Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, Montana

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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Take your family on an experience of a lifetime at Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, Montana!

Ran by paleontologists and dinosaur enthusiasts, Two Medicine Dinosaur Center offers multiple ways to encounter pre-historic fossils of all kinds. 

Whether you prefer to view displays and read about the fascinating history and science or don’t mind getting your hands dirty on an expedition, the Montana Dinosaur Center offers something for everyone. 

Learn about all there is to discover at Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, located in Bynum, Montana, the heart of dinosaur country!

What is Two Medicine Dinosaur Center?

two medicine dinosaur center
Image: Two Medicine Dinosaur Center

Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, now referred to as Montana Dinosaur Center, is a museum that also offers dig expeditions for everyday people. 

The Dinosaur Center provides a hands-on experience for guests and allows them to work with actual research professionals and scientists. 

This center holds the world’s longest dinosaur model display. The Two Medicine Paleontologist Dave Trexler designed a 137-foot realistic bone display of a Seismosaurus, and it sits in the middle of the Dinosaur Center. 

The museum is a must-see stop on your family road trip! Stand out front and take pictures with the Trex, go on a dig, pick up a souvenir at the gift shop, and grab a hot dog at the local stand. 

Learn all about dinosaurs and other exciting fossils at the Montana Dinosaur Center!

What is There to do at Two Medicine Dinosaur Center?

Take a tour of the dinosaur museum, reserve your expedition dig, and check out the gift shop across the street!


The museum houses fossils of all different creatures, but the most fascinating is the dinosaur fossils found by researchers in Montana’s own backyard.

Dinosaur legs, heads, and teeth are all displayed at the center, and each features informational cards so you can identify what bones belonged to whom. 

Along with the giant Seismosaurus, you will find the first baby dinosaur fossil remains in North America. There is also information about new dinosaur species recently dug up!

Most of the items are from the local area, and you will see a variety of fossils from dinosaurs, other animals, and plants. You will also find cultural artifacts from Native American tribes

Look through the large windows into the preparation lab, where scientists are hard at working dusting off and assembling dinosaur bones. 

Researchers at the center encourage people to get involved and join their group on digs. It’s an excellent way to learn about science, and who knows, you may even uncover the next big discovery!

Dinosaur Dig Programs

dig expeditions
Image: Dig expeditions

Continue scientific research by helping out at an active dig site in Montana and experience the great outdoors while getting your hands dirty by looking for fossils and ancient artifacts. 

Dig expeditions are open from May through September for all ages and experience levels. You can plan a summer family vacation around looking for dinosaurs or take your students on an exciting field trip!

You can participate in half-day site tours or multi-day digs at active fossil sites. Each group consists of about ten people, and you can even arrange for special needs. It’s an excellent experience for dinosaur-loving individuals or those pursuing a paleontology career. 

Be sure to reserve your group dig ahead of time as slots fill up fast!

Half a day site tours cost $110, and day-dig expeditions (8-hours) cost $225. 

Trex Agate Shop

trex agate shop

When you’ve finished your expedition or viewing the museum, stop by the Trex Agate Shop across the street. 

This family-owned business has been around since 1937 and provides fascinating souvenirs to the public. The owner, Marion Trexler, uncovered the first baby dinosaur in 1978!

Stop by this fun gift shop and check out their crystals, fossils, rocks, jewelry, and other gifts. 

Things to do Near Bynum, Montana

Restaurants Near Two Medicine Dinosaur Center

Accommodations Near Two Medicine Dinosaur Center


Two Medicine Dinosaur Center is in the heart of the dinosaur country and is near active fossil dig sites where new dinosaurs are being discovered every day. 

Plan your family road trip around this exciting attraction. Tour the museum, spend hours hunting for dinosaur bones, and take home souvenirs for the whole family!

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