The 10 Best Hot Spring Hotels In Montana

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Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

Most people may be inclined to think of mountain skiing, hiking, or the Old West when Montana comes to mind. But on top of all its natural treasures, the state is home to a wealth of natural hot springs.

Numerous hot springs locations in Montana have been developed over the years and come by way of resorts, hotels, motels, and various other attractions around the vicinity of these natural and health-giving wonders.

The hot springs have long carried a reputation for all kinds of rejuvenation, and many of these facilities are listed on the National Historic Register and feature vintage-style furnishings.

The majority of springs include no chemical water treatments so the visitors get the full health benefits of natural minerals such as sulfate, sodium, bicarbonate, and chloride.

There are multiple springs in the region, we are going to take a look at the must-visit hot spring hotels in Montana that you will want to experience for yourself.

spa and hot spring Motel

Top Ten Hot Spring Hotels in Montana

  1. Alameda’s Hot Springs
  2. Symes Hot Springs
  3. Wild Horse Hot Springs
  4. Sophia Springs
  5. Chico Hot Springs
  6. Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort
  7. Fairmont Hot Springs
  8. Boulder Hot Springs
  9. Spa Hot Springs Motel & Clinic
  10. Elkhorn Hot Springs

1. Alameda’s Hot Springs, Hot Springs

alameda hot springs

Located rather scenically at the base of the Cabinet Mountains, Alameda is straightforward in terms of its accommodations. Guests will find motel-style suites with fully-equipped kitchens, as well as living rooms and vintage furnishings and decor. Some suites also contain mineral baths.

Offset nicely against the natural backdrops by the landscaped grounds, this informal motel dating back to the 1930s is just a few blocks away from a couple of other prominent hot springs in the town’s region, in particular the well-known Symes Hot Springs Hotel and Mineral Baths. Alameda is certainly a worthy stop-off for anyone on a local hot springs tour.

2. The Symes Hot Springs Hotel and Mineral Bath, Hot Springs

symes hot springs hotel and mineral bath
Image: Symes Hot Springs

In terms of accommodation, this hotel is a very down-to-earth, 3-star affair which is also an authentic local registered landmark. The facility encompasses 30 rooms along with a spa and hot spring pools. There are three spring-fed pools and the hotel also features a restaurant & espresso bar.

The standard rooms at the hotel come with vintage décor which will please travelers who love rustic charm. There are a few luxury rooms with private hot tubs which prove popular on romantic getaways.

Most visitors tend to come for the hot springs rather than the accommodation anyway, and there’s also live outdoor entertainment on weekends from local artists.

3. Wild Horse Hot Springs, Hot Springs

wildhorse hot springs
Image: Wildhorse Hot Springs

The Wild Horse Hot Springs is a hideaway along the Little Bitterroot River adjacent to the Flathead Reservation.

Wild Horse Hot Springs features 8 private hot spring tubs and 2 big hot spring pools.  Clothing is optional here, and the plunges are all hot with temperature valves on the tubs.  The source is an artesian well with temperatures well over 100 degrees. Guests staying in the accommodation have 24-hour access to the facilities.

The very rustic-style residence is akin to camping for some, while others see it more as part of the overall experience and come mainly for the benefits of the hot springs.

Cabins, tents, camping, and even tepees are also available for those who want a more authentic experience of simple lodgings and healthy soaks in the hot springs.

4. Sophia Springs, Lodging and RV Park, Hot Springs

sophia springs, lodging and rv park
Image: Sophia Springs

Sophia Springs has a slightly different feel to it than some of the other local hot springs. It comes across as very informal and relaxed; an off-the-beaten-path retreat within walking distance of a few of the other hot springs in the town.

Accommodations include an all-suite guesthouse with 3 spacious and thoughtfully-decorated suites. Additional accommodations with fully-equipped kitchens are also available. Seven RV sites are also available and onsite tent camping is catered to.

Sophia Springs & RV Court is an ideal stop-off for nightly rentals in this renowned hot springs town where maybe one day is just not enough to experience them all.

Sophia Springs has a restorative getaway vibe complete with natural and healing hot mineral water. The facility is reportedly a bit less-crowded than the nearby Symes Resort.

5. Chico Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa, Pray

chico hot springs resort and day spa
Image: Chico Hot Springs

Another hot spring location on the National Historic Register, this renowned, year-round facility dates back to 1900. Along with lodging options, Chico’s offers fine dining and a full-day spa along with the natural hot springs pool.

This location is a popular stop-off for anyone traveling to or from Yellowstone National Park and the area itself is abundant with opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking, mountain biking, fishing, horseback riding, rafting, and cross-country skiing.

A visit to Chico Hot Springs and Yellowstone National Park go hand-in-hand and make for an unforgettable authentic Montana experience.

6. Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort, Paradise

quinn’s hot springs resort
Image: Quinns Hot Springs

Quinn’s resort is a natural hot-springs resort set along the Clark Fork River. Lodging by way of various types of log cabins is available along with the mineral pools and onsite dining.

Nicely positioned in a canyon along Highway 135 in Sanders County, Quinn’s Hot Springs has seven pools in all, and close to 100 rooms. Lodging covers both standard and luxury levels of accommodation, including the river-view cabins with their amazing river and mountain views.

7. Fairmont Hot Springs, Butte

Fairmont Hot Springs
Image: Fairmont Montana

Fairmont is as good as it gets if you like luxury retreat-style hot springs with a multitude of other activities to hand.

There are two Olympic-sized swimming pools and two mineral soaking pools, with one of each both inside and outside. Then there’s the kids’ favorite—the 350-foot water slide, which is enclosed and thus open year-round.

There’s a 24-hour gym along with plenty of other things to ensure that you’ll never be bored like 18 holes or so of golf, a poolside bar, and 2 onsite restaurants.

Guests who would rather take things easy can look to ease their aches and pains at the massage studio at the onsite spa.

8. Boulder Hot Springs Inn & Spa, Boulder

boulder hot springs inn & spa
Image: Boulder Hot Springs

An Inn, a spa, hot springs, and a retreat are all set in a 1930s-built facility that oozes character.

Guests will find an exceptionally clean and very warm outdoor pool. This is strictly non-chlorinated and is complemented by indoor hot plunge pools, a natural “steam” bath, and an invigorating cold plunge pool.

The rooms are strictly no-frills but clean and comfortable, and the breakfast is served buffet-style with plenty hot and cold options.

9. Spa Hot Springs Motel and Clinic, White Sulphur Springs

spa hot springs motel and clinic
Image: Spa Hot Springs

In the central downtown region of White Sulphur Springs is this 40-roomed hot springs motel. There are also a handful of cabins available for anyone preferring something on the rustic side.

This motel is certainly a traveler’s delight, with a quaint café that serves coffee and light snacks and nearby outdoor recreation opportunities available are plentiful. Visitors will have ample opportunity to take-in hiking or skiing on the three mountain ranges in the vicinity.

10. Elkhorn Hot Springs, Polaris

elkhorn hot springs
Image: Elkhorn Hot Springs

Elkhorn is one of the premier hot springs locations in southwest Montana. Guests will find two outdoor hot springs pools here as well as a lodge, cabins, and an onsite restaurant.

This place is an absolute must for anyone seeking an authentic slice of Montana. The rustic lodge dates back to 1918, so needless to say most guests don’t come here expecting modern standards of comfort.

This is a great authentic experience and comes with a complimentary breakfast.

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s a family-oriented, resort-type experience, a health and wellness endeavor, or a romantic getaway that inspires you to seek out any of the hot springs hotels in Montana, there’s certainly a spring or two to satisfy everyone’s desires.

If you find yourself in the region of Montana anytime it would be unfair on yourself not to try at least one of these renowned, rejuvenating natural springs full of natural minerals.

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