The Best Coffee in Big Sky, Montana

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Before you head out to explore the beautiful natural wonders of Big Sky, Montana, and surrounding areas, you might need to pop into a shop and grab a cuppa joe.

You’ll find plenty of options available, of course – from the local Starbucks branch to local favorites and unique spots, unlike any other coffee shops you’ve been to before. Be sure to try out a few – and enjoy not only the best coffee in Big Sky but some of the best breakfast and baked goods around, too.

Travel Tips for Getting Coffee in Big Sky

If you’re new to the area or visiting from out of the state/country, you may want to know a few things before you head to that coffee shop.

Tipping in Montana

  • Coffee baristas and other service industry folk rely heavily on tipping to supplement their income. And, as you’ll find in most parts of the USA, 15 to 20% of your total bill is the usual recommended tipping amount whether you’re getting a full-fledged meal or a cuppa java. Not all coffee places except tips (and some chains may not permit employees to receive tips) – so look out for tip jars or buckets and options on receipts for your best clues at a given coffee stop.

Peak Coffee Shop Hours & Meal Times

  • Most coffee shops in Big Sky will be open from a reasonable breakfast hour (some earlier) to early- to mid-afternoon. If they’re also combination shops with markets, diners, cafes, restaurants, or others, they may be open later.
  • You’ll find most coffee shops are open at least by 8 am (some in Big Sky as early as 6:30 am) and stay open until around 3 or 4 pm. Check for specific hours at the given shop if you’re aiming to hit them up outside these standard hours. If they’re part of another establishment, they’ll likely be open until 5 or 6 pm.

The Best Coffee in Big Sky Montana

Lace-up your hiking boots and grab your gear, then head on over to any of these Big Sky coffee spots for a great cup of coffee and some amazing breakfast options.

1. Acre Kitchen • 25 Town Center • $

beef burger

Opening from 8 am to 3 pm every day, Acre Kitchen is primarily known for its great coffee, breakfast, and lunch menus, but they’ve opened up the other side of the kitchen for full dinner dining as well (open until 8 pm).

They have daily specials on their menus, too, so be sure to check those out before deciding on something you might otherwise have every day back home.

They have a prized Drip coffee, plus a variety of the well-known options you’ll find in most shops like Americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and mochas. Plus, they have matcha, root beer lattes, hot chocolate, chai lattes, and golden lattes.

They also have a limited selection of unique hot teas such as “Evening in Missoula,” Sakura cherry green, Earl Grey, and Nepali green.

As far as food goes, their menu includes local cuisine such as elk meatballs, Montana beef burgers, and bison Bolognese. Other favorites include lamb burgers, sockeye salmon and quinoa, grilled cheese, and sticky toffee pudding.

They serve adult beverages as well, in case that bean brew doesn’t quite get it done for you.

2. Unrivaled Roasting Co. at Cafe 191 • 47995 Gallatin Road Suite 101 Gallatin Gateway • $

unrivaled roasting

Around for more than 40 years now, Unrivaled Roasting Co. is on one of the best-known Big Sky coffee roasters in Montana.

They’ve been working with farmers around the world personally to bring in the highest quality beans to roast right here in Montana. Their roasts are found in multiple spots around the state, including Café 191 on Gallatin Road.

Café 191 opens at 6 am every day for coffee and grab ‘n go breakfast selections. The country-style shop is laid back and great for a local coffee experience unlike any other.

3. Blue Moon Bakery, Pizzeria and Cafe • 120 Big Pine Drive • $ – $$

blue moon bakery
Image: bigskybluemoonbakery

For a casual coffee break or dining, Blue Moon Bakery is a great choice for Big Sky coffee service. The bakery offers a delectable selection of breakfasts and baked goods, along with a good hot cup of liquid energy.

Come in, relax and let the day wake up slowly, or grab something doughy and caffeinated on the run out to find your next adventure. They serve a variety of coffee types, including cold brews, espressos, and others.

Breakfast and coffee begin at 8 am and the restaurant serves dinner as late as 9 pm.

Enjoy your breakfast foods like blueberry muffins and baklava, ham and cheese croissants and bagel melts, or biscuits and gravy for a real country breakfast.

Grab a custom-made gourmet pizza, salad, breadsticks, sandwiches (hot and cold), beer, or wine.

4. Steele Pressed Juice + Java • 245 Town Center Ave #1B • $ – $$

steele pressed juice

This cozy, colorful, rustic café called Steele Pressed Juice + Java is a great place to pop in for a quick bite with a great cup of Treeline Coffee Roasters coffee or espresso any time of the year.

The café has a sort of island inspiration vibe going on, perfectly suited to their service of fresh-pressed juices, real fruit smoothies, and tasty fusion bowls.

During winter hours, they’re open from 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday and closed on the weekends. Shoulder season hours run from 8:30 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday, also closed on weekends.

The locally roasted brews include things such as the daily brew, cold brew, Americano, specialty espressos, lattes, mocha lattes, matcha lattes, chai lattes, golden milk, hot teas, and hot chocolate.

5. Wildflower Market at the Montage • 995 Settlement Trail • $$

wildflower market at the montage
Image: montagehotels

Tucked into the Montage Hotel in Big Sky, you’ll find the Wildflower Market, a bakery, café, and marketplace rolled into one.

Within the walls, they house local artisan goods and house-made ice cream, plus, of course, the reason you’re reading this: great specialty coffees.

They also have take-away meals, hot teas, and confections made in the bakery. Plus, if you’re craving some outdoor dining, they’ve got takeaway picnic baskets – and if you’re staying in, meal kits designed for dining in your room at the hotel.

The quaint shop is open daily from 7 am to 4 pm.

6. Caliber Coffee Roasters • 80 Snowy Mountain Circle • $ – $$

caliber coffee roasters

Another local roaster is Caliber Coffee Roasters, one of the newest coffee houses in town. They roast their beans in-house and serve the whole bean coffee in the form of a variety of traditional espresso, drip coffees, pour overs, French presses, and more.

You’ll find a variety of confectionaries and goodies in stock, as well – perfect for combining with your hot cup of joe first thing before hitting the trails or slopes.

They’re open from 7 am to 3 pm, serving hot brew, cold brews, Italian sodas, matcha lattes, mocha, hot chocolate, blue-green algae lattes, coffee blends, bulletproof coffee, and more.

Plus, the breakfast selections of burritos, biscuits and gravy, quiche, and yogurt parfaits. Or if you’re in for lunch, grab a bison burger, smoked mountain trout melt, or other hot sandwiches.

7. Illy Cafe – Big Sky Resort • 52 Big Sky Resort Rd • $ – $$

illy cafe

Tucked away into the Villa Hall at the Big Sky Resort, a great Big Sky coffee shop option is the Illy Café. Open from 8 am to 2 pm, the little bakery and café offer a variety of tasty choices and fabulous drinks before you hit the slopes or while you catch a breather.

On the menu, you’ll find coffee (of course!), smoothies, croissants, juices, baked goods, espressos, pastries, and breakfast treats.

8. Hungry Moose Market & Deli • 209 Aspen Leaf Drive OR 52 Big Sky Resort Rd • $


With locations both at the Big Sky Resort and Town Center, Hungry Moose Market & Deli is the perfect spot to find coffee, breakfast, baked goods, and casual lunch with adult beverages and more.

The friendly staff keeps the comfortably country market running, while you nibble on delicious baked goods, coffee, or sandwiches.

You’ll find beer, wine, prepared foods, cookies, cakes, pies, sandwiches, cupcakes, and an assortment of breakfast pastries right there, plus floral arrangements in case you want to brighten someone’s day.

They also have smoothies, hot tea, chai tea lattes, and espresso to hit all the sweet spots.

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