The Best Horseback Riding in Gardiner, Montana

Kurt Norris
Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

Occupying a small corner of Park County near the Montana-Wyoming border, Gardiner offers one of the most unhindered experiences and serves as a gateway into the natural wonderment of Montana’s landscape and the nearby Yellowstone National Park.

While there are plenty of outdoor adventures to be had in the countryside surrounding Gardiner, there is perhaps no experience as relaxing and surreal as partaking in the region’s traditional form of transportation— riding horseback through the mountain trails.

Whether you are an experienced equestrian or have never seen a horse, these are the six best outfitters providing horseback riding in Gardiner, MT.

The 6 Outfitters for Horseback Riding in Gardiner, MT

  1. Flying Pig Adventures
  2. Yellowstone Roughriders
  3. Paradise Adventure Company
  4. Specimen Creek Outfitters
  5. Wild West Rafting
  6. Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitter

flying pig adventures

1. Flying Pig Adventures

Offering a wide variety of adventure sports, Flying Pig Adventures provides several horseback riding excursions both into Yellowstone National Park, around Gardiner, and even into the surrounding countryside to the further reaches of Park County, Montana.

Flying Pig Adventures’ horseback rides are available in 1-hour and 2-hour or full-day packages. In addition, the outfitter offers an overnight horseback ride camping experience for added excitement.

The outfitter begins offering their horseback services in May and remains open throughout the Summer until the end of August. Adventures fill up fast, so be sure to book your travel dates before visiting.

2. Yellowstone Roughriders

yellowstone roughriders
Image: Yellowstone Roughriders

Specializing in horseback rides into Yellowstone National Park, the Yellowstone Roughriders know the best routes through the park while introducing visitors to all the variable wonderments of the landscape and flora and fauna that preside there.

The Yellowstone Roughriders offer a wide range of services, including half-day rides, full-day rides, overnight pack trips, horseback fish trips, and drop camps.

For those with a specific site they want to see or an itinerary they wish to be met, the outfitter also provides custom trips tailored to their patrons’ unique interests.

3. Paradise Adventure Company

paradise adventure company

Another outfitter that offers a wide variety of outdoor activities from kayaking to white water rafting, the Paradise Adventure Company also provides guests with a massive array of horseback riding tours.

Featured at the Paradise Adventure Company are both 1- and 2-hour rides and combination tours that include both horseback riding and either white water rafting or kayaking.

With various packages available through the outfitter, Paradise Adventure Company provides guests with the most incredible opportunity to engage in all the wonderful activities Park County offers.

4. Specimen Creek Outfitters

specimen creek outfitters
Image: Specimen Creek Outfitters

The Specimen Creek Outfitters specializes in providing activities that allow their guests to escape the crowds and stresses of civilization while reconnecting with nature at some of Montana’s most pristine corners.

The outfitter’s basic horseback riding packages include 1- and 2-hour rides, half-day rides, and full-day rides. However, Specimen Creek Outfitters offers multiday pack trips for even greater immersion into the region’s natural wonders. Preplanned trips include 3-day and 6-day trips, but custom-pack trips are also available for a daily charge.

Hunting is also available at the Specimen Creek Outfitters, including backcountry hunts that feature five days of hunting by horseback.

5. Wild West Rafting

wild west rafting

While they may specialize in river adventures, Wild West Rafting offers some of the best horseback riding tours in Gardiner.

Unlike other horseback tours in Gardiner that focus on Yellowstone National Park, Wild west rafting offers various tours that guide guests through the many other natural beauties of the nearby Gallatin National Forest.

Wild West rafting offers both 1-hour and 2-hour tours, as well as an evening cowboy cookout that includes a 1-hour evening ride through the countryside.

The outfitter invites guests of all experience levels and prides themselves on their family services. Be sure to book your trip in advance before visiting.

6. Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters

Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters offers unparalleled excursions into Yellowstone National Park and offers various horseback riding packages ranging from three to seven-hour day rides to multiday pack trips.

Along the way, the outfitters’ informative host will guide visitors through the park’s many ecosystems and discuss the biological diversity that calls the park home.

Be sure to contact Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters before visiting to book the dates for your horseback ride through Yellowstone’s backcountry.

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