coffee.

12. Copilot Coffee・1745 Airport Rd・$

copilot coffee

Are you looking for a spot that can whip up unique coffee creations? Copilot coffee may be what you need! Pull through the drive-thru and be welcomed by warm, helpful employees who constantly find new ways to jazz up your morning ritual.

Try their new signature drink, The Killer Bee featuring honey, cinnamon, white coffee, and ice cream. Or bring your dog with you and get a puppaccino!

13. The River Coffee Company・1275 US HWY 2 W・$


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This coffee company in Kalispell is growing in popularity and is all about creating an inviting space for people to have delicious coffee drinks and linger for hours.

They pride themselves on offering the most outlet and USB charging stations than any other coffee shop in the area. If you want some coffee and also have work to get done, come to The River Coffee Company.

The shop has a warm, chic vibe, and they are open late, so you and your friends can have a spot to hang out.

Try the chai tea or a simple espresso.

14. Kalispell Koffee・1011 US Hwy 2 W・$


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Kalispell Koffee is dedicated to bringing you the best coffee made with locally sourced ingredients.

This coffee shop gets its beans from roasters in Bigfork, Montana, and its dairy products from the local dairy farm.

With two drive-thru windows, you can get your caffeine fix fast! Try their assortment of huckleberry coffee drinks, the Mexican mocha, or the white coffee.

Best Coffee in Kalispell – Final Thoughts

Kalispell, Montana has an abundance of options for those looking for the best coffee shop experiences, whether it be a casual outing or a place to park and get some work done. It is not surprising that the kind of coffee you can find will vary just as much.

As such, there is no real answer to what is the best coffee in Kalispell, rather visitors to the charming town owe it to themselves to spend some time checking out the various shops and finding what suits them best.

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