The 8 Best Coffee Shops in Montana

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Coffee shops provide a cozy and comfortable ambiance that’s perfect for work, study, catching up with a friend, or just chilling with a good book. Pair the wonderful atmosphere with a good cup of coffee and a ready supply of pastries and sandwiches, and we can easily spend hours watching the world go by. 
You may not immediately associate good coffee with Montana, however, there are some true gems waiting to be discovered in this guide.

The 8 Best Coffee Shops In Montana

1. Wild Joe’s Coffee Spot

wild joe’s coffee spot
Image: Wild Joe’s Coffee Spot

Address: 18 West Main St, Bozeman

Wild Joe’s Coffee Spot describes itself as an old-school destination that draws inspiration from the beatnik coffee houses of North Beach San Francisco and Greenwich Village. This spot is frequented by a wide range of people from the local community — fly fisherman, conservationists, students, actors, musicians, writers, retirees, and even the occasional cowboy.

Wild Joe’s is located in an old yet charming building in the historic town of Bozeman. It used to be a popular soda fountain and ice cream shop. To date, it still retains its old-world charm with its worn wooden floors and pressed tin ceilings. 

It has a comfortable seating capacity of up to 98 people and is a popular venue for meetings and social gatherings with live music on the weekends. This eclectic ambiance is combined with some of the best coffee, tea, and espressos in Montana. They also serve sandwiches, burritos, and pastries.

Recommended: Mexican latte with cayenne pepper

2. The Daily Coffee & Eatery

the daily coffee & eatery
Image: The Daily Coffee & Eatery

Address: 1203 N Rouse Ave 3A, Bozeman

A place that’s as heartwarming as their coffee, The Daily Coffee & Eatery or “The Daily” is one of Montana’s original establishments and has been around for more than 25 years! This coffee shop is the oldest one in Bozeman. They feature a variety of hot, rich, and dark coffee and a host of homemade pastries to complement them. From drips to double shots, The Daily gives you a lot of room to experiment with different brews.

The Daily uses high-quality beans that are organic as well as sustainably and ethically grown from Studio Coffee and Verve. Interestingly, Studio Coffee is the passion project of the coffee shop’s original owner Noelle Johnson. After 25 years of running The Daily, Noelle handed the business over to new owners so she could pursue coffee roasting.

In addition to coffee, they also offer a selection of savory and pastry food items for patrons who hop in for a quick coffee at the start of their workday. Be it their soothing teas or their rich coffees, their organically sourced ingredients make it well worth the cost and experience. 

Recommended: Mocha espresso

3. Bernice’s Bakery

bernice's bakery
Image: Bernice’s Bakery

Address: 190 S 3rd St W, Missoula

A quaint, brick-walledcoffee shop, Bernice’s Bakery’s main attraction is its locally roasted and sourced Hunter Bay coffee. Established in 1978, this bakery distinguishes itself with its farm-to-table philosophy. Be it their drip coffee or their lip-smacking snacks, their quality is unmatched. 

If you feel like going beyond their vast coffee menu, you’re in for a treat! With a variety of gourmet sandwiches, organic soups, and home-baked goodies, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Another noteworthy feature of the establishment is its eco-friendly approach to packaging.

Recommended: Vanilla latte with soy milk

4. The Coffee Pot Bakery Cafe

Location: 80795 Gallatin Rd Bozeman

Since its inception in 2003, this place has established itself as a must-visit destination for tourists and locals. The Coffee Pot Bakery Cafe began by serving coffee to guests visiting Mountain Arts Pottery, a nearby store selling a wide selection of Montana-inspired handmade stoneware pottery.

Known for their delicious coffee, you can’t go wrong with any of their signature brews. They serve a light breakfast and lunch menu from 8 AM to 2 PM with items like quiche, biscuits and gravy, burritos, soups, and salads. From 2 PM to 3 PM, they serve a take-out-only afternoon menu made up of baked goods and pastries.

Recommended: Iced oat latte

5. Cold Smoke

cold smoke
Image: Cold Smoke

Address: 64 Willow Peak Dr, Bozeman

Coffee connoisseurs who are passionate about the art and intricacies of brewing need to pay Cold Smoke a visit. This coffee shop prides itself on its team of baristas who are all professionally trained and certified by the American Barista and Coffee School in Portland, Oregon. 

At Cold Smoke, the best beans are roasted to perfection to create a cup of artisan coffee that’s worth savoring. Since this cafe is committed to using only the freshest ethically sourced beans, they feature a rotating selection of single-origin and custom blended coffee from all over the world.  

Love their coffee and want to enjoy it at home? You can also order Cold Smoke’s bestselling beans online and have them delivered.

Recommended: Espresso shots

6. Caffè Dolce

caffè dolce
Image: Caffè Dolce

Address: 500 Brooks St, Missoula

A cozy Italian cafe and espresso bar in the heart of Montana, Caffe Dolce specializes in imported Italian coffee and specialty brews. With light and savory pastries to complement their rich, dark roasts, a visit at Caffè Dolce will have you exclaiming, “Buono!” in no time.

Caffè Dolce also offers grilled sandwiches, croissants, baguettes, and a daily selection of quiche. 

Recommended: Latte with an extra espresso shot

7. Rail Line Coffee

rail line coffee
Image: Rail Line Coffee

Address: 104 S 29th St, Billings

Rail Line Coffee is a coffeehouse with a hip and modern feel. With a youthful team behind it, this socially aware coffee shop’s “redemptive” initiatives are aimed at disrupting the cycle of poverty, providing employment opportunities to South Side youth and women, providing the local community a safe place to gather and connect, and encouraging restorative economic development.

Don’t expect a fancy coffee experience at Rail Line Coffee. They have a simple menu of coffee, tea, and a few baked items. While its menu isn’t as extensive as other coffee shops, it’s still a solid place to hang out, study, or go for a quick coffee run. 

They have free WiFi with a large shaded outdoor seating area and a drive-through. 

Recommended: Brown sugar latte

8. Drum Coffee

drum coffee
Image: Drum Coffee

Address: 600 South Avenue, West Missoula and 1000 East Broadway, Missoula

A bright, airy Montana coffee shop, you’ll find yourself returning to Drum Coffee for its welcoming ambiance and good coffee. The inspiration for Drum Coffee came from founders musician John Wicks and his wife Jenna who wanted to put up a cafe that they wanted to hang out in. The cafe’s focus is on creating a place that has great drinks, food, service, and atmosphere.

Their specialty custom house blend beans sourced from Brazil, Africa, Italy, and Ethiopia are truly exceptional! Chocolate fans should also try their signature sipping chocolate that uses chocolate from local chocolatier Posh Chocolat. 

Drum Coffee also supports the local community by donating a percentage of its sales to well-known charities every quarter.

Recommended: Almond milk latte

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