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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Want to find the best coffee shops in Great Falls? Pore over this list of the most coveted cups of Joe in the area!

Great Falls offers many high-quality coffee places serving specialty drinks and classics. You can also find delicious scratch-made pastries and savory breakfasts. Find a drive-thru before work or sit in a cafe and catch up with friends (or a good book).

Here you will find recommendations as to where to find the best coffee in Great Falls, along with some other stops you won’t want to miss out on.

Recommended Pastry Shops In Great Falls, Montana



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Pick up a bagel, muffin, or donut with your coffee from these top-rated pastry shops in the Great Falls area.

Nearby Breakfast Restaurants in Great Falls, Montana



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Are you looking for a full breakfast meal while you’re in town? Check out these favorite breakfast spots in Great Falls.

The 17 Best Coffee Shops In Great Falls, Montana

1. Double Barrel Coffee House・1500 9th Ave S・$



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This Great Falls cafe serves coffee, latte, and espresso served with Black Rifle coffee, a veteran-owned business in Salt Lake City. Double Barrel is a favorite local spot that offers a comfortable, modern atmosphere with plenty of seating.

Try out their Montana famous sweet biscuits and scratch-made pies with a cup of iced chai or pralines and cream coffee. Try them out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

2. True Brew Espresso・901 Central Ave・$$



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Stop by this drive-thru for fast, friendly service. True Brew has many drinks, including lattes, mochas, teas, cold brews, blended, and energy drinks. There is something on the menu for everyone, even if you’re not a coffee drinker.

True Brew offers two locations in Great Falls, both of which are drive-thrus with the option to walk up and order. Try the rotating seasonal flavors they decorate with colored sprinkles, sugar, and syrups.

3. Electric City Coffee・319 Central Ave・$$



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Visit this cozy coffee house serving delicious signature lattes and cold brew smoothies. The atmosphere is trendy and art-focused, and the sun-lit patio is the perfect spot to drink your coffee and soak up the sun.

This shop is more than just coffee. Ask the locals where to go for authentic Parisian pastries, and the answer is Electric City Coffe House. Try their raspberry cheesecake croissants or the lemon bars with a delicate pastry crust. 

4. City Brew Coffee・ 1816 3rd St NW・$$



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This Montana-owned coffee chain is a staple in the Great Falls community. You can find lattes, mochas, americanos, cold brews, teas, energy drinks, and frappes at this coffee shop.

Try the favorite Montana flavor – huckleberry, which you can get in most of their drinks.

The interior is clean and laid-back, perfect for a lunch date or quick business meeting. Try the ham and cheese pretzel or cheesecake square to go with your cup of coffee.

5. Schulte’s Coffee House・3800 3rd Ave St・$

schulte’s coffee house

Located inside a convenient store, Schulte’s is an eclectic deli and coffee house. Grab a hot chai tea or an iced cold brew; pick up a breakfast sandwich to go!

They have plenty of seating for small and large crowds and many things to try. The convenience store makes it easy to grab other things you need with your coffee.

Try the frozen yogurt bar or the crunchy fried chicken!

6. Crooked Tree Coffee & Cakes・501 1st Ave N・$$



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Crooked Tree is a two-story coffee shop and bakery that offers a rustic-chic atmosphere with friendly service. Order a bag of coffee beans to take home and brew your own cup! The open space provides plenty of room for bigger parties, with seating on their second story.

Try the dark chocolate mocha, salted cheesecake, or blueberry brioche.

7. Morning Light Coffee Roasters・1709 9th Ave S・$$



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This casual coffee shop is serving up drinks from beans they roast in-house. They have indoor and outdoor seating, and their patio is a perfect place to sit on a warm summer day. Or sit in the cozy reading nook by the fireplace.

Try a specialty espresso drink or a homemade breakfast burrito!

8. Al Banco・202 2nd Ave S・$$



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Al Banco is a modern coffee shop and bistro that focuses on serving high-quality food and drinks.

Their menu often changes as they take advantage of seasonally and locally-sourced ingredients. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, a perfect place for friends to get together.

Try the delicious avocado toast and oat milk Cappuccino; grab a fresh-baked pastry at the counter.

9. Miss Kitty’s Coffee Cafe・2501 6th Ave N・$

miss kitty’s coffee cafe

This comfortable cafe has cat-themed decor and always has upbeat and friendly service. Miss Kitty’s offers cozy indoor seating and a convenient drive-thru with reasonable prices.

Try their salted butterscotch coffee and a fresh fruit bowl. Grab a loyalty punch card on your way out; I’m sure you will be back!

10. Amy’s Morning Perk・910 9th St NW・$

amy’s morning perk

Amy’s Morning Perk reminds you of sitting in your mom’s kitchen. It’s a charming little coffee shop with five-star service, homecooked food, and coffee (hot, iced, or blended).

Order the warm honey coffee, breakfast burrito, and sit inside this cozy cabin.

11. Broadwater Coffee Brewing Company・721 6th St SW・$$



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Broadwater is a coffee shop and drive-thru that values down-to-earth, homegrown people who love good coffee. If you have time, come in and find a seat while you munch on a crispy waffle covered in strawberries and cream.

Try their dark chocolate cayenne mocha and an acai bowl; you won’t be sorry!

12. Caffeination Station・3301 Vaughn Road・$



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This coffee kiosk uses its brand of freshly roasted coffee to make delicious artisan drinks. Caffeination Station, or One & Ten Coffee, is a small, quaint shop where you can pick up a bag of coffee beans and seasonal treats.

Try their popular caramel macchiato!

13. Coffee To Go・310 Central Ave W・$$

coffee to go

Do you need coffee STAT? Try Coffee To Go, where they are drive-thru only and deliver on their promise of fast and friendly customer service. It’s also one of the only places in Great Falls where you can get a white coffee!

14. Florence Coffee Company・615 Smelter Ave NE・$



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Florence Coffee is a kiosk that prides itself in finding the most superior beans in the business to deliver the smoothest coffee possible.

Try their mochas or a shot of espresso!

15. Luna Coffee Bar・9 5th St N・$



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Italian panini shops inspire luna Coffee Bar, and its focus is on serving high-quality food and drinks. They keep their coffee simple and let the natural ingredients shine through.

Try one of their delicious paninis or a pastry!

16. Bootlegger Espresso・3501 Bootlegger Trail・$

bootlegger espresso

This small coffee shop has a large variety of flavored coffee drinks. Along with their hot coffee, you can try cold brew, blended drinks, energy drinks, and Italian sodas. Try an almond Rocha, cheesecake, toasted marshmallow, and more!

Stop in for excellent customer service, quality coffee, and delicious muffins.

17. Montana Coffee Barn・5101 N Star Blvd・$

montana coffee barn

Stop by the convenient drive-thru at the Montana Coffee Barn. Garb yourself a delicious iced coffee or espresso. You can’t beat the friendly customer service!

Best Coffee in Great Falls – Final Verdict

The baristas and shop owners in great falls certainly know their coffee, as Great Falls Montana serves up marvelous creations and welcoming atmospheres for coffee lovers. Many of the locations are also known for great dining options, so make sure you save some space for a delicious meal when exploring!

If you are looking for a tasty chilled treat or a drink with a kick, the perfect coffee in Great Falls is easy to find!

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