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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

A hands-on learning experience is right around the corner at the Montana Science Center in Bozeman, Montana (previously known as the Children’s Museum of Bozeman).

Bring the kids in for a fun-filled day of learning and inspiration brought through the innovative, engaging, creative fun interactive exhibits any day of the week.

What’s the history behind the Montana Science Center?

history behind the montana science center

The Montana Science Center was originally founded in 2001 as the Children’s Museum of Bozeman.

A group of parents and community leaders came together to bring an enriching, learning experience of hands-on activities for children to form the group.

The organization may have begun as a grassroots effort, but in the 20 years since its inception, the Montana Science Center has become one of the city’s main attractions for families.

The Center was specifically created to provide interactive exhibits, educational programs year-round, and engaging science classes to keep kids learning, growing, and playing in the wonderfully creative world of science.

The direct experience and hands-on exploratory experiences provided by the Center help children develop a love of science and learning.

Recognizing that kids need access to high-tech tools and materials to find their place in the ever-demanding world of technology, the Montana Science Center opened its high-tech maker space STEAMlab in 2015. The STEAMlab provides relevant project-based learning for kids 7 and older.

Learning how to design in 3D, play collaboratively in Minecraft, code robots, laser cutter project creation, and much more are all right here waiting for kids to come in and experience and grow.

The STEAMlab also specifically aims to help teach children pertinent skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

New to the STEAMlab is the new outreach programs conducted using the STEAMTruck. These programs take the learning to students and adults in rural areas.

How do I find out what’s going on at the Montana Science Center?

experiment at a science centre

Eager to take the kids into the Montana Science Center for some hands-on learning? Check their website, send an email, or check the open hours.

  • 2744 W Main St, Bozeman, MT
  • (406) 522-9087
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday 9 am to 6 pm, Small groups only on Wednesdays, Sunday 11 am to 5 pm
  • Season: Year-round
  • Fees: $9 for children and adults 2+, children under 2 free
  • Discounts: Association of Science Technology Centers (ASTC) free up to 6 people
  • Military discounts $1 off admission per person
  • Museums for All: Free for up to 4 people with EBT, CHIP, Provider One, or WIC

What is there to do at the Montana Science Center?

montana science center

There are five main exhibit areas at the Montana Science Museum – each with a different scientific focus for learning.

Native Fish Pond

At the Native Fish Pond, kids will learn all about native fish in Montana. Cast your line, measure the catch, learn about the different species – and learn about aquatic salamanders, axolotls, and more.

The pond area also includes a 125-gallon aquarium set up for a close view of colorful koi fish, too.

Physics & More

In the Physics & More space, kids can have some major fun with parachutes sent through a wind tunnel, gravity testing, velocity tests, trajectory experiments at the Ball Ramp, launching rockets to the moon, and creating colorful patterns with the giant spirograph. Maybe they’ll even try to blow a square bubble.

Earth in Layers

The Earth in Layers zone introduces kids to geology, paleontology, and more. Explore the concepts of topography, fossils, rocks, and more with the augmented reality sandbox and fossil display and wander through the fossil collection to see ancient bones and stones.

Building Brainstorm

With loads of hands-on activities, the Building Brainstorm area is one of the most engaging sections of the science center.

Explore architectural design processes, work together to solve problems, plan your dream house (or doghouse!), build a skyscraper model, play in the Rigamajig collection of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, ropes, and bolts and nuts.

Other Exhibitions

Make sure to check back on the official site for updates on any upcoming exhibits.

Special Events

The Montana Science Center hosts and participates in a variety of community events that may be running while you’re in town. Check their event calendar to see what fun opportunities are coming your way.

Services and Programs at Montana Science Center

services and programs

The Children’s Museum of Bozeman offers several group programs and services designed to guide guests through their discovery of the museum as they pursue their creative and educational ambitions.

Youth Programs

While the museum has since developed into a science center for all ages, the Children’s Museum of Bozeman was initially established to serve the community’s youth.

As a result, the museum features fantastic youth programs that include everything from a Preschool Science Series to a Teen Tech Squad.

Don’t forget to check out the museum’s Youth Program schedule before visiting for any exciting upcoming events.

Day Camps

The Children’s Museum of Bozeman invites students to partake in one of their PIR Day Camps hosted throughout the year.

During the camp, small groups of students will work through problems scattered throughout the science center and STEAMlab and will have to engage their faculties of creativity and invention.

Day Camp schedules vary from season to season. Stay current with any upcoming camp dates, and don’t forget to register in advance.

Summer Camps

The Children’s Museum of Bozeman invites students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 to sign up for one of the 5-day summer camp experiences between June 13th and August 26th.

Throughout the camp, students will engage in interactive sciences that will stimulate their minds, spark their curiosity, and introduce them to the wonderful world of science and technology.

Check out the museum’s Summer Camp Calendar and Guide for more information on how to reserve your spot.

Adult Programs

The Montana Science Center started as a facility to serve children, but now it caters to kids of all ages and even features a variety of programs designed for adults 21+.

At the Children’s Museum of Bozeman, it is never too late to explore concepts of creativity, innovation, and science. From gaming events to high-tech STEAMlab workshops, the museum offers new and exciting ways for old dogs to learn new tricks.


For a rollicking good time of learning, exploration, and hands-on experiences, the Montana Science Center is the perfect spot for a family outing while visiting Bozeman.

Kids of all ages have activities to participate in, learning comes in many tactile opportunities that appeal to all sorts of learning styles, and the well-trained, friendly staff are there to help make your visit the best possible.

See if you can spot the poison dart frogs in their habitat, build with the Rigamajig, dig through sang for ancient treasures, go fishing at the native fishpond, and so much more.

Check out their calendar for special events or come in for a few hours or the whole day.

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