Lost Creek Falls, Mineral County, Montana

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Lost Creek Falls, Mineral County, Montana, is a backcountry waterfall situated in the Lolo National Forest. The nearest large town near the falls is Missoula, north of Lolo Pass and west of Interstate 90. The falls are considered “unconfirmed” by the World Waterfall Database, meaning that the falls are believed to exist but have not officially been reported by someone who can technically report it.

Details About Lost Creek Falls

lost creek falls

Though there’s not a lot of information about Lost Creek Falls, there are some things to know so you can go in search of the elusive water feature.

  • Location: Lolo National Forest, Mineral County, Montana
  • Latitude: 47.1149295
  • Longitude: -115.1174118

Can I Drive to Lost Creek Falls?

Lost Creek Falls do not appear to be accessible by road. However, there is a hiking trail that comes in close proximity, so you should be able to find it via trail.

Are There Trails to Lost Creek Falls?

Within Lolo National Forest, you’ll find Lost Lake Trail. The trail ultimately leads by Lost Creek Falls. However, the trail isn’t easy to find via the typical map. You’ll need to pull out a topographical map to locate the trailhead.

Lost Creek Falls is reasonably centered within the Lost Lake, Lost Peak, and Mink Peak area.

Visiting Lost Creek Falls in Mineral County, Montana

mineral county

If you’re looking for a remotely located adventure to be had, looking for the Lost Creek Falls in Mineral County, Montana could be just what you’re looking for.

Since the waterfall isn’t well-known and the trail is reasonably remote within the Lolo National Forest, it is advisable to only attempt the hike with a friend, to help ensure your safety.

With hiking a remote trail, certain things should always be considered.

  • Never hike alone in a remote area
  • Bring more water and food along with you than you anticipate you’ll need
  • Wear comfortable, closed-toed hiking shoes
  • Wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing
  • Bring along extra layers in a daypack
  • Use a GPS to both find and track your location for the hike
  • Wear sun protection, such as sunglasses, a visor or hat, and sunscreen

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