Seeley Lake, Montana

Montana is known as the Big Sky Country, because of its blue and nearly endless skyscapes. The state is known for its rugged terrain, beautiful topography of national parks, and mountains.

The state is also famous for the rivers that run through it, many of which have been included in famous Hollywood movies. Montana is the capital of hunting, fishing, and rural living, where counties thrive away from the hubbub of the big city.

Montana remains free of any urban pollution and has its share of luxuries and adventures that you can take advantage of. If you value the tranquility of camping over the big city life of partying, then you can find that in the beautiful Seeley Lake.

In addition, it is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, especially during the summer, when they can enjoy various nature and water-related activities.

seeley lake
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Lake Seeley is a part of the Missoula, Montana Metropolitan Statistical Area, which means that this region is high in population and has strong economic ties with the areas around it.

As a result, these territories are not legally established like the towns or cities would be.

They are also not administrative divisions or entities like counties or states are, therefore, the precise definition of any particular metropolitan area might vary depending on the source.

Population and Demographics

The population of Seeley Lake in 2020 was 1,286. The Lake’s population has declined by 22.48% according to the latest current census, which estimated a population of 1,659 people in 2010.

Seeley Lake has a median household income of $59,176 and a poverty rate of 4.90%. The latest median rental cost has been $757 per month, with the home’s value of $223,900 on average.

Seeley Lake has a median age of 52.7 years, with a male population being 52.3 years old and a female population aged 56.2 years old.

Activities in Lake Seeley

activities in lake seeley
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Like most of Montana, Lake Seeley offers incredible outdoor activities for those who wish to connect with nature.

It is flanked by the Swan Mountain Range and Mission Mountains, both of which have scenic views and offer a wide array of adventures.

In the summer months, you can enjoy bird watching, hiking, horseback riding, cycling, and boating.

Those who want to golf can do so at the many golfing parks available in the area. In addition, you can also explore different trails that go all around the lake, which are then turned into ski trails during the winter.

The most common and popular tourist activities include fishing, camping, cabin rental, and hiking. Make sure you have a look at the boating tours you can access in summer.

Morrell Falls National Recreation Walk

The Morrell Falls trek is an 8.9-kilometer out-and-back walk with a lake near Seeley Lake, Montana, that rests at an elevation of 138 meters and is suitable for hikers of all levels of experience.

From June through October, the trail is mostly used for hiking, horse riding, and mountain biking.

The path is also dog-friendly, so you can bring your pet along for a wonderful bonding experience since the track is simple to navigate.

Here, you can enjoy lovely views of the lake and mountains, enjoy time with horses, and unwind with a picnic in the wildflowers, surrounded by nature.

However, be aware that there is a seasonal closure, as the trail will be closed to all vehicles save for snowmobiles from December to May. In the summer, the trail is open but be wary of steep areas and exposed roots, especially when you are horse riding.

Fishing in Lake Seeley

Seeley Lake is a glacially created lake of 1,025 acres. It is typically stocked with rainbow trout multiple times a year, some weighing as much as 15lbs.

The lake is also a favorite destination for fishermen looking for bass and has one of the best bass fisheries in this part of Montana.

Lake Seely is one of six lakes in the district called the Chain of Lakes and has a wide variety of fish that attracts thousands of fishermen throughout the open season.

The Chain of Lakes includes Rainy Lake, Lake Alva, Lake Inez, Seeley Lake, and of course, Salmon Lake when named from north to south.

These lakes are reachable by car if you drive through Highway 83, and most of them have modern and serviced campsites nearby for tourists and locals to stay at.

Some of the most common fish available in these lakes are whitefish, the Kokanee salmon, bull trout, bluegills, and perch. Numerous other fish species live in the lake, too. So, if you are an avid fishing enthusiast, you can get a good catch in these areas.

Additionally, Seeley Lake has three Forest Service campgrounds and all of them are equipped with swimming areas. These are the Big Larch Campground, the River Point Campground, and the Seeley Lake Campground.

Seeley Lake Camping Ground

seeley lake camping ground
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Seeley Lake Campground is situated in northwest Montana’s Lolo National Forest. The campsite is 11 acres in size and is at an elevation of 3,993 feet.

There are almost thirty campsites and nine picnic areas, which are set in a forested region along the coast of Seeley Lake. The campsite has modern and updated amenities which include handicapped-accessible bathrooms and clean drinking water.

The maximum trailer length recommended for the area is 32 feet. It is advised that you limit your usage and stay at the campsite for two weeks, but in those two weeks, you can enjoy many activities around Lake Seeley.

These typically include The lake is famous for fishing, swimming, and boating. Wildlife and bird viewing are other popular pastimes.

For the answer to the question Can you swim in Seeley Lake? You most certainly can and the services provide you with amenities such as gas and sports equipment on rent within a four-mile radius of the campsite.

There is a $20 camping fee, and the best time for you to make a reservation is from May to late fall, however, get a booking because the camping season is heavy in this part of Montana.

River Point Camping Ground

river point camping ground
Image: Wesley Fryer

This camping and picnic spot on the west side of Seeley Lake features a sandy beach that is perfect for swimming and water sports or to relax and have a picnic with a backdrop of the picturesque Montana landscape.

The campsite and picnicking area are situated near the banks of the Clearwater River and Seeley Lake.

You can make reservations at their website but be warned that on the Tuesday after Labor Day, sites have a first-come, first-served policy and are free of charge until October 1st when the campsite shuts down for the season.

Additionally, the fees are set at $20 each night, with a $5 fee for each extra car beyond the first two.

Where to Stay in Lake Seeley

If you want to add a little bit of luxury to your trip to Lake Seeley and wish to look for hotels etc, then finding the right one depends on the level of comfort you are looking for. Lake Seeley offers both luxurious and homey accommodations for your trip.

Best Western Plus Grant Creek Inn

While staying at this Missoula hotel, you can conveniently enjoy exquisite eating and retail experiences as it is only three miles away from downtown.

There are plenty of natural attractions nearby, including the Glacier National Park, Larchmont Golf Course, Garnet Ghost Town, Carousel-Dragon Hollow Park, Missoula Smokejumpers Visitor’s Center, Montana Snowbowl Ski Area, and Montana Rock Creek, which are also some of the must-see sights in the area.

The Best Western Plus Grant Creek Inn boasts great, spacious rooms with HD TVs with HBO access, free Wi-Fi, a microwave, refrigerator, a desk, and a variety of other facilities.

Once you wake up and walk out to see the spectacular views of the mountains or the Missoula Valley, don’t miss out on the complimentary full breakfast, which includes waffles, bacon or sausage, yogurt, biscuits, organic coffee, potatoes, scrambled eggs, gravy, and a variety of fresh fruits.

My Place Hotel

My Place Hotel is a comfortable and economical option for those who wish to enjoy the outdoors. Pillow top mattresses, microfiber linen, and a range of soft and firm pillows are standard in all rooms.

Every room has a kitchen, which is equipped with a full refrigerator, a two-burner stove, a microwave, and a coffee maker.

You may also use onsite laundry facilities, making it a convenient and homey option. Remember to get a snack from their hotel stores, which are equipped with a range of food and beverage options as well as other products to make your stay comfortable.

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