Maverick Mountain Ski Area

Located 50 miles west of Dillon, Montana, Maverick Mountain lies in the idyllic Grasshopper Valley in the state’s southwest. Offering untouched ski slopes and rich mountain culture, the Maverick Mountain ski area is one of Montana’s best-kept secrets. 

Owners Erik and Kristi Borge have run the ski area since 2015, treating guests like family and implementing positive changes, such as the commissioning of a new trail map and reintroducing a youth ski racing team to the slopes. 

Maverick Mountain ski area welcomes visitors of all ability levels and offers ski lessons to those looking to learn the basics or improve their skills. There is also an on-site ski shop boasting a  wide range of gear and equipment.  

Numerous events are held at the mountain every year, and visitors can also enjoy socializing at the lodge. There is also lodging a few minutes away from Maverick at Elkhorn Hot Springs so guests can enjoy a complete mountain getaway. 

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Maverick Mountain Ski Area Stats

  • Highest Elevation: 7,000 feet/2,1336 meters 
  • Number of Trails: 24
  • Number of Lifts: 1
  • Season: Winter
  • Trail Difficulty: 30% beginner, 40% intermediate, 30% advanced 

The Best Hotels Near Maverick Mountain Ski Area

Tickets and Passes

There are several ticketing options available at Maverick Mountain. Regular ticket prices start at $39 for a half-day for adults and $45 for a full day. There are further discounts for kids (four years and under), juniors (12 years and under), and seniors (over 65).

For a full list of ticket prices, please visit the official website. 

For regular visitors, there is also the option for season passes. These allow guests unlimited riding for the entire season with no blackout dates. Adult passes are $450 and there are also junior, senior, student, and family passes available. 

Alternatively, for those guests who don’t want to commit to a season pass but plan to ski frequently, a Sunday Passport is available. These allow for unlimited Sunday entry throughout the season and are $240 for adults or $120 for juniors. 

Accommodation Options

The most popular accommodation option at Maverick Mountain is the Elkhorn Hot Springs Resort, which is located just minutes away from the ski area.

This family-owned retreat is tucked away in the Pioneer Mountains and features a selection of authentic mountain cabins dating back to the 1920s. The resort is also a favorite among visitors thanks to the hot spring pools on-site, which were first constructed in 1918. 

Another popular nearby accommodation option is the Grasshopper Inn B&B. The hotel-like facilities offer space for 10 parties and, of course, includes breakfast. 

The nearest township to Maverick Mountain ski area is Dillon, Montana, which also offers several lodging facilities ranging from hotels and motels to inns and mountain lodges. 

Trail Routes

snowy pioneer mountains

There are 24 marked ski trails at Maverick Mountain ski area. With easy, intermediate, advanced, and expert trails available, there is something for every type of skier, no matter your skill level. 

In addition to the marked trails, Maverick Mountain also offers some freestyle terrain. 

Upper Ridge

Upper Ridge is an intermediate trail that runs along the boundary of the mountain, extending for 3,608 feet. It features a vertical drop of 892 feet and runs into Lower Ridge.

Lower Ridge

Lower Ridge is an easy trail at Maverick Mountain ski area, running beside the Rule trail and connecting to Hollywood Bowl. It has a length of 1,794 feet and a vertical drop of 314 feet.

Upper Traverse

One of the easiest trails at Maverick Mountain, Upper Traverse features curves below Enchanted Forest and runs into the Ridge trail. It extends for 777 feet and features a vertical drop of 180 feet. 

Upper Belly

Upper Belly trail is a short and medium trail best suited to skiers with intermediate skills. It extends for 1,400 feet before running into the shorter, more difficult Lower Belly, which lies on the other side of Midway Traverse.

Lower Belly

Although the Lower Belly trail is short, it’s not for beginner skiers. One of the most difficult ski runs at Maverick Mountain, it runs for 751 feet and should only be attempted by confident, expert skiers. It begins halfway up the mountain and ends up near the Lodge at the mountain’s base. 

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest is a difficult ski run at Maverick Mountain, situated nearby the Ridge trails and Upper Traverse. It runs for approximately 1,076 feet and features a vertical drop of 295 feet. 

Midway Traverse

Midway Traverse trail is a straight and easy ski run at Maverick Mountain, ideal for beginner or nervous skiers. With a length of 1,017 feet, it is one of the shorter trails available and travels horizontally across the mountain, between the Midway Unload and the mountain’s boundary. This ski run features a vertical drop of 59 feet. 

Toll Road

Toll Road is a jagged trail best suited to skiers who have an intermediate ability. With a vertical drop of 482 feet, this ski trail runs for 3,257 feet near the chairlift at the center of the mountain. 


Another short and difficult trail, Showtime should only be used by confident skiers who have expert skills. It is located near Enchanted Forest and extends for 1,322 feet, featuring a vertical drop of 479 feet.

Easy Street

As the name suggests, Easy Street is one of the easiest trails at Maverick Mountain ski area. It is located near the Hollywood Bowl trail at the boundary of the mountain and features a slight curve, running for only 902 feet. 

Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl is another easy ski run at the resort. It runs along the outer edge of the mountain for 1,919 feet and features a vertical drop of 170 feet. 


A ski run of medium difficulty, Rule is best suited to intermediate skiers. It’s a short trail that is located parallel to Field of Dreams, runs for 1,683 feet, and has a vertical drop of 367 feet. 

Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams is a short and intermediate trail at Maverick Mountain, situated between the Rule and Remely trails. It features a short length of 1,473 feet and has a vertical drop of 324 feet. 


Remely is another short and intermediate trail at Maverick Mountain, ideal for skiers who are more experienced than beginners. Located beside Field of Trees and Chutes on the other side, it features a length of 2,224 feet and a vertical drop of 505 feet. It finishes close to the Lodge at the base of the mountain. 


Chutes is an expert trail at Maverick Mountain, located in between Remely and T.Lee. Running for only 492 feet, it is one of the shortest trails in the ski area and has a vertical drop of 160 feet.

T. Lee

T.Lee is another intermediate trail at Maverick Mountain. It features a length of 1,420 feet and a vertical drop of 341 feet. The trail lies between the two expert trails of Chutes and Lower Belly.

Discovery Area

Discovery Area is found near the centrally located Lodge at the base of the mountain. It is a super easy trail perfectly safe for beginners and nervous skiers. It features a length of 1,017 feet and a relatively short vertical drop of 167 feet. 

Rock’n Roll

Rock’n Roll is a long, difficult ski run best left to advanced skiers. It has a length of 2,660 feet and is found close to the Double Chairlift. This ski trail has a vertical drop of 866 feet and runs parallel to Sleepy Hollow. 

Sleepy Hollow

Running for 3,231 feet, Sleepy Hollow is another difficult trail at Maverick Mountain. It lies between the Rock’n Roll and Widow Maker trails and features a vertical drop of 1,092 feet.

Widow Maker

It’s all in the name—Widow Maker is one of the hardest trails at Maverick Mountain, available only to expert skiers. Running for 2,575 feet, it has a vertical drop of 928 feet and is found between the Sleepy Hollow and Ripper trails.


Ripper is another of Maverick Mountain’s most difficult trails and can only be used by experts. Running for 3,280 feet, this ski run is located between Thin Air and Widow Maker. 

Thin Air

Thin Air is an intermediate trail at Maverick Mountain with a prominent bend. Running on the outer edge of the mountain, it has a length of 3,169 feet and a vertical drop of 816 feet. 

Granite Gateway

Granite Gateway is one of the easiest trails available at Maverick Mountain and the perfect place to get practice if you’re a beginner. It extends for approximately 1,023 feet with a vertical drop of around 75 feet. 


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Image: Fahmboy

In addition to the amazing ski area open throughout the winter season, Maverick Mountain ski area also hosts several annual events throughout the year. Visitors are welcome to attend live music nights, sweater parties, demo days, and a range of other fun activities for the whole family. 

Maverick Mountain often hosts a Pray for Snow party in December. The event, which aims to inspire the powder gods to bless the mountain with snowy weather, has traditionally taken place in the Thunder Bar. The day kicks off at around 1 pm and features music, drinks, and fun in the snow. 

One of the year’s most highly anticipated events at Maverick Mountain is the New Year’s Eve Party and Torch Light Parade. A celebration of food, music, and fun, the event celebrates the last night of the year with a party and illuminating parade. 

For a full list of the annual events held at Maverick Mountain, please visit the official Facebook page.

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