Big Horn County Airport, Hardin

Located just three miles west of Hardin, the Big Horn County Airport is a publicly-owned aircraft hangar, landing strip, and rental space. Conveniently a bit south of I-90, the Big Horn County Airport offers aviation fuel, aircraft parking, hangars, and airport management.

Because the Big Horn County Airport doesn’t serve commercial flights, you won’t find your typical New York to Atlanta flights here – this spot has an independent streak!

Fly your own hobby plane? You’ll love Big Horn County’s Hardin base for its smooth runway, medium-intensity edge lights, and hangar leasing – if needed! It averages around 38 aircraft operations per week, 50% of which is local aviation, so you’ll be in good company for the ride.

Since this is a publicly-owned, smaller airport, it only has one available fuel: 100LL, as well as a courtesy car and a runway length of 4,491 feet. Likewise, the runway elevation sits at 3,025 feet! Opened in January of 2015, consider this is a newer no-frills joy ride.

As the seat of Big Horn County just north of the storied Crow Reservation, Hardin is a city with a reason, home of Montana’s largest historical museum, and once operated the nation’s largest wheat farm.

Situated just off of the Bighorn River, you’ll find beautiful recreation sites popular with locals, like Arapooish Recreation Park and the Fort Custer Golf Course. Likewise, the infamous Battle of Little Bighorn monument is nearby, offering both culture and a history lesson after a long flight.

With less than an hour from the bustling Billings, the Big Horn County Airport in Hardin has everything you’ll need to land safely and get on the road for your next Big Sky Country adventure.

The Top 3 Hotels Near Big Horn County Airport

Homestead Inn and Suites

Homestead Inn and Suites

  • Picnic Area
  • ATM on Site
  • Facilities for Disabled Guests
Lariat Motel

Lariat Motel

  • Non Smoking Rooms
  • Free WiFI
  • Garden

Big Horn County Airport, Hardin Info

big horn county airport, hardin info

If you’re heading out on your newest sky ride, you should be aware that this airport’s hours may vary, due to employing numerous part-time workers.

But, the flip side is that the Big Horn County Airport is open year round, providing daily, if not 24/7, access to the Treasure State.

Located 3 miles west of Hardin, head west on Old US 87 from Hardin to get to the airport, or, travel east on I-90 from Billings to arrive in time for your personalized flight. Be sure to account for daily morning and evening traffic!

FAQ about Big Horn County Airport, Hardin

Image: Jasperdo

The Big Horn County Airport may not be your typical landing strip, so we’re here to answer a few questions to make your next visit that much easier.

Flight Destinations from Big Horn County Airport, Hardin

The good news is that you get to choose your own flight destinations to and from Big Horn County Airport, although most people store their airplanes long-term or for a few days on a cross-country trip.

While your neighbor may have a private jet set lifestyle, Big Horn County Airport caters to everyone. So, where do you want to go next?

Which airlines fly out of Big Horn County Airport, Hardin?

Here’s an interesting fact: as a publicly-owned airport for small aircraft use, no commercial airlines fly out of Big Horn County Airport. Since you’re a big kid, we trust you’ll put your seat in its upright position in your own time.

However, you may find that a small number of general aviation join the pack, as well as air taxi or military endeavors.

Is there a hotel at or near Big Horn County Airport, Hardin?

There are a few smaller options in Hardin, as well as the neighboring communities of Billings and more. After a long flight, we recommend the Super 8 by Wyndham less than ten minutes away in Hardin, which offers a pool and free breakfast.

Also recommended are the Homestead Inn and Suites and Lariat Motel, but our favorite location is the cozy Eagle Nest Lodge & Outfitters. Perfect ambiance, great fly fishing, and the best on our list for a weary-eyed traveler – fish or no fish!

Big Horn County Airport, Hardin Airport Parking Options

The only airport parking you’re likely to find at this stop are aircraft hangars, but there are a small number of vehicle parking spots available on site.

If you need to make arrangements for long-term parking, you can contact the Airport Manager at the contact information above.

Does Big Horn County Airport, Hardin offer car rentals?

While no car rentals are available at this tiny airport, taxis and car shares are affordable and efficient.

Is there a shuttle from Big Horn County Airport, Hardin?

Since it’s a publicly-owned airport, the Big Horn County Airport offers no shuttle into Hardin or Billings at this time.

However, you’re welcome to get an Uber, Lyft, or taxi into Hardin for a very affordable price. Alternatively, your lodging could provide a shuttle to the airport, so please inquire within.

What other amenities does the Big Horn County Airport, Hardin offer?

The Big Horn County Airport three miles out of Hardin is truly a no-frills experience for the aviation lover.

Whether you’re flying into town for the annual Crow Native Day, Crow Fair, or a fly-fishing adventure, this airport will get you where you need to go at your own leisurely pace. Seatbelts, everyone!

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