Dawson Falls, Glacier County, Montana

Will Beck
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Dawson Falls is an obscure waterfall within the confines of Glacier National Park in the East Glacier portion of the park. You won’t find many photos or details on the falls – instead, you’ll have to hike in to find them to see what they look like and the beautiful surroundings.

Details About Dawson Falls

details about dawson falls

Dawson Falls is listed in Glacier County in Montana. There’s little known information about them, so visiting the falls should be done with caution to avoid getting lost in the process.

  • Location: Eastern Glacier County within Glacier National Park
  • Latitude & Longitude: 48.4233429 (North), -113.2091717 (West)
  • Elevation: 4,705 feet
  • Nearby Features: Rivers, lakes, glaciers, streams, mountains

Interesting Fact: It’s nearly impossible to find information on these falls. Most stories online lead to another page to another page to another page. This implies that the falls aren’t a particularly well-known point in the park and therefore might make for the perfect quiet afternoon hike and getaway.

Can I Drive to Dawson Falls?

On the iTouch map, Dawson Falls appear to be located reasonably close to Highway 2, just off the main road along Heart Butte Cutoff. It appears that you may well be able to drive to the falls or within close proximity of the falls.

There does not appear to be specific parking or viewing vantage points at the falls, so you may need to simply park along the roadside on the shoulder.

Are There Trails to Dawson Falls?

Dawson Falls does not seem to be located specifically near any specified hiking path, but rather is located near the Heart Butte Cutoff. You may be able to access the falls via a short path at the roadside.

Visiting Dawson Falls in Glacier County, Montana

visiting dawson falls

Because Dawson Falls is so obscure, it would be wise to visit the falls as a group or in pairs to avoid potentially getting lost. There does not appear to be a specific trail connected to the falls, though there may be a short trail near the roadside leading to the falls.

Before you go, be sure to:

  • Map the falls on your GPS using the latitude and longitude so you can find them
  • Wear proper clothing and footwear to ensure safety and comfort
  • Avoid going alone

If you know anything about Dawson Falls, please share it below in the comments! We’d love to hear more and see any pictures you have.

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