Les Mason State Park, Montana

Les Mason State Park is one of Montana’s peaceful and quiet parks. It’s situated on Whitefish Lake’s east shore, four miles from Whitefish, MT.

The park was established in 1983, and it’s run by the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. It sits on an 8-acre land that comprises 585 feet of gravel and sand beach.

The state park features short walking trails, elegant shaded picnic tables, and an exceptional launching area for kayaks and canoes.

Whitefish Lake, present in Les Mason Park, has clear blue water, making it an excellent place for swimming, especially during summer. Your furry friend is not left out, as there is a designated swimming area for your dog to enjoy.

There is a spacious parking lot, and handicap parking is available. 

recreational activities in les mason state park
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Les Mason State Park Stats

  • Size – 8 acres
  • Season – All-year-round
  • Largest lake – Whitefish Lake
  • Number of campsites – None

Main Attractions

Les Mason State Park is an oasis of scenic beauty. It has various things that attract people from all corners of the world, from mountain valleys and peaks to ancient glaciers. Main attractions include:

Whitefish Lake

Whitefish is a natural freshwater lake in Les Mason Park. It was named in the 1850s due to the abundant mountain whitefish harvested from the lake.

The lake lies between the northeast flank of Lion Mountain and the southeast side of the Whitefish Range in Flathead County, Montana. It’s deep with clear blue water, offering boating, kayaking, and fishing activities.

Cobblestone Beach

Les Mason State Park boasts 585 feet of gravel and sand lakeshore on the lake’s east shore. It has a big roped-off swimming area that safeguards water-bound patrons from the lake traffic.

Besides, there is a floating dock that is easily accessible. There is no lifeguard on duty; hence, try to be safe when practicing cannonballs from the dock.

Vacationers use this beach for sunbathing, surfing, sightseeing, and angling.

Shaded Picnic Tables

The park has many shaded picnic tables ideal for retreats or family gatherings.


Beautiful and scenic mountains surround Les Mason State Park. It has wooded vegetation that includes tall, green trees, shrubs, and other plant species.

The park is serene most of the year and offers gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains on a clear day. You will also have an opportunity to catch exceptional sun views as it sinks into the mountains across the lake.

Recreational Activities

Les Mason State Park is a calm and relaxing area where you can bring your entire family to enjoy a little break. There are numerous recreational activities for people of all ages.

Bird Watching

Les Mason State Park is a popular spot for bird watchers. You get the opportunity to observe various bird species in their natural habitats from the many walking trails or beaches.

Common birds in this park include American avocets, spotted sandpipers, sandhill cranes, killdeer, and black-necked stilts.

You will also learn more about birds through admiration and observation. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing it for fun or for education, the fact is that you will enjoy bird watching in this park.


Whitefish Lake provides an excellent place for fishing throughout the year, whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner. You can also do ice fishing during winter.

The big catches in this lake are mountain whitefish, brown trout, northern pike, cutthroat trout, yellow perch, largemouth bass, panfish, Musky, Walleye, and rainbow trout.



If you love swimming, Les Mason State Park is the best place for you. Whitefish Lake has clear crystal water that is safe for swimming. The sandy beaches, a swimming pool, gazebos, docks add more life to the park.

Besides, there is a designated swimming pool where your dog can swim.


Whitefish Lake is a boater’s paradise, although there are non-motorized boats only. Pedal boats for rentals will keep you afloat on the lake. This lake is also an exceptional place to launch your kayaks and canoes.


Les Mason State Park has many short trails for strolling around the park. There is a gentle, sloping paved trail for hiking right from the parking lot. It is easy; hence ideal for children.

The park has numerous well-built shaded picnic tables that enable you to enjoy your picnic irrespective of the weather. You can hold group meetings or family gatherings at the picnic tables.

Trail Routes

Les Mason State Park has only one trail route, Les Mason State Park Walk.

Les Mason State Park Walk

Les Mason State Park Walk is a 0.48 km adventurous trail in the park. The entire course takes only nine minutes to explore.

The route is generally easy to walk, and you won’t come across many people while exploring the park. You can come along with your furry friend, but they must be on a leash. While strolling along the path, look out for various bird species.

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