Best 8 Coffee Shops in Helena, Montana

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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

When the weather is cold, there’s nothing better than a toasty coffee and a cute cafe to warm your spirits. When the weather is hot, these same cafes bring out their summer specials to cool you down with a fruity, iced twist.

What do you look for in a cozy little nook of a coffee shop? Are you using it for coworking, a yummy breakfast, or just some much-needed downtime?

Whatever it is that’s got you on the hunt for your next favorite coffee corner, we’ll spill the beans in this list. No mochas, lattes, or cappuccinos about it, these are the best coffee shops in Helena, Montana.

The Top 8 Coffee Shops in Helena

  1. 1889 Coffee House
  2. The General Mercantile
  3. Scenic Brew Coffee Shop
  4. FireTower Coffee House
  5. Hub Coffee
  6. Red Atlas
  7. Florence Coffee Co.
  8. City Brew

1. 1889 Coffee House

1889 coffee house
Image: 1889coffeehouse

Mmm, roasted coffee beans! 1889 Coffee House believes in only the best products for their customers, so they source their beans from a roaster in Bozeman, Montana. Brew up a warm mug of Ghost Town Stonehouse Espresso beans for a hearty and homey experience.

Try a new sampling or blend that they invent in-house, and check up on their new daily specials for a fresh taste. 1889 Coffee House is locally owned and operated, so you’ll feel the personality when you open the door. Grab a seat by their fireplace, snag a nitro cold brew, and relax!

Best Brewed for: Warm service, and local beans.

2. The General Mercantile

the general mercantile
Image: generalmerc

Welcome to a whole new world! Prepare to go back in time at one of the most unique coffee shops in Helena.

This quaint shop has everything from the past, present, and future. The kids will love the knick-knacks, and adults will love the coffee and tranquil koi pond.

Back in the gold mining days, Montana was rich with travelers and miners alike trying to strike lucky. This shop is no different. Bask in the old ambiance of days once passed while you sip a milkshake or cappuccino at their coffee bar.

There’s a reason it’s been around for 45 years as one of the best coffee shops in Helena, MT, Make your own memories at General Mercantile.

Best Brewed For: A novelty family stop, and a soothing latte!

3. Scenic Brew Coffee Shop

scenic brew coffee shop
Image: scenicbrew

Rustic cabin meets modern-day chic with the interior of Scenic Brew. Does it come with a view?

Unfortunately, the only astonishing scenic sights to behold come in a flavorful morning cup of coffee. Now, don’t sell Scenic Brew short; their atmosphere is top-notch. Study for exams, chat with a friend, or read that book you’ve been ignoring lately. It’s really a social home away from home.

For tea drinkers, Scenic Brew is your oasis. You have loads of options to choose from, no tea bags are necessary. Whole leaf teas are richer, more tasteful, and alleviate all sorts of ailments if chosen correctly.

Here at Scenic Brew, they take coffee seriously. From balanced equations to your mug, you’re in safe hands. This locale is among the best coffee shops in Helena for those that just want to unwind.

Best Brewed for: Tea and coffee enthusiasts who want more than the normal black coffee.

4. FireTower Coffee House

firetower coffee house
Image: firetowercoffee

Someone better call the fire department, because this latte is coming in hot!

Marvel at the antique decor and stay awhile in FireTower Coffee House. Choose from an endless supply of custom lattes, or check out their espresso bar. What’s your daily grind?

For all the lactose-haters out there, this coffee shop has you covered with high-quality oat milk. Make your coffee as creamy as you’d like. Since they roast on-site, the beans are packed with flavor for you to complement your taste bud’s desires.

Plus, if you meet your coffee tasting match, they sell wholesale beans on site. Take a pack home for those days when you don’t want to leave the house, and treat yourself and bring one of the best coffee shops in Helena back home with you.

Best Brewed for: Custom latte lovers, and home-brewers who want a local taste.

5. Hub Coffee

Looking for a hot tea? Well, take a look in the mirror and head to Hub Coffee for more choices.

Hub Coffee boasts an extensive tea menu. You could try a new tea every day of the month if you wanted. Switch up the normal green tea routine with a Jasmine and Mint variant.

Customize your Chamomile with fruity flavors. Upgrade your Lemon and Ginger Tea with a hint of something special. Any ideas? Hub’s got your mug, and taste buds locked in.

Locals flock to Hub for a quick bite to eat before a busy workday. Their selection of baked goods and on-the-go sandwiches don’t disappoint.

Their patio is an excellent spot to hang out on sunny days with good conversation and fresh Hub juices. However, the indoor ambiance could level up a notch. All in all, Hub is a must-stop on the list for a tea tasting excursion, their juicy roast beef sandwich, and a maple syrup latte. Watch out Canada!

Best Brewed for: Maple syrup fanatics and cultured tea tasters. Wear a fancy hat for the tea to taste better. It might be a myth, but you simply won’t know until you try it.

6. Red Atlas

Coffee, teas, shakes, smoothies, Italian sodas, and wine? Stop the presses.

Red Atlas delivers a drink of choice for every member of the family. Jet back to soda fountain days and high tops with one of the many flavored, fizzy Italian sodas.

Kick your feet up after a long day with a microbrew, or two. Don’t tell the kids there’s a shake mixologist on staff, or they might go mocha.

If your stomach is rumbling, The Staggering Ox is just next door, and Red Atlas serves the same menu. Sandwiches galore, but you must try the French Dip.

You’ll be circling back for more, I guarantee it. But, no worries, you can tell your friends it’s for the tea.

Best Brewed for: A fun group lunch with limitless drink options, perfect for all ages.

7. Florence Coffee Co.

florence coffee co.
Image: florencecoffeeco

Any peanut allergies here? If not, race your feet over to Florence Coffee Co immediately and order a peanut butter smoothie, or coffee.

For those who can’t get enough peanut-flavored drinks, this will be a top priority when checking out coffee shops in Helena.

Floco (as locals endearingly call them) offer its own punch card system so customers get free drinks every now and then.

Heaven has arrived. No really, the Heaven Latte will have even the grumpiest morning person doing a happy dance. Who can resist caramel, white chocolate, and a latte at 8 am?

There’s a flavor for everyone at Floco. With 20 to choose from, they’ll keep you coming back just to see what concoctions you can create. Marshmallow Hazelnut? Just put it in the cup now.

Watch out for the espresso shots. Some customers claim they increase the octave faster than they’d wish. If you have a history of heart problems, opt for something lighter, like chai tea.

Best Brewed for: People who are still sleeping, grab an espresso shot, and wake up. Also, for anyone who wants a taste of heaven, head to Florence Coffee Co.

8. City Brew

This last coffee corner on the list is an honorable mention. It doesn’t host an indoor or outdoor seating area but is a freestanding kiosk.

This local secret allows dogs (of course) and functions in a rush. If you’re in a hurry, here’s a trusted stop to get you moving in no time. Pupachino anyone?

No shop? No problem. This coffee clan brews up adventure.

Snag one of their signature chillers on the way to the park. The blue raspberry lemonade chiller is a cult classic, and you cannot go wrong!

If you’re in the market for something less sugary, this coffee kiosk serves up hot lattes on the fly. There are multiple locations in Helena, so it’s guaranteed you’ll spot one nearby. Look for the outdoor-themed to-go cups for your Instagram feed goals.

The Best Coffee Shops in Helena, Montana – Final Thoughts

You are certainly spoiled for choice when looking at tracking down great coffee shops in Helena, with an emphasis on providing a unique experience along with an unforgettable brew. Whether you are bringing the family or looking for some personal downtime, you will certainly find a locale that is perfect for you.

For the coffee lover, make sure you plan a few stops at the many coffee shops in Helena, Montana on your next visit!

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