Frosty The Brewfest, Kalispell

Mark Barnett
Last Updated: February 15th, 2023

Beer lovers will enjoy one of the best winter parties in Kalispell by way of Frosty the Brewfest. This local event is all about the assemblage of the town’s craft breweries in a large tent with heating, accompanied by entertainment and various activities.

Attendees of this beer-fest-cum-fundraising event in Downtown Kalispell get involved in the fun in the name of a good cause while enjoying live music from the best local talent and ensuring the craft beer keeps flowing!

Guide to Frosty The Brewfest in Kalispell

when and why the festival first start

When and Why Did the Festival First Start?

Kalispell hosted the first Frosty the Brewfest in 2020. The two main drives behind the event were related to giving the town’s craft breweries the chance to showcase their wares while organizing fund-raising for a worthy cause from the ticket sale proceeds at the same time.

The event this year (2022) donated the entire proceeds to the Kalispell Downtown Association and The Flathead Warming Center.

What Kinds of Activities and Entertainment are featured?

Possibly the most important aspect of the event comes by way of the breweries involved. In the past, the event has featured 5-7 of the area’s best craft breweries including Bias Brewing, SunRift Beer Company, Kalispell Brewing Co., and Sacred Waters Brewing Co. to name a few!

The annual Frosty the Brewfest also features 4 hours of live music from the cream of local talent. The 2022 featured artists included Angel & Davey and The Kenny James Miller Band.

On top of that visitors can expect food trucks and a few outdoor activities mainly aimed at kids like the ‘kids’ dash for gear,’ fat tire bike races, and a ‘frosty the beard’ contest.

Where Are Tickets Available?

where are tickets available

Tickets are available at the participating breweries and are also sold at the gate. The first 1000 participants typically receive a commemorative ceramic Frosty the Brewfest campfire mug and the $25.00 tickets include 4 x 6 oz beer tickets.

Where is the Venue for the Event?

The large heated tent is typically found in the Valley Bank parking lot on the corner of 3rd Street West and 1st Avenue West in Downtown Kalispell. This is a lively yet family-friendly event all about brews, music, food, festive joviality, and family fun while raising money for a worthwhile community cause.


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