Oasis Water Park, Billings

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Last Updated: February 27th, 2023

The Oasis Water Park is the main outdoor water park in Montana’s Billings. Set in the region of Billings Heights, the park was a project undertaken and developed by Harvest Church and the Better Billings Foundation, opening in 2012.

Since then it has become the Billings Heights region’s most popular and exciting outdoor water park and a great place to visit in the summer.

water park
Image: Hamilton Conservation Authority

Oasis attracts visitors from surrounding areas as well as anyone passing through the region looking to cool off especially those with youngsters in tow who have become bored of car travel. The facility has plenty of amenities and there are various activities that provide opportunities for family fun.

The water park is ideal for all ages looking to have some water fun. For starters, it contains body slides, a river current, various interactive play features, and of course a toddler pool for those who haven’t yet fully mastered any swimming strokes. The park is set in scenic surroundings and has some impressive landscaping of its own which includes some nice shaded areas.

Oasis Water Park opens in early June and you can expect to see droves of families heading to the park once school is out. The water in the park is kept at a constant 83 degrees, and you can be sure there’ll be plenty of delighted shrieking going on!

The Oasis Water Park is open every day from noon to 7 pm, June through August 21st, and you can find it less than half a mile off Airport Road along Billings Aronson Avenue. For up-to-date info, makes sure you check out their site ahead of time.


The Main Features of the Park

Oasis is a great little local water park that’s better than a local water park! Located in the Heights, it’s possible you’ll encounter short queues at the park depending on when you arrive.

Some families like to claim a nice spot of grass for the day once inside the gates, which is not a half bad idea if you have kids to reign in now and again.

main features of the park

The park has a zero-entry swimming pool and a lagoon area in the toddler pool just for very small children. Aside from that visitors can enjoy a wave pool, a current river, and various slides. 

If you get peckish you can find the usual range reasonably-priced of snack-type food available. You’ll also find smoothies, snow cones, and other refreshing delights. Most people think it to be a great little water park and it does have a tendency to get crowded on weekends during summer.

From a safety aspect, there are lifeguards on duty and they are reportedly quite attentive. This makes things a lot easier sometimes for mums and dads who may have more than one body to keep an eye out for.

Other Features at Oasis Water Park

parks features

  • A heated, zero-depth entry swimming pool and toddler area
  • A ‘rocket ride’ body slide
  • An interactive play area featuring water cannons, body slides, and a climbing area with a structure
  • A ‘splash dome’
  • A current channel complete with vortex!
  • A wave generator
  • Shower and restroom facilities
  • Family dressing rooms
  • A seasonal concession area

Oasis Water Park is also available for private rentals during swim season and makes an ideal spot for a birthday bash one of the facility’s specialties!

The Bottom Line

The Oasis Water Park in Billings Heights is a highly-rated and enjoyable water park that often surprises some of its visitors.

The park has a plethora of activities and diversions to keep things entertaining and energetic for kids. The fact that the lifeguards are quite well switched on is always a bonus, as is the fact that the park is reasonably new.

If you find yourself anywhere near the Billings vicinity, add this water park to your itinerary especially if you brought the kids along. The water park is a great way to spend a fun-filled, energetic, or even lazy and relaxed afternoon with the family.

The park is recommended for any age of visitor looking for some water-based fun. Overall, this is a great local option for a fantastic family or any other kind of day out.

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