Beavertail Hill State Park, Montana

In Clinton, Montana lies Beavertail Hill State Park, a peaceful area near the Clark Fort river ideal for anyone looking for an outdoor retreat.

Just 26 miles from Missoula, it’s a popular place to camp and explore. With plenty of fishing and boating opportunities, as well as several campsites, the park is perfect for both day and overnight visits.

There are activities for almost everyone. You can walk through the nearby cottonwoods for a brief hike in the beautiful outdoors, or spend the day fishing in the river nearby.

The park is also a popular retreat for families, as the park is a great place to picnic or do an easy but fun hike. There are also educational opportunities in the summer great for kids. You can find a small amphitheater at the park that allows visitors to learn more about the area.

Those looking for a place to camp overnight will also enjoy the park, as there are 27 campsites available. Visitors can also opt to stay in one of the two tipis available at the camp, which although not furnished, have indoor carpeting.

Campers will be surrounded by excellent views of the surrounding area, making for a relaxing experience. Whether you choose to stay overnight or just visit for a day, Beavertail Hill State Park is a great place to visit.

beavertail hill state park, montana
Image: Scott Shawcroft

Beavertail Hill State Park Facts

  • The park is 65 acres in size and 3,615 feet in elevation.
  • The park is open all seasons, but overnight camping is only allowed in the summer season
  • The summer season starts 5/1 and is through 10/31.
  • The winter season starts 11/1 and is through 4/31.
  • Campsites range from $4 to $34 a night


In the summer Beavertail Hill State Park is a popular place to camp and relax in nature. There are 27 campsites available at the park as well as two tipis that can be reserved. A campsite can be reserved here.

Each campsite also has access to a picnic, fire grate, and a place to park. There are also public restrooms with flush toilets, trash containers, and water.

Pets are also allowed but must be kept on a leash. It should be noted that camping is also only allowed in the summer.

For those who would like to stay overnight at the park, but would prefer not to worry about pitching a tent or bringing a camping trailer, there are two Sioux-style camping tipis available.

The tipis are 18 feet in diameter and can fit about eight people. They are not furnished but include indoor carpeting. Both tipis have a picnic table and fire grill located outside.

Check-in time is 2 pm for campsites and 3 m for tipis. Check-out time is 1:00 pm for campsites and 12 pm for the tipis. The maximum amount of people that can stay at a campsite is eight people.

Quiet hours are enforced at the park and are from 10 pm to 7 am.

beavertail hill state park
Image: John Russell


There are several activities that can be done at Beavertail Hill State Park. You can fish, boat, or even visit the small amphitheater in the area, which hosts educational programs in the summer.


Fishing is a common activity at the park. Be sure to bring a fishing permit, as you’ll need one to fish. There are rainbow trout and brown trout that can be found in the river.

The site is considered good for both fly fishing and regular fishing.


The river near the park is an excellent place for paddling on a kayak or canoe. Boating is carry-on only and only nonmotorized boats are permitted.


The park has a small amphitheater that is used during the summer for educational programs. On Saturday evenings in the summer, Park Rangers teach guests about the park’s history, geography, and geology.

It is a great educational opportunity for families and children.

Trail Routes

There is one main trail at Beavertail Hill State Park. This one-mile trail loops around the park and takes you through a forest of cottonwood trees. This hiking trail is a great choice for beginner hikers and families.

The trail is considered relatively easy as it is not that steep and relatively short. Usually, the trail loop takes about twenty minutes to an hour. Although short, the trail is quite tranquil and surrounded by amazing views of the surrounding area.

It should be noted that there are occasionally bees and wasps in the area, so keep an eye out. Other than that the trail is quite relaxing as it is near the river and surrounded by beautiful cottonwood trees.

Birds and elk can often be spotted on the trail loop, making it great for wildlife watching. It’s also typically not too crowded, making it a rather peaceful trail overall.

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