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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Billings is known for being a hub for the economy, recreation, history, culture, and cuisine of Montana. People from all over the country view it as a central point for the best attractions, hospitality, shopping, dining, and festivities. Whether it is exciting rodeo action or a relaxing vacation spent camping and fishing, Billings is ideal for just about everyone.

With so many adventures awaiting, booking a flight to Billings, whether to stay or make it a mid-transit stop, requires knowing what airports you can use. As they have slowly spread over time, knowing their functionality will enable you to book the best flights to and from this trailhead city.

Billings Logan International Airport

billings logan international airport

Other than free wifi and a fully vaccinated and helpful staff, Billings Logan International Airport is known for its efficient, quick, and hassle-free security.  This airport is located north of the city and is therefore easy to access and open twenty-four hours a day. As the weather in Billings is milder compared to other parts of Montana, the airport rarely, if ever, closes down.

Logan international airport has a 190,000 square foot main terminal which offers an array of amenities such as a food court, restaurant, lounge, gift shop, ATMs, USPS drop box services, complimentary baggage carts, change machines, and a lost and found.

Logan International Airport also offers pet relief areas for those traveling with service animals or their pets. This airport is prepped for all emergencies and provides wheelchairs,  a trained EMT, and Fire Fighting services. . They are also equipped for last-minute shopping emergencies as their gift shop offers souvenirs, jewelry, fly fishing boxes, and various confections to take back for your loved ones.

Billings Logan International Airport offers daily, weekly, seasonal, and direct flights to different destinations. Usually, their daily flights take passengers to Dallas, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Denver. The weekly flights are exclusive to Las Vegas and Phoenix while seasonal flights will include San Diego and Los Angeles, in addition to the aforementioned. The airport hosts some of the major airlines in the country, which include Alaska Air, Delta, Cape Air, United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, American Airlines, and Allegiant Air.

We recommend you arrive at the airport two hours before your flight but you have the choice of surfing the internet with their free wifi or taking a trip through the Yellowstone Country Museum, just a short walk from the main terminal. This museum is housed in a historic log cabin and features collections of artifacts, handcrafted saddles, antique firearms, pioneer wagons, and tribal beadwork, all of which you can enjoy while you wait for your flight.

Great Falls International Airport

great falls international airport

Though it is farther off than most other options mentioned here, the Great Falls International Airport makes up for it in service and amenities. After a three-hour drive from Billings, you can reach this massive airport to wait for your flight.

The Great Falls International Airport will make your wait easy with comfortable seating, bars, restaurants, a banquet hall, and other facilities. You can buy souvenirs for your loved ones or light snacks and drinks for yourself while you wait for your flight to take off.

If you have a longer wait than planned then head on to the TSA securities or the Rockies Bar and Grill, where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail, hot breakfast, sandwiches, fries, and other snacks while you enjoy a view of the Rocky Mountains or the airstrip.

If you want a better dining experience then on the second floor of the terminal awaits a restaurant with a full breakfast and lunch menu.

The airport also offers excellent ground travel services such as shuttles, taxis, and access to the best transit in the city. If you wish to use a private vehicle, the airport also offers multiple car rental services for you to use.

With its detailed security protocols and strict schedules, this airport also operates for Border Control and air rescues.

Additionally, the airport offers direct flights to Denver, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Mesa, Salt Lake City, and Seattle. It is also served by four major airlines namely Delta, Allegiant Air, Alaska Airlines, and United Airlines. It also offers emergency airline services through Angel Flight, which is a non-profit organization that provides free travel to medical patients unable to afford the usual airfares.

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

bozeman yellowstone international airport

The first thing that Yellowstone International Airport offers are the stone and woodwork décor, and artwork that showcases the beauty of Southwest Montana perfectly. You enter the airport with a view of the snow-topped mountains and are welcomed by warm, crackling fireplaces while you await your flight.

In addition to an upper level of boarding bridges, the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport offers gift shops, data ports, an espresso counter, and numerous restaurants.

You can treat yourself at the Copper Horse Restaurant and Bistro with soups, sandwiches, and other delicious items from the menu or try one of their delicious coffee concoctions. If you are short on time, then the perfect grab-and-go items are offered at multiple kiosks at the airport, which include coffee, sandwiches, fries, pretzels, and other quick treats.

The airport offers an array of daily flights to Denver, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Minneapolis. Its weekly flights extend to Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Mesa, while its seasonal flights take passengers to New York, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, LaGuardia, and Atlanta.

The airport is served by some of the major airlines in the country, such as Delta Airlines, Alaska Air, United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Allegiant Air.

You can also take a tour of the airport’s history gallery and look at various pictures from different spots in its past. If you are more inclined towards gemstones then you can take advantage of the Gem and Rock Gallery or the Museum of the Rockies display, which includes an extensive fossil collection and a fully constructed T. Rex skeleton.

If you are concerned about heading to your destination in Billings after landing then don’t worry, you will have your share of taxis, shuttles, car rentals, and hotel transit to choose from.

Yellowstone Regional Airport

yellowstone regional airport

Located two hours from Billings, Montana, and a mere ten minutes from Yellowstone National Park, this airport has one of the best security protocols in the area. They scrutinize the movement of their guests and have strict rules, including one about unattended baggage being confiscated and destroyed.

If your flight is delayed or you have time to spare, you can dine at the in-house restaurant which features a full lunch and breakfast menu. You can also take advantage and enjoy various alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages during your wait.

You can get flights from two major U.S airlines, Delta and United Airlines. However, you can travel to multiple destinations which include Ontario, Houston, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tulsa, Knoxville, Springfield, San Diego, Tampa, St Louis, and Portland.

Once you leave the airport, you get a long list of car rentals and commercial ground to travel to your destinations, all of them from verified companies.

The Yellowstone Regional Airport is also perfect for various businesses as it offers hangars,  business parks, and affordable commercial lands.

Laurel Municipal Airport

laurel municipal airport


The Laurel Municipal Airport is twenty-three minutes away from Billings and is known for being a public-use airport. Even though there are no scheduled commercial services,  there are three expansive runways that are used by privately operated aircraft and helicopters.

The airport covers 254 acres of land with two turfs and one asphalt runway. It serves both Laurel and Billings without a  control tower but constant communication through Automated Unicom. It is open to public use, charges no landing fee, and has a tie-in facility connected to Great Falls International Airport. It also offers multiple, well-reputed rental services to and from various destinations around Laurel and in Billings. As it is termed as a general aviation facility, it doesn’t serve commercial airlines.

It is located close to multiple restaurants and lodging areas so even if the operations and facilities are limited, it hosts friendly staff who are happy to assist private pilots and aircraft owners.

Domestic Travel Guidelines

Though it is recommended that you delay all travel until you are fully vaccinated, there are guidelines in place in case that is not possible. To travel domestically within the U.S, you need to adhere to the following rules.

During travel, you must:

  • Wear a mask over your nose and mouth during ground or air travel
  • Follow State and Federal regulations, including wearing a mask and social distancing
  • Avoid close contact with others, especially those who are not yet vaccinated

After reaching your destination, you must:

  • Self-monitor for any symptoms of Covid-19, get tested if there are any symptoms
  • Follow State and local recommendations

Please note that you do not have to be isolated if you are fully vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19 in the past three months. However, all other travel requirements must be followed.

Final Thoughts

Billings is one of the most underrated cities in Montana. With its rough terrain, flat prairies, hiking, and adventure potential, more people are traveling to this destination. Although traveling to Billings is a great idea, doing so with the proper information and following safety guidelines will ensure a safe and fun trip for you and your family.

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