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Last Updated: February 27th, 2023

The Holter Museum of Art is the center of Helena’s artistic community. Valuing the creative diversity in perspective and the healing powers of the craft, the museum offers its guests an array of exhibits, events, and opportunities.

The History of the Holter Museum of Art

Established in 1987, the Holter Museum of Art provides Helena with a space for the community to experience contemporary art in Montana.

While the exhibits have since diversified, the museum still holds its same ideals of inspiring, connecting, and healing its community by providing widespread access to contemporary art in Central Montana.

Today the Holter features a 17,000-square-foot facility that houses five exhibition galleries, an education center, and collections and research center.

Offering many community-based events and educational opportunities, the Holter Museum of Art is considered one of the principal cultural centers in the state.

What is there to see and do at the Holter Museum of Art?

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The Holter is more than just an art museum. It is the premier cultural center in Helena.

Along with its contemporary art exhibits, the Holter offers many educational and community-focused events and activities to help promote the healing powers of art and broaden perspectives of the Montana art scene.

Rotating Exhibitions

While the Holter Museum of Art features about 25 permanent pieces, the bulk exhibitions are only temporary. Each year, the Holter has 15-20 solo and group exhibits rotate through its three primary and two smaller galleries.

Check out the current exhibits featured in the gallery before visiting.

In the past, these exhibits have traditionally displayed contemporary pieces produced by local Montana artists.

However, the Holter has diversified its collection recently and has various programs designed to highlight works created by less-represented groups.

The Holter rotates its exhibits every few months. This way, there is always something new for guests to analyze, making the art museum a fantastic destination for return visits.

Events and Educational Activities

The Holter Art Museum strongly believes in the power of community engagement. With a variety of platforms, strategies, and modalities at its disposal, the museum invites diverse audiences to explore the wonders of contemporary art and supports their exploration through a variety of mediums.

The Holter invites everyone to begin their journey into contemporary art and features educational programs that include Summer Camps, Adult Programs, and Teen Programs.

For an even heightened engagement, the Holter invites guests to partake in a wide variety of community events hosted throughout the year.

From open mic night to artist lectures, the Holter always seems to have a new and exciting way to promote community engagement.

L. Wiegand Creativity Center

The newest addition to the Holter Museum of Art, the E. L. Wiegand Creativity Center is the new community hub of Helena’s art scene.

Featuring a community stage, an event and learning space, and access to art supplies and technology, the Creativity Center provides guests with everything they need to explore and develop their artistic side.

Virtual Exhibitions

The Holter Art Museum features a lot of temporary exhibits throughout the year, and there are even more exhibits that don’t even make it onto the gallery floor.

For this reason, the Holter has decided to make many of its exhibits available for online perusal.

Check the Virtual and Past Exhibits section of the museum’s website for any exhibits you may have missed during their brief tenures on the Holter’s gallery floor.

What are some opportunities the Holter Museum of Art Offers to Artists?

holter museum of art offers to artists
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The Holter Art Museum welcomes proposals from individual artists, guest curators, or collaborative groups to be featured in a future exhibit.

While all submissions are considered, the Holter frequently posts general calls for pieces from specific artistic groups or mediums.

Stay up to date with the Artistic Opportunities the Holter offers, and perhaps you can have one of your pieces featured on the floor of one of its prestigious galleries.

How to Visit the Holter Museum of Art

Closed on Mondays, the Holter Museum of Art is open from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday and from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Sundays.

Admission to the Museum is free, but the Holter welcomes donations from its visitors. When staying in the region, check out one of the Holter Art Museums’ many volunteer opportunities.

For more information, call (406) 442-6400, or stop by the museum at 12 E. Lawrence St. Helena, MT 59601.


The Holter Museum of Art has served as Helena’s cultural center since its conception in 1987. Designed to bring widespread availability to Montana’s contemporary art scene, the museum welcomes guests to explore the wonders of art through community engagement.

From diverse exhibits featured across its dynamic gallery floors to the many events promoting hands-on opportunities, the Holter offers a unique and engaging experience as visitors immerse themselves in the cultural phenomenon of Montana’s art.

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