Castle Rock Splash Park, Montana

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Last Updated: February 27th, 2023

Castle Rock Splash Park is the largest local community park in Billings. Named for the prominent sandstone formations in the area known as castle rocks, the park is located in the Billings Heights region of the city.

It covers 25 acres in all and is a great spot for a family picnic and other types of fun—like the splash park.

Throughout the warmer months and particularly summer, the sprayground is filled with the delighted shrieks of children looking for ways to cool off and have some fun.

Various features of the park like the playing fields and the playground were first installed way back in 1982, followed by tennis courts and restrooms. 

Castle Rock Park is about to get a big facelift, with construction due to start in August 2022.

The locals around the area say this move is much needed and long awaited, and are delighted at the plans afoot to extend the spray ground area.

The expansion plans also include the addition of a community center, an amphitheater, a track, and pickleball courts.

This means the entire Billings community, along with the odd visitors passing through, have a great place to spend an afternoon or a day.

water park

Local Community Parks in Billings

When things start heating up in Billings any time around June, it’s always going to be tempting for those locals who can, to scoot off to the area’s cooler mountain regions for some respite.

But not everyone can get away that quickly and easily, especially those with kids. Fortunately, there are actually quite a few parks around Billings that offer some form of recreation without charge, and many of them have water features and hiking trails or two.

While these places hardly compare to some of the bigger and more well-known parks and recreation areas around the state, they are important in that they provide instant access to recreation to locals and also something of a stop-gap for anyone who could use a break while traveling somewhere else.

These parks are free and not usually that crowded except for locals.

And of course any water feature is always going to be an attraction point in summer. Billings’ residents are fortunate in that they are all relatively close to one of these great parks with water features.

The Splash Pad Area of the Park

splash pad
Image: Ross Dunn

The splash pads are a great water feature to have in any park. The pad areas are particularly good for little kids who haven’t yet learned how to swim in that it helps them to get used to the water and have fun.

The spray grounds, which are sometimes called splash parks, allow everyone to safely cool down and have fun without any dunking in sight.

During the summer months, you’ll certainly find lots of activity and noise around the splash park section of Castle Rock Park.

Here is every chance you will get sprayed if you are anywhere near the laughter and chaos of the children, but you probably won’t mind too much if it’s summertime.

If you fancy a change of pace and enjoy walking, there’s a moderate trail that leads around the park. There is also a small picnic area with benches, and in the winter, the hill is a popular sledding run.

The Future of the Park

The splash pad features in the new plan for the park which is set to commence work in August this year.

For those that live in the Heights and need some recreation a little closer to home, the new Castle Rock Park development is great news.

The splash park already has fairly new equipment in decent working order and provides an awesome afternoon of family fun in a great park no matter the time of year. 

But when the new development is completed there’ll be even less reason for Billings’ residents to seek recreation further afield.

A splash park for the summer months and snow sledding in winter, surrounded by trails and picnic areas is all any community could ask for.

Castle Rock Splash Park – The Bottom Line

The splash pad is an integral community feature well-loved by locals in the summer, and the fact that the local residents have also been seeking to add a destination playground and a swimming pool for decades has intensified the need to develop these local amenities still further. 

Billings’ residents are more than thrilled that this is happening right now. If you find yourself in the vicinity of Billings and could use somewhere to stop off and cool down for a while, check out the Castle Rock Splash Park.

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