The 5 Best Restaurants In Anaconda, Montana

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Anaconda is a small but thriving community in Deer Lodge County, Montana with a wide range of attractions.

Popular for outdoor recreation, many tourists stay in Anaconda to enjoy activities such as boating, biking, hiking, and skiing.

An enjoyable place in both the winter and summer, Anaconda is a great city to visit for those looking to explore Montana’s vast outdoors.

Although small with a population of 9,241, Anaconda has a variety of offerings in town, making it a great place to stay. This includes several restaurants, meaning you won’t go hungry well staying here. 

You won’t have to look far to find food in Anaconda. From burgers to pizza, there’s something for everyone here. There are several highly rated restaurants here, so quality also won’t be an issue while eating in town.

But it can be hard to decide where to go after a long day exploring the town or hiking nearby. The last thing you’ll want to do is spend an hour deciding where to eat or looking around town for food.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list for you to help you find the best place to eat well while staying here. Here are the best restaurants in Anaconda!

The 5 Best Restaurants In Anaconda

  1. Donivan’s 
  2. Barclay II Supper Club
  3. O Bella Italian Resturaunt 
  4. Peppermint Patty’s 
  5. Coffee Corral of Anaconda

1. Donivan’s • 211 E Park Ave


Donivan’s is a great place to go after a day skiing or hiking. Started in 1985, the restaurant was founded by Skip Gervias & Les Gervais in honor of their father Donivan C. Gervias.

The restaurant is a casual pub with a relaxed atmosphere. There is also a casino you can test your luck at if you wish. Donivan’s serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has a separate dining area for people looking to enjoy a full meal and not just a drink. 

They offer a variety of foods, including tacos, burgers, and steaks. Breakfast at Donivan’s is also quite popular, as they have plenty of delicious options.

Guests can order some unique savory options like the Hamburger Steak Breakfast or The Working Man’s Special, which includes a Chicken fried steak. There are also classic items on the breakfast menu as well including eggs, omelets, and buttermilk pancakes.

Lunch is a great time to grab a sandwich, as there are several sandwich options including the BLT, the Pork Chop Sandwich, and the Anaconda Philly. 

With so many mouth-watering choices offered, it’s not hard to see why this restaurant is beloved. Donivan’s is a great place for a delicious bite and to relax after a long day. 

2. Barclay II Supper Club • 1300 E Commercial Ave

barclay II supper club

A more upscale restaurant, this is a great place to splurge on high-quality food.

Although it appears less fancy on the outside, going in you’ll notice that every table is covered in white cloth and decorated with lit candles, creating a classy atmosphere.

You’ll definitely want to take your time here, enjoying the food and ambiance. It’s a great choice for anyone who is hoping to go some more upscale in Montana to eat, or for people who have an excuse to dress up and have a nice night out well staying in Anaconda.

Although on the pricer side, the experience makes it worth it. 

The restaurant offers some fantastic food options for guests including steaks, pasta, and seafood. For steaks, they offer tenderloin, porterhouse, short steak, t-bone, New York, and rib steak.

The steaks are nice and tender, and many people actually consider it to be the best steak you can get in Montana.

For pasta, there are several choices including shrimp scampi, clam scampi, ravioli, and spaghetti. For seafood, there are king crab legs, fish platter, fish and chips, and several other options. 

You’ll get to try a variety of food well eating here. Every meal comes with a shrimp cocktail, breadsticks, salad, meat and cheese tray, vegetable tray, and ice cream, making for a truly fun experience.

If you’re feeling fancy or just want to treat yourself to a nice dinner, this is the place to go! 

3. O Bella Italian Resturaunt • 1515 E Commercial Ave

o bella

If you’re craving Italian, this is the place to go! With food made from scratch and an elegant dining atmosphere, O Bella is truly a memorable experience.

Everything at O Bella is tasty, but you’ll definitely want to consider trying their pizza. Every pizza is made with hand-tossed dough and the sauce is freshly made every day.

With excellent service and excellent food, O Bella is a great place to go well staying in Anaconda. 

There are several options available at the restaurant. From pasta to pizza, there is something that everyone can enjoy.

There are some great pasta options including Fettucine Alfredo, Black Truffle Mac & Cheese, Chicken Marsala, and Baked Chicken Parmesan. There are also several soups and salads.

You can order the soup of the day and add a salad. There are a few salad options including O’Bella Beet, Italian Wedge, and Spinach.

For pizza, there are quite a few popular choices including Butcher Block which has pepperoni, salami, Italian sausage, and Canadian bacon The O’Bella Combo is also an excellent choice as it has pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, and olives.

The restaurant also has coffee and a great wine selection. 

This is overall is a great place to go for Italian. Great for both families and solo travelers, this restaurant offers delicious Italian offerings everyone can enjoy. 

4. Peppermint Patty’s • 1212 E Park Ave

peppermint patty’s

Peppermint Patty’s is a great place to go for a burger or some good comfort food. With a variety of delicious options, the restaurant is great for a bite when you’re looking for somewhere less fancy.

A casual eatery, the atmosphere is relaxed and no-frills, with affordable prices. There are also gaming machines you can enjoy well eating here.

The service here is also excellent, with friendly workers and you’ll never wait long for your food. 

The burgers and pork chop sandwiches offered here are high quality and definitely the stars of the show at Peppermint Patty’s, though there are other great options as well.

There are several burger options including the Pork Burger, Bacon Cheeseburger, and Nu Burger, all of which are excellent.

There are also hot dog options here that you can also get as well as salads. The restaurant also has delicious milkshakes you can order, including flavors such as chocolate and huckleberry.

Overall it’s a good choice for a cheap bite! 

5. Coffee Corral of Anaconda • 112 E Park Ave

coffee corral

The Coffee Corral of Anaconda is a great place to stop for breakfast or coffee before going to explore the various attractions surrounding Anaconda.

A relaxed, peaceful atmosphere, the coffee offered here is high quality and affordable. The shop has a cozy feel with a book exchange corner where you can grab a book to read and there are several places to sit and relax.

The breakfast sandwiches are also quite popular here. 

There are a variety of coffee choices here. With over 45 flavors, you can make your coffee truly unique. In addition to coffee, there is also chai tea, ice cream, and milkshakes you can order as well.

For food, there are a variety of choices including soups, sandwiches, and baked potatoes. It’s a good spot for a quick breakfast with several foods that are grab-and-go.

This is a good place for a quick bite or to stop and relax for a bit before or after exploring Anaconda.

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