Redrock Falls, Montana

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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Redrock Falls is a waterfall in Glacier National Park in Glacier County, Montana. This waterfall is a series of cascades named for the red-colored rocks that are part of the Grinnell Formation.

These rocks date over one billion years ago and contain fossils such as traces of worm burrows and algae.

Geological events in Glacier National Park sculpted these red rocks into steep-walled valleys and mountain peaks during the last ice age. The glaciers covering most of northern Montana and erosion on the steep-walled valleys led to numerous glacial falls and lakes forming.

Red rock formations surround the falls, including the most notable Mount Grinnell and Swiftcurrent Mountain. These mountains provide scenic backdrops for viewing the entire Redrock Falls. The area is forested with a trailing route that leads to the nearby lakes and mountains.

How To Get To Redrock Falls

get to redrock falls
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Redrock Falls, Montana, is accessible through the Red Rock Falls Trail in Glacier National Park. The trail is only 3.6 miles (5.7 km) from the starting point at Swiftcurrent Pass Trailhead, located in Many Glacier.

To begin your hike, head to the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn parking lot and to the western end, where you’ll find the trailhead. The trail is flat, simple and suitable for beginners and experienced hikers.

From the trailhead, hike about 0.3 miles and find a side trail leading to Fishercap Lake. The trail is less than 100 yards toward the lake.

Continue hiking along the forested trail for about 1.7 miles and reach Redrock Lake. Hike towards the lake’s western side past red rock formations to reach Redrock.

Bullhead Lake is three miles further up the valley. After exploring the falls, visitors have a lot to see and do, including wildlife viewing, mountain climbing, fishing, picnicking, and boating.


Redrock Falls

redrock falls
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Visitors to Redrock Falls, Glacier County, enjoy viewing the cascade of white foaming water and the red rocks that form the waterfall.

At the lower falls, visitors can hike along several small stride trails leading to various viewpoints. These points offer resting areas and great photographic opportunities.

The re-colored rocks are also some of the main attractions in this area. Explore the rocks to understand why they are referred to as “red rocks.” Experienced climbers can climb around the red-colored rocks and take souvenir selfies.

Red Rock Falls Trail

red rock falls trail
Image: Troy Smith

The entire Red Rock Falls Trail is a family-friendly hike with plenty of forested areas and wildlife. Hikers should carry a good camera, binoculars, mosquito repellent, and bear repellent spray.

The best time to go hiking on this trail is in the morning or evening when animals such as black bears, moose, white-tailed deer, beavers, and otters roam around.

When in season, huckleberries and thimbleberries provide visitors with some tasty snacks. The rush scrub bush and thick trees are perfect hiding places for wildlife. It’s advisable to make plenty of noise when hiking to warn any bears around.

Fishercap Lake

fishercap lake
Image: Pablo

Fishercap Lake sits along the Red Rock Falls Trail, about 0.3 miles from Swiftcurrent Pass Trailhead. It’s a small lake that allows hikers to catch views of the surrounding mountains.

Visitors can also spot moose feeding in the lake, especially in the mornings and evenings. Other wildlife to spot includes grizzly bears, black bears, wolverines, and cougars.

There’s a beach area for relaxing and picnicking. Visitors can also fish along the shores of the lake. Anglers can catch brook trout, among other smaller fish species.

Redrock Lake

redrock lake
Image: Atibordee Kongprepan

Redrock Lake is along the Red Rock Falls Trail and near the Redrock Falls. The site offers scenic views of Mount Grinnell, Swiftcurrent Mountain, and Swiftcurrent Glacier.

Anglers can fly-fish and spin fish in Redrock Lake to catch brook trout.

Swiftcurrent Mountain

swiftcurrent mountain
Image: GlacierNPS

Hiking up the trail past Redrock Falls leads visitors to Swiftcurrent Mountain. The site offers spectacular views of the falls, lakes, and the Continental Divide.

The trail to the top of the mountain allows one to spot mountain sheep and goats, grizzly bears, squirrels, bald eagles, golden eagles, and red-tailed hawks.

Mount Grinnell

mount grinnell
Image: Jonathan C. Wheeler

Mount Grinnell is on the opposite side of Redrock Lake and the left side of Redrock Falls. It’s centrally located between the Grinnell Valley and Swiftcurrent Valley.

Visitors to Redrock Falls can ascend the mountain and catch views of the lakes and valleys below.


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