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Mark Barnett
Last Updated: December 8th, 2023

Discovering Montana is your one-stop guide for navigating the unparalleled beauty of Montana! Often referred to as “Big Sky Country,” Montana’s stunning landscapes are a treasure trove for adventurous souls, and we’re excited to help you discover its captivating allure.

In today’s era of cell phones and mapping apps, traditional maps may have lost some of their utility but we are here to give you a few Montana road map options.

As an aside, if you’re going to be on the road in the state check out this list of Montana’s best scenic drives.

Also, if you find yourself in Montana with a focus on Yellowstone or Glacier National Park, check out our suggested itineraries below.

Montana Highway Map

Here’s an official map from the Montana Department of Transportation.

Montana Highway Map from the Montana Department of Transportation

Download the above map here.

Montana Highway Map with Tourism Details

See below for another Montana road map from the Montana Department of Transportation.  This is actually the backside of the map shown above.

Montana Highway Tourism Map from the Montana Department of Transportation

Download the above map here.

Let’s now take a look at a few different historical Montana road maps.

Montana Road Map: 1921

Here is a “Best Roads of Montana” map from all the way back in 1921.

You can download the above map here.

Montana Road Map: 1955 Mileage Table

Finally, for a bit of a different flavor, check out this mileage table from the 1955 Montana Department of Transportation Highway Map.  Many of their historical maps lacked whole state views with a focus on the state’s national parks.

A Mileage Table from the Montana Department of Transportation's 1955 Highway/Road Map

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