S’il Vous Plait Falls, Gallatin County

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Last Updated: February 27th, 2023

Hyalite Canyon is known for its trails, reservoir, and waterfalls. S’il Vous Plait Falls is one of the 12 waterfalls that are located in Hyalite Canyon. It is 1 of 9 waterfalls that can be found on the Hyalite Lake trail.

Hyalite Creek flows from the idyllic Hyalite Lake, located above Hyalite Canyon. The lake feeds the creek and the nine waterfalls that tumble down the volcanic rock that makes this canyon unique. S’il Vous Plait Falls is one of the last waterfalls on the trail before you reach Hyalite Lake. It is the most modest of the waterfalls on Hyalite Creek.

S’il Vous Plait Falls is a delicate waterfall that gently cascades in ribbons over the rock. The falls do not create a pool, but rather the water continues without slowing down Hyalite Creek to the six other waterfalls, and Hyalite Reservoir, downstream.

Hyalite Canyon is located south of Bozeman, MT. Hyalite Canyon Road can be accessed from 19th Street in Bozeman and is a short 30-minute drive from town. The Hyalite Canyon area has a number of recreational opportunities and for day-use visitors, there is ample parking for the trails that start at the canyon’s end.

A Guide to The S’il Vous Plait Falls, Gallatin County

S’il Vous Plaît Falls Statistics

s’il vous plaît falls statistics
Image: Lucas Tarr
  • Elevation: 8,641 feet
  • Height: Unknown
  • Trailhead: Hyalite Lake Trail
  • Season (when can it be accessed): Year Round

Things to Do Near S’il Vous Plait Falls

Hyalite Canyon is a local’s favorite for recreational activities. The canyon is easily accessible year-round and there are opportunities for both summer and winter adventures near S’il Vous Plait falls.



The diversity of the hiking trails that start in the Hyalite Canyon area makes this a perfect place for all levels of hikers. There are very short easy trails for beginners and families with children.

There are also difficult trails that extend for many miles and are great for experienced hikers and backpackers. Hyalite Canyon is also home to one of Montana’s most accessible trails.

The Grotto Falls trail is maintained so that it is accessible for individuals with physical limitations.


The Forest Service operates two campgrounds located at Hyalite Reservoir. These are very popular with visitors, and they make a good home base for exploring the areas around Hyalite Canyon and the Bozeman, MT area.

S’il Vous Plait Falls is located in the Custer Gallatin National Forest. Dispersed camping is allowed throughout the National Forest, for visitors that want to enjoy a more private camping experience.

Backcountry camping on National Forest lands is also allowed. Permits for backcountry camping are not required in the National Forest.

Rock/Ice Climbing

The unique rock features in Hyalite Canyon make it a popular location for rock climbing. The hard, and stable volcanic rock formations that make the canyon so dramatic are perfect for scaling.

Many of the routes in Hyalite Canyon are quite popular and are permanently bolted for easy tie-ins and a safer climbing experience.

The canyon and creek are also very popular in the wintertime for ice climbing. The 12 waterfalls in Hyalite Canyon and near S’il Vous Plait falls are quite popular for local ice climbers.

This area is also quite popular for climbing outfitters who provide beginning ice climbing excursions. The smaller waterfalls make for the perfect spot to learn the skills of ice climbing with extreme risk.


Hyalite Reservoir provides the perfect opportunity for fishing near S’il Vous Plait Falls. This moderately sized reservoir is home to game fish that can be harvested by either baitcasting or fly fishing.

The two campgrounds along the northeast shore of the reservoir are the perfect location to fish since they are situated right on the lake and have nice access to the water.

Hyalite Creek just above the reservoir is also very popular for fly fishing.

Anyone wanting to fish in Montana must hold a valid Montana fishing license. Montana fishing licenses can be purchased through the  Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks website.

Can You Swim at S’il Vous Plait Falls

Like most of the falls in Hyalite Canyon, the stream bed geology at S’il Vous Plait Falls does not allow for the development of pools. Swimming at S’il Vous Plait Falls is not possible due to this condition.

While the falls are very pretty, you’ll have to enjoy them from the edge of the creek.

Where to Stay Near S’il Vous Plait Falls

stay near s’il vous plait falls

The area around Bozeman, Hyalite Canyon, and S’il Vous Plait Falls is full of places for visitors to stay. Whether you enjoy cabins, camping, bed and breakfasts, or just a comfortable hotel or motel, you’ll be able to find the perfect place to stay.

Trail Routes Near S’il Vous Plaît Falls

trail routes

Trails near S’il Vous Plait Falls offer a variety of hiking opportunities. Hyalite Canyon is one of the most popular places near Bozeman for hiking and outdoor recreation.

Hyalite Creek to Hyalite Lake

This 10.9-mile out and back trail starts at the parking lot located at the end of Forest Road 620. The Hyalite Creek trail is considered difficult due to a sharp elevation gain near the end of the trail.

The first part of the trail to Hyalite Lake is quite busy as it is used by anyone heading to Grotto Falls, a pretty waterfall with an easy hike. After passing the Grotto Falls turn-off, the trail becomes quiet and offers a nice walk along Hyalite Creek and its nine waterfalls. S’il Vous Plait Falls is located along this trail.

Forest Service Road 3165A

This trail is quite popular for wintertime activities. The 5.8 mile out and back trail follows along Forest Service Road 3165A and the northeast shore of Hyalite Lake. The trail is fairly flat and the road is well maintained if you are hiking on it in the summer. In the winter this road is part of the Hyalite Canyon Ski Trails system.

Blackmore Lake Trail

The Blackmore Trail is a difficult trail that starts north of Hyalite Reservoir and leads to the summit of Mount Blackmore.

Mount Blackmore is one of the taller mountains in the Gallatin Range, standing 10,188 feet above sea level.

This out-and-back hike is 12.9 miles and should take the average hiker approximately 8 hours to complete. The difficulty rating of this trail is due to the 3,756 feet in elevation gain along the trail.

The greatest increase in elevation occurs near the summit of Mount Blackmore.

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