International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula

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Last Updated: February 15th, 2023

The annual Missoula International Wildlife Film Festival stages its 46th event in 2023. This popular festival showcases wildlife-themed movies to packed houses at the town’s historic theater.

Guests and speakers at the event include top-level personnel related to both the fields of film-making and wildlife, including producers, biologists, and conservationists.

The IWFF presents a collaborative spirit and category finalist results are typically announced in mid-February, decided by a jury that welcomes creative exploration and innovation in film.

Guide to the International Wildlife Film Festival

festival established
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Why Was the Festival Established?

The organizers behind the event have a mission to promote increasing awareness and knowledge of wildlife and its habitat through the medium of film. This is a long-standing festival that continually makes efforts to encourage wildlife filmmakers, particularly those who enrich current approaches to the conservation of wildlife and habitat.

Through a diverse programme and various community events, IWFF promotes ethical wildlife and environmental filmmaking practices as well as showcasing emerging filmmakers.

What Kind of Activities and Entertainment are Featured?

activities and entertainment are featured
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The juried event hosts a broad spectrum of public screenings, panel discussions, seminars, and evening receptions throughout the duration of the festival.

Many of the events are centered around the town’s historic movie theater, which contains four cinema screens, a micro-theatre, and an outdoor movie garden. Although the building is almost half a century old, guests can expect state-of-the-art quality and delivery.

Family-friendly programming at the festival ensures that everyone gets to participate. It features the popular WildFest following the parade, and those with families can expect daily children’s matinees every weekday during the festival.

Do I Need Tickets?

Sure do. Best to get them from the Roxy Theatre Box Office, which can be done online.

roxy theater
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Where is the Venue for the Event?

The Roxy Theatre has played an integral role in the whole IWFF event since 2013 when the building started to operate as an arthouse theater year-round.

It has operated in tandem with Montana University since 1977 and presents a broad and diverse program along with various collaborations.

The Roxy today is at the heart of the Downtown Missoula community. It is fully kitted-out with all the best equipment a cinema-goer or film-maker could wish for, including 35mm projection, two stages, and top-notch sound systems.

venue for the event
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  • Address: 718 South Higgins Avenue, Missoula, MT 59801, MT
  • Phone: 406-728-9380
  • Email:
  • Date: The next festival is scheduled for April 22-27, 2023. A virtual program is also offered from April 30-May 5 through Eventive
  • Website:

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