The Best Horseback Riding in Kalispell, Montana

Mark Barnett
Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

Locals and visitors alike in Kalispell would be hard-pressed not to agree that experiencing the landscape on horseback is a must.

Taking a day trip into the surrounding mountains can take you deep into the backcountry, which means you get to experience much more of the area’s fantastic terrain from the saddle than you might normally be likely to.

If you’re looking for a place in Montana to explore from the back of a horse, then Kalispell takes some beating. The impressive scenery and the climate make it a great choice, and on top of that, the number one thing to do in the city is horseback riding.

Along with the landscape, some of the best horseback riding in the country is available in and around the region of Kalispell. Whether you need to take a few lessons or spend a day out on a trail ride, you won’t be short of options.

Several ranches and outfitters offer both half-day and full-day horseback riding trips in and around Kalispell, which for many could turn out to be the experience of a lifetime.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the best options for horseback riding in Kalispell.

horseback riding in kalispell

Horseback Riding in Kalispell

  1. Artemis Acres Paint Horse Ranch
  2. Western Trails Horseback Riding
  3. Montana Horse Works

artemis acres paint horse ranch

1. Artemis Acres Paint Horse Ranch

Artemis Acres Guest Ranch is a Northwest Montana horseback riding operation and guest ranch with a strong western tinge.

Located along the foothills of the Salish Mountain Range, the ranch is home to Cecil and Isabel Noble, who have almost 50 years of experience between them when it comes to hosting backcountry horse trips.

Cecil had previously set up and run an outfitting business way back in the early 70s, with the main emphasis being on hunting.

It wasn’t until the early 90s that Isabel joined him and the pair added summer horse pack trips to their itinerary. In 2006 though they decided to call it a day on the other outfitting activities and focus on providing an authentic Western experience through a guest ranch.

The residence is smaller than most “dude” ranches at 80 acres, but this allows a somewhat more intimate setting.

Guests can enjoy the warm hospitality and laid-back vibe that attracts so many visitors to the region, and the endless trails that are used for horseback riding by the ranch connect to thousands of acres of Forest Service land.

Visitors commonly report an outstanding and authentic Montana experience after a stay at the ranch.

2. Western Trails Horseback Riding

western trails horseback riding

Western Trails provides visitors with the opportunity of a 2-hour ride along an incredibly picturesque trail in the Kalispell area. Anyone from 8 to 80 can find a horse to suit, and the outfit has draft horses that can easily manage larger or heavier riders if necessary.

When you arrive at the facility, park, and fill in the required paperwork, your wrangler will be selecting and saddling up the most suitable horse for the ride soon after.

The horses are gentle and experienced and are unlikely to be phased by anything. They are all well looked after and the tour guides are reportedly attentive and personable throughout the whole experience.

The trails that the horses take are well-maintained and easy enough to navigate, with amazing views the whole way. This is the way to leave the madness of the city behind and get reacquainted with nature Kalispell style. Quiet, beautiful, and fair-priced are some of the descriptions left by visitors.

The place is also easy enough to find and access, and as the rides are fairly short the whole affair is pretty straightforward, including the setting up and preparation.

Individuals and groups are catered to and this is a great place overall to indulge in a spot of horseback riding when in the region of Kalispell.

4. Montana Horse Works

montana horse works
Image: Trey Ratcliff

Montana Horse Works is a horseback riding and natural horsemanship instruction center in Kalispell. The operation caters to anyone upwards of 2 years of age and the activities offered include trail riding, weekly group rides, and both private and semi-private (2 people) lessons.

This is a very family-friendly operation and visitors report extremely knowledgeable and accommodating staff. The scenery involved in the rides is typically beautiful, and the entire experience is handled by what is clearly a safe and professional operation.

Take a ride down the trail with one of the experienced Wranglers and experience large open pastures complete with huge trees, permeated with wildlife amidst some stunning Montana views.

Montana Horse Works caters to riders with anything from zero experience all the way up to advanced riders, and the horses at the center are well-trained and easy to ride.

The services are typically offered year-round, and reservations are the best way to guarantee your ride.

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