Bozeman Beach (Glen Lake Rotary Park) in The Gallatin Recreation Area

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Last Updated: February 27th, 2023

Chances are good that you probably don’t think ‘beach’ when you hear ‘Bozeman, Montana”.

Believe it or not, one of the best places to swim and enjoy a nice beach is in Bozeman, and it’s a popular place for both residents and visitors to the area.

If you are looking for a good summer retreat when you’re in the Bozeman area, Bozeman beach is the perfect place to relax, catch a bit of sun and enjoy a beautiful summer day in Montana.

Where is Bozeman Beach Located?

Located at 830 Manley Road in Bozeman Beach is a popular location in the Glen Lake Rotary Park. The recreation area is formerly known as East Gallatin Recreation Area.

The park is located a short 2-mile drive from downtown Bozeman, MT.

The History of Bozeman Beach

To be frank, Glen Lake Rotary Park doesn’t have a glamorous history, despite its popular draw as a recreation area.

While Bozeman residents today enjoy a beautiful lake, a fun swim beach, and a number of other recreational opportunities, this area wasn’t always such a beautiful place.

When you visit Bozeman Beach, it’s hard to believe that this area was one a city dump and a gravel mining pit. The gravel mining pit was transferred to the State of Montana’s parks department when mining was no longer practical in the pits. 

Following the transfer of the gravel pit to the state, the area was cleaned up thanks to many volunteers and state employees and eventually became the East Gallatin Recreation Area

Many projects have been undertaken since the property was transferred to the State, including parking areas, new roads, hiking trails, and the addition of amenities such as restrooms and picnic facilities.

In 2018 the property was leased to the City of Bozeman by the State of Montana. Today it serves as one of the most popular city parks in Bozeman.


What is There to Do at Bozeman Beach?

There are plenty of things for you and your family to do while visiting Glen Lake Rotary Park and Bozeman Beach. 

First and maybe most obviously are the activities that surround the beach. Visitors to Bozeman Beach can enjoy swimming in Glen Lake or relaxing on the soft, sandy beach.

If lounging on the beach isn’t your scene, the park has miles of walking and hiking trails that walk you through the natural beauty of the park.

Trails offer you access to the Gallatin River which is home to some of the best trout fishing in Montana.

If you’re looking for more relaxed activities, you’ll love the picnic shelters in the park which make this area a perfect spot to enjoy a Montana summer day.

One thing to mention about activities at Bozeman Beach – the park does not allow dogs, so if you’re traveling with your canine friends, you’ll probably want to find another spot in Bozeman for your dogs to enjoy a bit of fresh air.

Glen Lake Rotary Park Highlights 

Obviously, the greatest highlight at Glen Lake Rotary Park is Glen Lake. This lake offers many amenities to the community, including Bozeman Lake, great fishing, and a family-friendly place to enjoy the warm, summer weather. 

The lake also offers opportunities for non-motorized boating, so you can set out on the lake in your canoe, kayak, or even stand-up paddle board.

Outside of the lake, other highlights include the miles of hiking trails that wander you through the prairie and give you amazing views of the rock walls along the Gallatin River.

Sports enthusiasts will love the volleyball pits and rock-climbing opportunities. If you are willing to do a bit of hiking, the park provides easy access to the East Gallatin River.

From the banks of the East Gallatin, you can take advantage of some of the best fly-fishing waters in Montana.


Glen Lake Park and Bozeman Beach are some of the most enjoyable places for visitors to Bozeman to enjoy the Montana outdoors.

With plenty of activities for the whole family, Bozeman Beach is an almost perfect place to enjoy a warm summer day.

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