The 12 Best Airports Near Great Falls, Montana

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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Known as the “Electric City” because of its numerous dams and power plants, Great Falls straddles the Missouri River and houses a rich history. People here take pride in their traditions and landscape; rich in recreational spots and natural beauty.

The most common tourist attractions include the Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge, the Belt Museum, Carter Ferry, Brother Van House Museum, Electric City Water Park, Dunes Fishing Access, to name a few.

We have provided a list of 12 airports nearby Great Falls, Montana, sorted by distance. So, book your flight to Great Falls now and experience the cultural vibrance and the natural wonders of this region.

The 12 Airports Near Great Falls, Montana

The closes Airport to Great Falls Montana is Great Falls International Airport (GTF) which is 2.9 miles (4.7 km) away. However, depending on your reason for visiting, and where you are coming from other airports may serve your interests better.

great falls international airport

1. Great Falls International Airport (GTF)

This airport offers flights to six cities while connecting twenty-one other countries at different times of the day. This is the nearest airport, about 5.7 miles away from Great Falls, and provides an approximately ten-minute ride to the destination if you are taking the bus.

If you choose to take the taxi, be prepared to pay a slightly heavier fare, but you should be able to reach Great Falls in about seven minutes.

However, if you fancy a walk to your favorite spot in Montana, you will catch a sneak peek of the beauty of Great Falls that awaits you.

This one-hour and forty-five-minute walk is the cheapest and most natural alternative, offering you a healthy cardio opportunity and a beautiful scenic view of the greenery and mountains of Great Falls.

2. Helena Regional Airport (HLN)

helena regional airport

Located 69.7 miles away from the Great Falls, this airport offers a choice of a bus or car ride via its five exceptional car rental services to visitors. The bus ride stretches to an average of one hour and forty minutes while the car ride is shorter, yet more expensive if you are renting.

Moreover, you can also easily book an Uber for a quick and reliable ride.

The Helena Regional Airport has three different airlines running domestically as well as internationally. These include Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines.

They also offer hotel shuttle services in case you are feeling jet-lagged and intend to spend the night in a nearby hotel.

3. Lewistown Municipal Airport (LWT)

lewistown municipal airport

The Lewistown Municipal Airport is 102.5 miles away from Great Falls and is roughly a two-hour drive to your recreational spot.

This self-sufficient airport provides services to 45 aircraft complemented by a safe, secure, and tourist-friendly operating environment.

It also caters to visitors’ and staff’s lodging and dining essentials and also offers bicycles to all tourists. Courtesy cars and pilot lounges with cots are also available throughout the day for pilots.

4. Cut Bank International Airport (CTB)

cut bank international airport

There are three routes from the Cut Bank International Airport to Great Falls, Montana. The shortest route is about 107 miles and offers a train, bus, and car ride. In most cases, the car ride happens to be cheaper if you plan to drive without seeking a rental service.

The car trip takes about two hours, the bus via Green Route takes two hours and fifty minutes, and the Amtrak train ride takes about four hours.

If you are planning to catch the train at Cut Bank Amtrak Station, it is best to look up the arrival time of the train as it runs only three times a day.

5. Havre City County Airport (HVR)

havre city county airport

Havre Airport services include air ambulance, air cargo, and charter flights. It is roughly 112 miles away from Great Falls and offers rental cars for two hours and a forty-six-minute drive across the gorgeous route.

This airport is relatively small and caters to domestic flights only via Cape Air. Havre City County Airport is not itself associated with any rental firms in the immediate vicinity. So, if you plan to pick up a car upon arrival at Havre, MT Airport (HVR-City County), it is likely that you will have to look further out.

6. Bert Mooney Airport (BTM)

bert mooney airport

Situated 155 miles away from the Great Falls, this airport provides an easy and affordable on-site car rental service. The car ride from the Bert Mooney Airport to the Great Falls takes about two hours and thirty minutes.

With free Wi-Fi and spacious seating areas, they make sure the visitors have the best post or pre-flight experience. They offer dining at affordable rates to tourists on their way to Great Falls. The menu includes fresh fruit smoothies, snacks, sandwiches, espresso drinks, and water.

The baggage claim is located right off the jetway so it is convenient for people to collect their baggage in record time and be on their way.

7. Gallatin Field (BZN)

gallatin field

This is more commonly known as the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. Situated 178 miles away from Great Falls, this is Montana’s busiest airport when measured in terms of passenger service. The terminal features several photographs, paintings, and sculptures representing the sights of Montana.

While it serves Southwest Montana, Yellowstone National Park, The Big Sky, and many other destinations, one of the most visited ones is Great Falls.

This airport operates five airlines including Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines. It provides many places where you can grab a snack on the go or dine in at a proper restaurant.

Additionally, car rental services and taxis are available to drop you off at your requested destinations, including the Great Falls, which is approximately three hours and twenty minutes via car ride.

8. Mission Field (LVM)

mission field

This is relatively further away from Great Falls, a four-hour breathtaking journey via a car ride. There is also a bus ride alternative, which is cheaper than car rentals and costs around $100 with a travel time of about six hours to reach Great Falls.

To catch the bus, tourists will have to utilize the taxi service provided by the Mission Field Airport to reach the Livingston Bus Station. This bus takes passengers twice daily to another bus stop called the Butte. From here, you can catch another bus and reach Great Falls, Montana.

If you are short on budget or keen on saving up a little money on your trip and do not mind changing your mode of transport frequently, this ride is just the one for you.

9. Missoula International Airport (MSO)

missoula international airport

The route from this airport to Great Falls has three options. The cheapest alternative is the night bus, which takes eight hours to drop you off at your destination. The fastest available alternative is the casual morning bus, which only takes around six hours.

Finally, you can pre-book a rental car or get one on-site to reach Great Falls in just three hours and twenty minutes.

10. Glacier Park International Airport (FCA)

glacier park international airport

This airport includes services such as restaurants and on-site rental cars and cabs. It serves around twenty-one cities seasonally and six cities throughout the year by eight efficient airlines. These airlines are Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Frontier, Sun Country Airlines, and JetBlue.

The most recommended means of transport for the 207-mile journey from Glacier Park International Airport to Great Falls is the bus, which is the cheapest and takes six hours and eighteen minutes.

The second cheapest alternative is the train and bus ride from the Whitefish Amtrak Station to the Shelby Amtrak Station, followed by an eight-minute walk to the Shelby Transit Center bus stop, which drops you off at the Great Falls Transfer Center.

In total, this ride takes seven hours and fourteen minutes. Opting for a rental car would allow you to reach the Great Falls in approximately three hours and forty-eight minutes but this is the most expensive of the three.

11. Billings Logan International Airport (BIL)

billings logan international airport

This airport is farthest from the Great Falls, about 216 miles away. The car rentals offered by this airport allow for four hours and a thirty-six-minute drive to your destination. The bus ride, being the cheapest means of travel, takes eight hours to transport you to Great Falls.

Any taxi at the airport would drop you off at the Billings bus station where you can take the bus and reach Butte bus station. You will be required to switch your ride and the second bus will drop you off at the Great Falls.

Billings Logan International Airport makes convenient flight options available to its passengers all year round, including terminal services such as a food court, ATMs, and gift shops where you can get Montana souvenirs to take home. You can also find souvenirs depicting the traditional ways of the Great Falls community.

12. Lemhi County Airport (SMN)

lemhi county airport

The Lemhi County Airport does not just offer access to most of Idaho’s greatest treasures such as the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness and the tallest peak of Mount Borah, but also to Great Falls.

Even though this airport is located around 305 miles away from the Great Falls, it provides car rental reservations. The trek by car takes six hours and eleven minutes whereas; the bus ride takes about seven hours and fifty minutes.

The bus journey involves a cab and two bus transits, one at Dillon bus station and the other at Butte bus station. Overall, the bus ride is recommended if you are running on a low budget.

Final Thoughts

You are likely to come across five rental car businesses for your trip to the Great Falls from any nearby airport. These would include Alamo Car Rental, Avis Car Rental, Enterprise Car Rental, Hertz Car Rental, and National Car Rental.

If any of the airports do not offer on-site rentals or they are unavailable, you can always book an Uber.

Now that you are well aware of the airports operating near Great Falls, see which one is the most sensible for you and plan your trip to this beautiful destination today!

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