Great Bear Festival, Kalispell

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Last Updated: February 15th, 2023

The first or second Saturday in August in Kalispell’s Depot Park designates the very peak of summer for many locals. This can only mean the opportunity to sample a variety of local and regional beers, wines, and a few hard ciders. This event is none other than the Great Bear Festival in Kalispell.

This event is largely about beverages, but it also features a variety of food vendors with local culinary delights. On top of that, there are local bands showcasing their sounds from the stage, and like all the best festivals in Kalispell the proceeds from the Great Bear Festival go to support worthy local organizations.

Guide to the Great Bear Festival In Kalispell

festival first start

When Did the Festival First Start?

The first Great Bear Festival occurred in 2018 and was put together through the efforts of the Rotary Clubs of Kalispell along with sponsorship and other support from local businesses and private donors.

The main idea behind the event was to promote and showcase local breweries while fund-raising for a worthy cause.

Next year in 2023 will be the fifth annual event and more than 2000 residents and visitors typically attend this lively summer’s evening festival in Downtown Kalispell.

What Kind of Activities and Entertainment are Featured?

activities and entertainment

The main activities are drinking, music, and fundraising! The Great Bear festival features around 40 breweries, wineries, and cider makers. Along with that, you have at least a dozen food vendors and music by top local acts like the Kenny James Miller Band.

The festival has reportedly raised more than $200,000 in support of needy or outstanding community projects since its inception.

Where and What Kind of Tickets are Available?

Tickets are available for attendees over the age of 21 from the website HERE. They can also be collected from the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center, the Kalispell Grand Hotel, and any local Rotarian.

The usual price is $25.00, which includes a commemorative mug and 12 tokens which cover food and drinks. Cub tickets are entry-only tickets for anyone aged between 13 and 20 and cost $10.00, with kids 12 and under free.

Another option is the Great Bear Festival VIP pass for $120. This includes access to a private tent with its own tables and chairs. VIP ticket holders also get to indulge in free beer and wine tastings, gourmet cuisine, and a variety of appetizers and appetizers along with a commemorative glass and 12 tokens.

Where is the Venue for the Event?

The festival is held in Kalispell’s historic downtown Depot Park, located on the corner of Center and Main Streets. In the summer the park is a center for outdoor activity featuring events and concerts given in the gazebo.


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