Big Timber Airport, Montana

If you’re taking a flight around southeastern Montana, you’ll love the convenient Big Timber Airport just three miles southwest of beautiful Big Timber.

Owned by the city of Big Timber and Sweet Grass County, this public airport offers shelter and entertainment on a year-round basis. It’s smooth sailing from here on out for neighboring private-use planes and pilots – and that means you!

One of the bigger publicly-owned airports in the area, the Big Timber landing strip operates two runways – one asphalt and one turf – depending on your aircraft needs.

With an elevation of 4,493 feet above sea level, you may need to make adjustments and use proper ear protection. Right off of I-90, this airport is conveniently located and well-maintained, averaging 69 aircraft per week at the last count.

Where it lacks in amenities – hangars – it offers plenty of tie-downs to keep your aircraft safe and grounded while you move on to the next event. And speaking of events…

In and around Big Timber, you’ll find a variety of fun activities and places to lounge around, depending on your interests in fishing, camping, swimming, farmers markets, craft beer, or county fairs.

One of the more interesting events of the year happens right at the airport: the June Sweet Grass Tech Car Show and Fly-In. An incredible fundraiser to support the Sweet Grass community, this is a great opportunity to take the family out to see planes, cars, and your neighbors. 

Beyond this, the Big Timber area has plenty of spots to fish once you’re safely landed, like Otter Creek Fishing Access Site and the Bratten Fishing Access Site on the Yellowstone River. And perhaps even more fun, this area is swelling with waterways, making for a beautiful flight in the wild Montana skies.

If you’re in town during the summertime, we also recommend dipping your feet in at River Rocks Camp before a refreshing drink at Crazy Peak Brewing Company.

Missing the adrenaline of your plane? Locally based Absaroka Beartooth Outfitters offers spectacular multi-day backpacking adventures, hunting trips, and yes, even adventure helicopter rides. 

Whether you’re in town for the summertime Sweet Grass Festival or spending time flying over the pristine Yellowstone River, Big Timber Airport has everything you’ll need for a smooth flight. Happy flying!

The Best Hotels Near Big Timber Airport

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel

  • Coffee Shop
  • Bar
  • Non-Smoking Rooms

Big Timber Airport, Big Timber Info

big timber airport

Big Timber Airport is a bit bigger in size than other nearby private-use airports, offering two distinct runways and specific working hours.

Since it’s owned by the city of Big Timber and Sweet Grass County, you can expect a seamless take-off, landing, and storage before heading into the city center for a day or two of fun.

Big Timber Airport Additional Information


One of the best things about the Big Timber Airport is its close proximity to all the outdoor recreation southeastern Montana has to offer – the door is open!

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions about flying in and out of Big Timber Airport, including our favorite places for some shut-eye and recreation.

Flight Destinations from Big Timber Airport, Big Timber

You choose! We love flying over Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park for its wide expanses and cute critters, but it’s the aimless flight along the Yellowstone River that excites us the most.

There are just so many inlets, waterways, and fishermen to observe along the way. Also recommended: a flight around the scenic great lakes (Twin Lakes and Blue Lakes) or down over Natural Bridge Falls.

Which airlines fly out of Big Timber Airport, Big Timber?

Unfortunately, this publicly-owned airport doesn’t serve any major airlines, unless you count yourself as a major.

You’d have to travel around 70 miles to Bozeman for the nearest commercial flights, but we have a feeling you’re more interested in taking the reins into your own hands…

Is there a hotel at or near Big Timber Airport, Big Timber?

At the airport? No. However, Big Timber offers plenty of options, including campgrounds for those looking to keep the adventure going. Our top stay is The Grand Hotel & Restaurant, an awesome two-for-one based out of an 1890s lodge with its own saloon. It doesn’t get more Old West than that!

But our other favorite is the tried-and-true Super 8 by Wyndham off of I-90, a straightforward accommodation that’s close to our favorite fishing access points. If you’re more interested in camping, look into the aforementioned River Rocks Camp for a true Montana experience. 

Big Timber Airport, Big Timber Parking Options

You’re unlikely to find much parking at the Big Sky Field, although you can be assured that your plane will have an available tie-down spot.

Although Big Timber Airport isn’t tiny, we recommend calling ahead to inquire into the business level – just to be sure! And as a last resort, taxis and rideshares will get you to your plane if it’s already on site.

Does Big Timber Airport, Big Timber offer car rentals?

No, Big Timber Airport doesn’t offer car rentals at this time, but rideshares and taxis are extremely affordable for the ride into town.

Is there a shuttle from Big Timber Airport, Big Timber?

While no shuttles officially operate from Big Timber Airport to local hotels, motels, or campgrounds, we recommend reaching out to local hotels to see if they can accommodate you.

Particularly during the busier days of the year (Sweet Grass Festival), a hotel-airport shuttle is a possibility. Likewise, taxis and rideshares will do the trick for the three miles north into Big Timber or elsewhere. 

What other amenities does the Big Timber Airport, Big Timber offer?

It’s true – Big Timber Airport doesn’t offer much in the way of amenities unless you include tie-downs, consistent hours, and an unspoken love of aviation.

But the good news is that you’re so close to Big Timber proper that you can stop in before refueling – or spend the night in this charming county seat.

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