Montana Zipline Adventures

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Last Updated: February 27th, 2023

Montana is a renowned haven for all kinds of outdoor activity and it thus attracts everyone from hikers, skiers, and mountain bikers to anglers and boating or floating enthusiasts. It’s also a great place for adrenaline junkies who like nothing more than taking on the great outdoors at ever-greater heights, or even speeds.

Zip-lining in Montana is one exhilarating activity ideal for individual and family fun alike. And there’s no real denying that the terrain in the region is just made for it.

If you fancy getting a bird’s-eye view of some of the landscape on the outer reaches of Anaconda while soaring high above on a zip-line, then check out Montana Zipline Adventures.

The zipline adventure opened in May 2021 and is set along the Pintler Scenic Highway with its incredibly scenic surrounding wilderness.

What better place to seek a spot of thrilling outdoor adventure with experienced and attentive guides than in the midst of the panoramic Pintler Wilderness. In simple terms, this region is somewhere between Yellowstone Park and Glacier National Park.

This attention-grabbing outdoor adventure spot near Anaconda allows willing participants the opportunity to experience what is actually Montana’s longest zipline course of more than 9,000 feet in length.

Montana Zipline Adventures

If you are anywhere close to Anaconda on your travels around the state, check out Montana Zipline Adventures for this action-packed way to take in some impressively untouched terrain by soaring over the top of it!

zipline adventure
Image: YardsaleDan

Montana Zipline Adventures Stats

montana zipline adventures stats
Image: YardsaleDan
  • 9,300-feet long line
  • 420 acres
  • 7 lines (1 dual)

Main Attractions

main attractions
Image: YardsaleDan

Three different tours featuring 7 lines are typically operated throughout the day, every day. The site’s official hours of 8 am-8 pm allow just enough time for the 3 tours as well as for everyone to get in and out of the location.

The first tour of the day kicks off at 9 am and is usually done by midday depending on the number of participants. After a short gap, the next tour commences at 2 pm.

With time to spare before closing for yet another run, the last one starts at 7 pm and is known as the Sunset Tour.

The course takes between 1.5 and 3 hours to get around which may vary according to the number of participants in each party. This number may be limited on the last tour of the day due to closing times.

Participants must be at least seven years old to qualify for the rides and weigh in at somewhere between 60 and 230 pounds.

Getting to the Zip and what’s on Offer

getting to the zip

If you are driving to the zipline you should note the change on the road from 4-2 lanes to the west of Anaconda. If you look for North Cable Road and head along it you should see the sign for the zipline adventure before you’ve traveled a full mile.

Following the signs will take you close to another sign on a large log gate for the adventure you follow. This will take you into your parking lot for the day, and also where you can get picked up by a shuttle van (on request).

Either that or you do the outdoor thing and opt to undertake a hike up to the site, although it’s not more than a half-mile in length.

After that and a few instructional pointers, it’s not too long before guests get to experience the surrounding heights.

This can include views 85 feet off the ground in some sections, where you are also likely to be hitting speeds up to 45mph! Here’s how each line looks length-wise:

Line 1 is the start point and is 650 feet long. Line 2 carries you for 970 feet before you reach Line 3, which is absolutely the longest stretch of the bunch at 2100 feet.

Line 4 is just slightly shorter than the already-completed Line 2, and Line 5 allows you to zip for an 880-feet stretch. Line 6 is the second longest at just over 2,000 feet, and the final stretch is a mere 1780 feet in length.


The price is $89.00 per participant, and reservations are necessary. Various concessions are available for military vets with I.D. cards and groups bigger than 12.

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