A Guide to the 2023 Spartan Race Montana

Kurt Norris
Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

With over 30 countries participating worldwide, the Spartan Race is the perfect outdoor challenge for runners, obstacle course lovers, and thrill-seekers alike.

Perhaps one of the best locations to host this outdoor challenge is within the beautiful countryside of Montana. So if you’re looking for a challenge, check out the 2023 Spartan Race Montana.

What is the Montana Spartan Race

what is spartan race

Considered one of the Big 3 obstacle course racing organizations alongside Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash, the Spartans Race is one of the world’s premier tests of strength and endurance.

Unlike many similar obstacle course challenges, the Spartan Race engages in chip-timed events and provides incentives for winning to boost performance and competition.

The Spartan Race offers a series of events, all engaging difficult obstacles intricately designed to fit with each of its host city’s natural terrains. In the Montana Spartan Race, this typically includes varying degrees of challenges scattered throughout the state’s naturally idyllic countryside.

History of the Spartan Race, MT

The first-ever Spartan Race took place in 2010 and was held in Burlington, VT. Over the past decade, the competition quickly grew and is now held internationally and hosts over 250 events each year in more than 40 different countries and on six continents.

The inaugural Montana Spartan Race took place in 2013, attracting competitors from the American Northwest and around the world. The races have returned to the Treasure State every year since, with their tenth anniversary scheduled for Spring 2023.

The Montana Spartan Race features a diverse selection of events, so be sure to book your spot in the lineup in advance.

Where and When is the Montana Spartan Race?

when is the montana spartan race

Hosted in the beautifully preserved countryside of Bigfork, the Montana Spartan Race brings contestants along the picturesque shores of Flathead Lake and into the mountainous wooded landscapes of northwestern Montana.

The Spartan Race Montana is traditionally held on the first Saturday and Sunday of May. In 2023 the competition will be held from May 6th to the 7th and marks the race’s 10th year in the state.

The Montana Spartan Race Events

spartan race events

The Spartan Race Montana features various events for all athletes, from the most experienced runners to children.

Sprint 5k 20 Obstacles

Short on training time? No problem. The Montana Spartan Race’s easiest event (and cheapest if you’re looking to participate on a budget) is the Sprint 5k 20 Obstacles.

This short but challenging event features a 5k trail run with 20 obstacles, including water, mud, and wall climbing. The Spring 5k welcomes all those not afraid of getting a little dirty.

Super 10k 25 Obstacles

The Montana Spartan Race’s Super 10k 25 Obstacles is the ideal event for the slightly more advanced runner. During this event, runners will partake in a 10k trail where they will experience 25 obstacles as they weave in and out of the idyllic Montana forest area.

Beware though, as most, if not all, of the Super 10k 25 Obstacles are not for the faint of heart. Runners in the event can expect to come face to face with obstacles such as carrying a weighted atlas, swinging on the monkey bar like beater, and even strutting their stuff across a balance beam.

Beast 21k 30 Obstacles

Calling all half marathon runners. The Montana Spartan Race’s Beast 21k 30 Obstacles is for those competitors that are not afraid of a challenge.

The Beast 21k 30 Obstacles features all of the obstacles from the Super 10k 15 Obstacles race and then some. This mentally and physically demanding race includes obstacles such as bridge crossing, bucket carrying, cliff climbing, and even jumping through fire.

Ultra 50k 60 Obstacles

Perhaps one of the hardest physical and mental tests one can expect to complete at the Montana Spartan Race is the event’s Ultra 50k 60 Obstacles.

Runners will complete a hefty 50k race while completing various ultra-challenging obstacles. The 50k 60 Obstacles features challenges such as log carrying, climbing the traverse Olympus, rope climbing, swimming across waterways, and even participating in the mental challenge of a memory test.

Kids Race 1-3k + Obstacles

If you are planning on partaking in any of the events above, but can’t find a babysitter, fear not. The Spartan Race Montana is family-friendly and features a 1-3k + Obstacle race for children. All of the Kids Race 1-3k Obstacles are suitable for children aged 4-14 years old.

Watch your children become a ‘Spartan Kid’ before your very eyes as they climb through the A-frame cargo, crawl in and out of tubes, and participate in rope climbing. Cheering is encouraged in this fun and competitive race for your child.

Whether interested in the 5k 20 Obstacles race or the Ultra 50k 60 Obstacles competition, the Montana Spartan Race is sure to fulfill all your thrill-seeking runner dreams. Sign up now and get to training!

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