The 4 Best Coffee Shops in Anaconda, Montana

Will Beck
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Nestled between the colossal Pintlers and the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, Anaconda is surrounded by nature in every direction – offering summertime lake swims, deep forests, nearby state parks, and mountainous valleys.

Founded by one of the Copper Kings, Marcus Daly, in 1883, Anaconda was originally named Copperopolis – we love saying it, too! – before realizing that name was already taken.

Settling on Anaconda, the city was named for its participation in the mining and ore industry.

While smelting operations came to a close in the late 20th century, the Anaconda Smelter Stack is the tallest surviving masonry structure in the world.

Echoes of an industry and lifestyle past remain, but Anaconda now focuses its efforts on community building – breweries, restaurants, state parks, craft fairs, and – of course, the great morning unifier – coffee.

You won’t find a single Starbucks in beautiful Anaconda, but you will find several proudly and locally-owned coffee shops – each fulfilling a unique Montana niche.

Read on to learn more about the best coffee shops in Anaconda for local and traveler-approved places to sip a latte, gather with the community, or fuel up before a long day of hiking up Four Mile Basin.

The Top 4 Coffee Shops in Anaconda, Montana

  1. Coffee Corral
  2. Backroads Brew
  3. Copper Kiss Coffee
  4. 406 Bistro: Coffee & Catering

1. Coffee Corral • 112 E Park Ave

Craving a coffee but can’t decide on a hazelnut or caramel latte? How about a bubble tea or an Americano?

Well, you certainly won’t have any problem choosing between Coffee Corral’s 40+ coffee flavors, drip coffee, cappuccino, iced drinks, cold brew, white coffee, smoothies, teas, you name it!

This full-service coffee shop truly has it all – an ever-growing list of specialty drinks along with the bean juice classics you wake up for. And it’s centrally located, making it great for a mellow book club or a cold brew made to go for a picnic at Washoe Park.

And their baked goods! Coffee Corral offers 12-14 different baked goods every morning, from zucchini bread to banana bread to peanut butter bars and brownies. Try their Elvis Bread!

Travelers love this cozy historic spot for its efficiency and varied menu – so much more than a pit stop on the way to the falls at Lost Creek State Park.

And this coffee shop has legs with locals, too! They give two thumbs up for incredible customer service, strong coffee, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and an owner with a heart of gold. You’ll be buzzing with liquid energy in no time.

You’ll Love It Here If: you’re a glutton for punishment and you want to buy every coconut chip bar in Coffee Corral – but hey, they’re all handmade with love. That has to count for something! A local treat.

2. Backroads Brew • 1421 E Commercial Ave 

They call themselves the cozy little kiosk of coffee, but we call them our morning caffeine infusion.

While Coffee Corral offers a place to sit and relax, Backroads Brew is your best bet if you’re on the go and need a jolt to go along with your poppyseed scone or pistachio muffin.

Recommended drinks? Try their delicious huckleberry smoothie, spiced or chocolate chai, energizing Red Bull smoothies, and – of course – refreshing iced lattes.

Ah, their coffee. And don’t let the unsuspecting wooden kiosk fool you: they make one mean cup of Joe.

While customers rave about personable and cheery service (it must be a prerequisite to work there!), keep in mind that there may be other caffeine fiends on the road between the hours of 7 am and 9 am, so be sure to get there before the line gets too long!

Welcome to the best bucking coffee in town.

You’ll Love It Here If: you need a simple to-go coffee before work; you’re craving a caramel iced Breve; you’re tired after a long night of drinking at Smelter City Brewing.

3. Copper Kiss Coffee • 119 Oak St

Best place to stop before a day out on Georgetown Lake? Copper Kiss Coffee.

Offering an explosion of flavors and options, locally owned Copper Kiss Coffee is the perfect place for a midday pick-me-up. And you can feel good about supporting women – the owner is a powerhouse who works to make sure every order has you buzzing with caffeinated satisfaction.

While they have your favorites (lattes, espressos), Copper Kiss is your go-to Anaconda spot for vibrant and fresh smoothies, pitaya bowls, and parfaits. Yum!

Looking for a warm drink to keep you cozy during the winter months? Copper Kiss’s tea and chai selection pairs perfectly with their white coffee.

Don’t forget to check out their daily specials – they’ve always got something ready to go. Let’s just say they take their coffee very seriously…

You’ll Love It Here If: you’re craving a light parfait breakfast to go along with your iced coffee; you want to support a local and woman-owned Montana business.

4. 406 Bistro: Coffee & Catering • 335 1st St

First of all – the cakes! The pastries! We can’t get enough of their Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake, their Strawberry Frosted Brownie Cups, their – okay, you can’t go wrong with any dessert or bread on their menu. That’s the sweet truth.

But it’s their drinks that keep us coming back for more indulgent desserts. The delicious iced cold brew, the best huckleberry lemonade in town (undebatable!), simmering hot chocolate… Imagine a refreshing cold brew to go along with a freshly baked warm sandwich or wrap. It’s that good.

As a side note: if you’re vegan, you’re in luck because their vegan Polson wrap is off the charts! You can thank us later.

But it really is that iced cold brew and coffee cake that visits us in our dreams. The rest is, well, just icing on the cake.

You’ll Love It Here If: you have a sweet tooth; you’re looking for a fresh, healthy lunch to go along with your caffeine rocket fuel; you need some java while picking up a birthday cake.

Best Coffee Shops in Anaconda – Final Thoughts

Locally owned coffee shops shine in beautiful Anaconda, with a special emphasis on women-owned businesses and friendly customer service.

Not a coffee chain in sight – although you can surely go to Helena for that. But you didn’t come to Big Sky Country for coffee chains, did you?

Whether you’re looking for lemon-poppy scones, a warm Breve, sticky cinnamon buns, or a springtime parfait, Anaconda has plenty of options for your next cuppa bean juice and friends.

Will you pick up a cold brew and vegetarian Missoula Sandwich at 406 Bistro, or indulge on a Caramel Macchiato and bagel and cream cheese at the Coffee Corral? May the caffeine gods be with you…

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