Gallatin County Regional Park

Within the Flanders Mill neighborhood in Bozeman, you can find Gallatin County Regional Park.

Gallatin County Regional Park is an exciting place with 87 acres of nature and a variety of outdoor activities to do for visitors. From excellent trails perfect for dog walking and jogging to two gorgeous ponds, one of which you can swim in, you won’t grow bored at Gallatin County Regional Park.

For those with families, the park also has great activities for children. There is a sledding hill in the winter and a giant Dinosaur park with two play areas, one for toddlers, and one for bigger kids.

With so many activities and plenty of areas to picnic and relax, Gallatin County Regional Park is a great park for families and those looking to experience the outdoors without leaving Bozeman.



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Gallatin Park Facts

  • Gallatin Park is 87 acres
  • Gallatin Park is open all seasons
  • Hours for the park are from sunrise to sunset
  • Gallatin Park has two ponds, one near the dog park called North Lake and one near the dinosaur park called Kendeda Lake. Kendeda Lake is the larger pond of the two
  • There are no overnight campsites at the park

Dinosaur Park

A popular attraction with kids, Dinosaur Park is on the south side of Gallatin County Regional Park and near Kendeda Lake.

The entire playground is famous for being dinosaur-themed with art, signs, fences, and more featuring dinosaurs. It’s a must-visit for any family with a kid who loves dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Park has plenty of fun things for kids to do, including tubes, slides, and swings. The playground even has a digging area where kids can dig for replicas of dinosaur bones.

If you’re worried the park won’t be educational, fear not because there are also cute little signs around the park with information on dinosaurs. The area is also fenced and has a separate smaller area for children under three, making it accessible for all ages.

The Dinosaur Park is a great place for parents to relax well kids play in the park. There are also seating areas and porta-potties nearby. Since you are near the two ponds you will also have beautiful views of the area.

If you’re looking for a place to have a picnic lunch with your kids, Dinosaur Park is an excellent choice, as there are plenty of shaded picnics tables to sit and eat at here.


Gallatin County Regional Park has plenty of activities to do such as beginner bouldering, swimming, and visiting the playground.

With plenty of activities to do, it is a great space for families and those looking to experience the outdoors well still in the city.


Swimming at the park is a fun activity to do, especially in the summer as it’s a great way to cool off. You can swim in Kendeda Lake, the larger pond of the two on the south side of the park.

There is a beach area nearby where you can have a picnic or play volleyball. With the weather generally being colder in Montana, it’s best to visit the park in the summer if you plan to go swimming.

Dog Park

The dog park is quite popular with guests as it is relatively large and also an off-leash park. The park is gated and has a trail within the park.

There is also a small fenced area for smaller dogs to walk in, so owners who have dogs that are shy or nervous around larger dogs still can go to the park.

The trails within the park are also very easy to walk and are a great place to get your dog some exercise. There is also a small swimming area for dogs within the park that dogs can swim in, making it a great place for them to cool off.



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Trails at the Park

There is one main walking trail that is roughly one to two miles at Gallatin County Regional Park. This figure-eight trail loops around the two ponds at the park and also connects to a network of trails in Bozeman.

The main trail also connects to various attractions at the park, including the dinosaur park, dog park, and more. Dogs are also allowed and can also be off-leash in the north area of the park. There are several signs in the park that should help let you know if you are in an off-leash area or not.

As the park trail is quite flat and short, it is relatively easy to complete. There are several benches near the trail as well so you can also take a short rest if needed.

The trail is also made of gravel and is often heavily trafficked, making it easier to walk on in the winter. The parks are surrounded by nature and the mountains can be seen in the distance, making for great views.

Overall, this trail is great for families and/or those with pets, as it can easily be completed in under an hour and has a lot of grass areas to walk around in or relax.

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